Nobunaga the Fool Episode 15 Review

Joan’s capture has given us some insight into the characters and inner workings of the Star of the West. Holy hell. Cesare Borgia is the cruelest sumbitch in the world and he almost attempts to scar and physically torture Joan. Luckily (or unluckily) Machiavelli intervenes and brings Joan back to her hometown where she undergoes more of a mental and emotional torture. Machiavelli looks pretty confident that she can break Joan. The people of the west want Joan to acknowledge King Arthur as the Saviour-King and Machiavelli tells Joan that she can change her life if she just marries King Arthur and becomes his consort. Joan reasserts that only he alone can become Saviour King. Here, Joan shows true strength even in the face of torture and death.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 15 (17)Caesar and the Oda allies are all trying to regroup and figure out how to rescue Joan. One of the little demon imps reveals that Joan’s execution will be tomorrow morning. Even as the villagers wonder if Joan truly deserves death, a few people are pretty sympathetic to Joan. Here, Joan’s about to be burnt at the stake. Just as Joan’s execution is about to begin, the allies arrive cloaked in mist with Regalia. Nobunaga charges in to save his Ranmaru and Cesare detonates bombs around Joan’s village to kill both Joan, Nobunaga and Machiavelli. Even when Joan is in tatters and the villagers are about to burn, Joan still resolves to take up a mecha and activate her Regalia in order to save the villagers. The flames seem to strong but Joan lifts her Regalia of Protection in prayer and her power extinguishes the flames.

The allies of the west call Nobunaga the Destroyer-King. Cesare and Nobunaga come face to face. The villagers decide to finally step forth and protect Joan allowing her and Nobunaga to escape. Another vision comes to Joan and the village and its people disintegrate. As Joan weeps over the remnants of her village, Nobunaga gets a glimpse of a vision depicting the plight of his people in a fiery demise.

Lots of talks about prophecy and destruction in this episode. It started out with much purpose but left us in a scattered confusion. I don’t really understand what the glowing rocks did to the village but they must have something to do with intersecting ley lines. I enjoyed seeing more Nobunaga X Joan interactions and hopefully Joan will recover despite this trauma. I feel like Cesare is definitely planning something against the other brothers of the round table.

– Cloudy

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