Missions of Love Volume 6 and 7 Review

Hey guys, I’m a little behind on Missions of Love with both volumes so I decided to collaborate them into one big review post. Both volume 6 and 7 zero in on the love triangle between Yukina, Shigure and Mami.


Volume 6 Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akira turns out to be the first one to discover Mami’s secret and I feel like there’s a bit brewing romance between them. I can see Akira being good for Mami because he’s so kind-hearted in his own quiet way and Mami really needs someone that’s super attentive to her. I feel like the reason Akira is in love with Yukina is because she’s the closest person he’s ever had. Yukina’s just totally clueless with her own feelings because she’s never experienced romantic love and she has trouble distinguishing her friendship warm childhood feelings with her cousin Akira versus her doki doki feelings for Shigure.

Just as Yukina is starting to test out romantic missions with Akira, Shigure’s finally seriously pursuing Yukina and he actually asks her to be his girlfriend.  Jealous Shigure is really cute and when Yukina’s latest mission asks Akira to kiss her against her will, Shigure interrupts. Tons of Shigure X Yukina moments throughout the bulk of the book and then Mami springs her confession on Shigure right at the end. CLIFFHANGER!

Volume 7 Rating: 4/5 curiously happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

EMami’s confession hits Shigure pretty hard and he finally realizes how he’s been really hurting the people around him. I guess Mami’s situation is very similar to Akira’s. Both are infatuated with their childhood friend and both are much more sensitive than their childhood friends.

Shigure explain to Yukina that he wouldn’t be able to do missions with her if he started dating Mami officially and I guess something in Yukina’s dense head clicks cause she finally takes an active step forward towards Shigure. Yukina drags Shigure with her all the way to the classroom to find Mami (coincidentally Akira’s also there), Yukina tells Mami that she can’t give up Shigure because she’s in the process of falling in love with him. WOW this is a pretty shocking moment considering how reserved Japanese shojo romance manga heroines usually are.

Yukina decides to spend more time with Mami in order to figure out her rival’s personality. Although this is all for Yukina’s cell phone novel, Mami gets the idea that Yukina is copying the romance scenes from the novel and this new little development will definitely be a knot in Yukina and Shigure’s relationship considering how he doesn’t know anything about the reasons for the missions nor Yukina’s cell phone novels.

AOne of my favourite parts of the series so far has to be the last few moments in volume 7 when Yukina decides to reward Shigure for all his hard work with her missions. He asks her to be his for just an hour and to tell him that she adores him. Naturally this backfires on Shigure when the moment heats up but Ema Toyama’s art is just absolutely fantastic at bringing out emotionally charged moments through close-ups of all the characters. The art style is just so stunning and addictive.

I hope you guys liked this review. Thank you for reading! Hopefully the next volume will slowly start to tie the loose strands together because right now there’s a lot going on and a lack of communication between everyone almost all the time. There are supposed to be fourteen volumes in total because the series just ended in February this year. We still have a long way to go with the officially translated copies but they’re definitely worth the buy!

– Cloudy

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