Kamigami no Asobi Episode 2 and 3 Review

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 2 (1)

Love the collab opening song between the seiyuus…

Episode 2 Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 2 (6)So all the gods are pretty confused that they’ve been brought to this strange school— Oh wait, what’s more important is that APOLLON KISSES YUI ON THE CHEEK. European greetings are so polite and sweet 😉 but for Yui who’s Japanese, she’s COMPLETELY THROWN OFF. Still, Apollon’s super friendly and nice and caring. Apollon learns Yui’s name and nicknames her as Fairy because she’s so enchanting to him. He takes Yui up on his Pegasus and from up above they find out that they’ve been taken to a floating island.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 2 (11)Although Yui and some of the other gods are slightly irked that they’ve been brought here and wish to go home, Yui soon realizes that all the other gods, despite  being gods, are pretty much stuck in the same boat as she is… especially when Zeus shackles and seals each of the god’s powers with a physically accessory of some sort; a ring for Apollon, necklace each for Hades and Loki, earring for Dionysus and Baldr, armband for Thor, an anklet for Susanoo and a bracelet for Tsukiyomi. Zeus declares that they must learn the ways of humans within a year and the shackles will only be removed upon graduation. A lovely chandelier orb with seven containers is lowered from the ceiling, one container for each god (similar to when Alice from the Country of Hearts must fill the vial before she can leave Wonderland), each container will only be filled when the god comes to understand humans. Thoth, the Egyptian God is Wisdom is introduced as their instructor and Zeus magically makes more random schoolmates appear for the gods.

Back at the dorms, Yui meets a magical little doll named Melissa who’s supposed to look after Yui at her time in the academy. He claims to be fashioned by Zeus and it looks like our heroine’s been given her sidekick. I find it vastly amusing that all the gods from one culture naturally together to figure out what to do. Hades, Dionysus and Apollon in the bath, Thor, Loki and Baldr in a dining room of sorts and Susanoo and Tsukiyomi together in their room.

Entrance Ceremony time!! And despite Yui’s attempts at persuading the more… stubborn gods, only Apollon, Baldr, Dionysus and Tsukiyomi show up. Apollon makes the opening year speech as student representative and Yui feels pretty positive about the school year.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 2 (36)

Episode 3 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 3 (1)The classes are surprisingly normal, starting with biology… well, pretty normal for Yui, Tsukiyomi is taking notes like a madman, Apollon is shocked by the complexities of lessons and Dionysus seems to be napping. Everyone panics when a little bit of chaos breaks out in the classroom. Thoth leaves out of frustration because no one takes his lessons seriously. Thoth threatens Yui when she attempts to convince him to return to the lesson and he reminds her that if the gods don’t learn by the end of the year, they will be trapped in the garden academy forever.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 3 (4)All of a sudden, Zeus changes the season to summer. Thoth states that summer vacation will start tomorrow (LOL wut? School started yesterday…) Yui suggests that there’s a fun side of school and suggests outside school or seaside school – overnight camping trips in the forest or mountains or around the beach. Apollon sure is positive about godly bonding at the sea. Apollon brings up the fact that he and Dionysus are actually brothers and that Hades is their uncle… must be awkward for Hades who’s in the same class as his nephews.

When Yui goes outside to practice her kendo, she bumps into Apollon. He’s pretty understanding about the fact that Yui arrived alone although the other gods arrived with their friends. Apollon reveals that Zeus is his father (duh) but he never really listens to anyone. The others act out because Zeus is so obstinate in his ways but still so powerful over the others. Wow, Apollon is not short on compliments and he’s so genuine with his words…

The next day, somehow everybody shows up… somehow. Loki and Susanoo complain about having to actually walk and being tired (how humans actually are). Yui encourages the others to enjoy the journey. I feel bad for Yui who tries to interact pleasantly with the gods but it seems like Hades really doesn’t like other people…. And he claims that other people don’t like him because he brings misery (LOL). Naturally Susanoo is the most excited to see the water. THANK THE ANIME GODS FOR MAKING A BEACH SCENE THREE EPISODES INTO AN OTOME ANIME WITH GOD BISHIES. GORGEOUS. JUST GORGEOUS. OHMIGOD.

Zeus decides to change the season again, making it Fall. Even so, Tsukiyomi and Apollon decide to take a swim and both end up sick… Still, Apollon still hasn’t given up yet and he attempts to use his prophetic powers to figure out a way to graduate. Yui nominates Apollon as student council president which gives him more authority over the others to keep them together. He and Yui head to the store and bring back fireworks. Wow, for almighty gods, they really don’t understand anything about humans if they’ve never seen fireworks.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 3 (36)

Yui lags behind the group to admire the blooming flowers and when Apollon thinks he’s lost his fairy in the forest, he runs back to find her and ends up hugging her. It seems like Hades’ words about Apollon being completely genuine in his feelings for everyone, ring true.

LOTS of stuff in these next two episodes. I initially expected the pace to be much slower but I’m glad that the school setting hasn’t confined the characters too much. I’m excited for more of Kamigami to see how the gods will end up bonding with each other (if they ever do) and how Yui will interact one-on-one with them as well.

– Cloudy

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