Are You Alice? Volume 4 Review

Are You Alice Volume 4 (7)Rating: 3.5/5 confuzzled clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

I have been following the Are You Alice series faithfully through North American publishing distributors and part of the reason I chose to read the Are You Alice series through officially translated licensed professionals is because the dialogue can be so confusing. The story itself is cryptic enough and volume 4 was definitely a lot more scattered than I expected it to be. Volume 3 left off with Alice and the Caterpillar and a huge chunk of volume 4 shows a lot of side characters talking to one another about the 88th Alice versus the 89th Alice and whether this Alice is really Alice. The sense that I get from these conversations is that everyone knows the game and the rules and the history of wonderland’s Alices really well but the audience knows NOTHING and this makes it hard for us to follow.

There’s some tension between the Hatter and the Dormouse. Not entirely sure what’s up with the Dormouse. Then they throw in the Dodo bird and apparently a Caucus Race will take place, although it doesn’t really happen. We learn that Alice can kill the allies of the white rabbit but he can’t kill the Dodo bird. This means that either Alice isn’t really Alice or the Dodo bird isn’t an ally of the white rabbit – which leads me to my next question -> why is the Dodo bird even there? What’s his purpose? And why does he keep telling everyone that he’ll kill them in the Caucus race?

Are You Alice Volume 4 (2)

I have a feeling that Volume 4 will make a lot more sense when you reread it with volumes 3 and 5 because right now, I’m continuously tilting my head in confusion to the events. There is virtually no pacing in volume 4. It’s as if all the plot events and scenes were organized like paint splatter, when paint spills, it’s just EVERYWHERE and that’s pretty much how volume 4 happened. We don’t even really know what the Caterpillar did with her books and stories. It just seems like Alice has reached a crossroad of sorts and he will either take the route that all previous Alices have taken, or he’ll take routes and make decisions that question the flow of the story, which in this world is a bad idea. The Cheshire cat continues to remain an enigma as does the March hare and the white rabbit himself.

Also, I wasn’t a super big fan of the highlighter green dodo bird mash up of foliage on the front. Since the first three volumes were done in cool tones I thought that they would continue with a similar colour palette but this one is completely off the regular look. I’d advise you to wait for volume 5’s release and read both 4 and 5 in one sitting so there’s more to the story advancement than just a random exposition of events. Till then I’ll try to suppress the urge to read ahead or search for internet spoilers.

Thank you guys for reading and I will talk to you all soon!

– Cloudy

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