Nobunaga the Fool Episode 16 Review

Nobunaga and Joan have fled their foes and their allies are attempting to rescue them by the ley lines are instable so the Azuchi is unable to approach in close proximity. Caesar offers his advice and states that Cesare will succeed in capturing Nobunaga and Ranmaru if they do not act quickly.

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 16 (12)Nobunaga and Joan are escaping through the tunnels in the mountain. Both are uncerstain to who is the true Saviour King and who the Destroyer King. Joan continuously holds a negative view of her visions but Nobunaga states that the visions brought them both together.

Hideyoshi calls out Caesar for being good-looking, good in battle and in possession of a beautiful wife. Haha, trust Hideyoshi to be as blunt as ever. He and Caesar head out as a tag team to search for Nobunaga and Joan.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 16 (15)Nobunaga and Joan double back to the village in order to evade their pursuers. Nobunaga tells her of his nightmares of flames and death and destruction. This episode jumps around quite a bit with no real main line of plot. Rather, the characters’ dialogue exchanges give us insight to their personalities, especially that of Nobunaga’s. Up till now, Nobunaga’s intentions are pretty vague since he keeps everything to himself. His mini monologue to Joan as they head back to the village gives us much insight on his values and motivations. Wow, I sense a lot of Nobunaga X Joan shipping here. I wouldn’t put it past Nobunaga to fall in love with a woman of the west because he’s so eccentric by nature and he does need someone as stubborn as Joan by his side.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 16 (24)An earthquake sort of happens – well, rock crumbles and falls and what not – and a bunch of pillars are unearthed etched with some strange symbols. Apparently the pillars connect the stars as the Ladder to the Heavens and were mentioned in the ancient tomes of Yamatai. They are called the Pillars of Hercules and if the Ladder of the Heavens was activated properly, it could transport everyone back to the Star of the East. So much happens simultaneously. Mitsuhide and is leading Nobunaga and Joan back to the Azuchi. Caesar and Cesare are fighting head to head with Hideyoshi dealing with other mecha. Da Vinci is stabilizing the ley lines and helping Himiko activate her Regalia. Cesare sends a tracking device of some sort (or bomb) on Caesar’s Quo Vadis mecha. Machiavelli is hot on Joan and Nobunaga’s heels as they flee back to the ship. Machiavelli attempts to steal Joan’s Regalia and officially join the Knights of the Round Table. Machiavelli wounds Mitsuhide just before he can return to the ship and Mitsuhide nearly falls to his doom but Caesar saves him just as Cesare’s bomb activates. Both Mitsuhide and Caesar are thus left behind on the Star of the West.

Like I said, it was A LOT to keep track of and a lot of small detailed things that make up the plot in the overarching goal to rescue Joan and Nobunaga. I’m really curious to hear how Mitsuhide and Caesar will get along now that they’re stuck with each other. As well, both Stars have been bridged by the Pillars of Hercules. In the previews we do see Mitsuhide injured inside Caesar’s mecha as well as Himiko bedridden due to the toll on her body from activating the Pillars.

There’s a limited number of episodes left and we’ve just heard King Arthur speak. Somewhat. Like three lines. He seeks the ultimate Regalia which is the Holy Grail (of course) and that’s his goal but the only thing he’s really done is sit in that chair around the table for the past sixteen episodes so I’m curious as to how this Holy Grail will be unlocked. What does Cesare have in mind after he killed Hannibal? (unanswered) Why does Machiavelli want to be a part of the Round Table? (secretly in love with King Arthur?) I have many questions!!!

– Cloudy

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