Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 4 Review

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 4 (9) Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent The introduction of the episode more or less wraps up the kendo accident as seen in the last episode. Tatsuya ends up earning quite a reputation for himself on the Disciplinary Committee afterwards. Over dinner with friends, Tatsuya ends up explaining how he took out the members of the kendo club. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 4 (11)Tatsuya applied cast jamming to conduct specific magic jamming and he’s actually come up with a new magic theory here. When two CADS activate at the same time, their psion waves clash with one another and the spells don’t activate. However when you cast two opposite spells from CADS, they will amplify one another and reproduce one another. As a result, psion waves become non-systematic magic signals which allow you to jam magic as well as inhibit activation sequences. When Leo asks why Tatsuya’s decided to keep this theory a secret but the discovery of duel CAD wielding cast jamming could upset the delicate balance of the social foundations of those who wield magic versus those who don’t. The only substance that can officially cast jam is antinite which is rare and unusual unless specially sought out by the military. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 4 (16)Sayaka Miba (from the kendo club incident) asks to speak with Tatsuya privately. Tatsuya agrees to meet her in fifteen minutes after walking Miyuki to the student council room. And man, Miyuki has to be the most insecure little sister ever. But can you blame her? She’s both worried for him because of how “dangerous” his job seems and also because of how much attention he’s attracting. It seems like everyone wants Tatsuya to join their group or club when they see how powerful he is even as a Course 2 student. Mibu is uncomfortable with the social split between Blooms and Weeds and the animosity the kendo club’s earned after their club clash. Tatsuya encourages Mibu to present her argument to the student council in person. Seems like Mibu and Tatsuya’s conversation gets out to the school, it raises more concerns… especially with rumours of the anti-magic international political faction, Blanche. Because the government’s pretty shoddy about these factions, Tatsuya decides to sort this matter out slowly. Tatsuya is later called into the guidance counsellor’s office for a mini interview for some questions on how he’s settling in.

More on the anti-magic political factions are revealed between Tatsuya and Miyuki at home. The idea of equality seems wonderful but in reality, it’s a lie, especially in a world where the abilities of a magic user make them so much more advanced than a regular human. These anti-magic organizations is bent on terrorist attacks… AND FAMILY BACKGROUND REVEAL – Miyuki says to Tatsuya that if their aunt would have to intervene, the two of them would go back to being Yotsubas… WHICH IS THE FOURTH HOUSE OF THE TEN MASTER CLANS. So now we know why these siblings are so skilled and talented.

The episode doesn’t have much direction in terms of a plot goal but much of it reiterated the close sibling relationship that Miyuki and Tatsuya have. Episode 4 is probably a hit or miss for you because there isn’t so much action or character development so much as plot layering where they’ve begin the heavy stuff to finish the Enrollment Chapter with a bang. Hopefully we get through Enrollment quickly to get farther into the light novels.

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