Nisekoi Episode 15 and 16 Review

Episode 15 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Love the new opening song! “Step” by ClariS!!

Nisekoi Episode 15 (4)Episode 15 really focuses on Marika’s back story with Raku and she’ll definitely endear herself to many Nisekoi fans because of how sweet and devoted she is (despite her overly violent country bumpkin side that occasionally surfaces). Though I have no idea what convinced Marika’s father to decide on her marriage based on the fact that his daughter “fancies” the boy when both kids are six, Marika has completely devoted her life to becoming Raku’s perfect woman. Honestly, if you went and asked a six year old boy what he likes in girls, he’d probably throw a toy at you and answer, “LEGOS” instead.

Nisekoi Episode 15 (13)Raku, Chitoge, Onodera and Marika all rendevouz on the school roof and try to work out the details of their promises from their vague and fuzzy memories. Raku lets Chitoge and Onodera know that the three of them played together. Marika proposes that the promise must have something to do with marriage. AWKS. Since Marika knows that Chitoge “likes” Raku, she asks out loud what Onodera thinks of him and naturally on the spot, Onodera can only call Raku a friend. Hardly a confession-friendly moment when two other love rivals are nearby.

Nisekoi Episode 15 (18)Later Raku is coerced onto a date with Marika TO MEET HER FATHER. And despite what Marika says about her father being kind and friendly, to Raku, he’s scarier than the regular yakuza and gang members combined. The scar on Marika’s father’s face was given to him by Raku’s father. AWKWARD…. And life threatening for Raku. Seriously, it looks like Cruella Deville styled Marika’s father’s hair… When Raku finally musters up the courage to come clean (so to speak) about his feelings for another girl and the fact that he barely remembers the promise. Raku manages to make it through the “meet the parents” alive and although he barely has any recollections of his time with Marika as kids, he tells her that she’s still super sweet and thoughtful for remembering him. Marika gets SUPER EMBARRASSED and this is both cute and unexpected because she’s usually the one blurting out embarrassing things.

Episode 16 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Onodera and Ruri have a pep talk (of sorts) to figure out Onodera’s thoughts towards Raku. She reveals that Raku’s actually going to her house the next day and Ruri’s expression is PRICELESS!

Nisekoi Episode 16 (3)

WOW ONODERA!!! Pretty hard not to root for her when she’s really giving her all and being forward with Raku. Onodera asks Raku to help out at her parents’ shop part-time and well, it turns out that Onodera’s mother is a lot more aggressive and a lot louder than expected. It’d be hard to pin her as quiet Onodera’s mother if it weren’t for the similar features.

Nisekoi Episode 16 (11)Raku’s given the test to try making Japanese sweets… ANDDD PASSSSS!!! LOL Onodera’s mother gives him the official pass and asks him to marry into the family. AHAHA I LOVE HER. SHE. IS. HILARIOUS. I HOPE WE SEE HER AROUND MORE!!!

I found the pacing of this episode a bit slower than usual but I’m just glad to see Onodera getting some screen time with Onodera after all the heavy Chitoge developments at the beginning of the series. Onodera finally reveals that she knows that Raku and Chitoge AREN’T DATING. Well, communication is important between couples, Chitoge should have TOLD RAKU but then again, makes for so much hilarious comedy with the misunderstanding. Onodera’s thoughts keep going back to the time she saw Raku holding a photo of Chitoge (even though he grabbed the photo to report the fact that Onodera was changing in the background). Now that everything’s been cleared out, Raku’s once again nervous about how to interact with Onodera.

A typhoon blows into town and Onodera’s mother is unable to return. Raku is then forced to stay the night at Onodera’s house (Cue mutual nervous crush freakout). Haha, Onodera even goes through her clothes trying to figure out how to best present her room and her home self to him. This is a pretty sweet moment for Raku because her personal space means so much to him. He sees the picture frame flipped down and he… DOESN’T GET TO SEE IT cause Onodera returns with tea. Nice animation there Shaft. The two of them go through their junior high yearbook and just as Raku can pick out Onodera in any picture, she can find him as well.

When the storm passes, Raku is forced out of courtesy to head home but they exchange email addresses and this is a shining moment for Raku.

Nisekoi Episode 16 (28)

Lots of one-on-one interactions with Raku and a girl in these last two weeks. The next episode should take us back to the school setting where all the characters can freely interact. I’m pretty conflicted as to who I’m rooting for now because Onodera and Marika both seem pretty great and we’ve seen a lot less Chitoge in the last two episodes. At the same time, Raku X Onodera seems to be going especially strong because the feelings are really mutual. Even though Raku might have some romantic feelings towards Chitoge, he hasn’t realized it and neither has Chitoge to be honest. Can’t wait to see more of Nisekoi next week!

– Cloudy

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