Black Bullet Episode 4 Review

Black Bullet Episode 4 (2)

Rentarou and Enju split off from to investigate on their own. The pair bump into Shogen who’s been stabbed in the back with his own sword. Kagetane and Kohina appear…

Rating: 4.5/5 seriously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Kisara has absolute faith in Rentarou and Enju. She reveals that when her house was attacked by gastrea ten years ago, Rentarou protected her. After receiving grisly injuries, Rentarou was taken to a surgeon namaed Muroto Sumire (from last episode) and Rentarou’s amazing abilities are hinted at once again. Seriously, Rentarou came back from the dead last time and he seems to enjoy courting death in battle. Rentarou announces that he was formerly from the Ground Self-Defense Force’s Eastern Troop 787Mechanization Special Unit of the Humanity Creation Plan (same as Kagetane) – another human weapon born to fight against the Gastrea. Rentarou’s limbs are artificially made with Varenium as a result and are pretty darn tough in battle.

Kagetane states that if the war with Gastrea resumed, both his and Rentarou’s existence would be vital to the humans. Rentarou is absolutely shocked that this is the motive behind Kagetane’s actions. Enju attempts to kick Kagetane but Rentarou takes the hit for her and he takes an intensely vital blow to the stomach. HOLY CRAP THIS GUY’S LIKE A PUNCHING BAG FOR THE BAD GUY but Rentarou’s will to live is increadible. He pulls out the AGV experimental drug (created from the Gastrea) that gives humans the abilities to regenerate like the gastrea with a 20% possibility of turning into a gastrea himself. Rentarou jabs all the needles into his stomach and he takes the effects but remains human, winning the gamble. DAYUM. RENTAROU is one of the most badass characters this season. He utterly pummels Kagetane and hurls his body into the sea. I almost feel sorry for Kohina who’s just lost her father.

Just when things start to look normal… a stage five gastrea appears. Not. Good.

Kisara directs Rentarou to activate Heaven’s ladder. The giant weapon of mass destruction once activated is given control to the head office for launch sequencing. Zodiac Gastrea: Scorpion turns out to be stage five gastrea that appeared, coincidentally also the one that almost destroyed the world. The weapon turns out to be out of ammunition and Rentarou decides to amputate his varenium arm to use as a shell. Satomi needs to manually fire the weapon… OHMIGOD THIS PROTAGONIST. THE THINGS HE DOES. It’s only episode 4!!! Rentarou literally has one shot and must aim and fire properly from a 50km distance, WITH HIS LEFT HAND DAMMIT. Enju steps in to calm Rentarou and her unyielding confidence and faith in him is so touching.


After Rentarou finishes the shot, he goes outside to find the corpses of the dead civil security officers and the bloodied body of Kayo whose corrosion rate has reached over 50% which means she’ll turn into a gastrea soon. She requests him to let her die as a human and he raises the gun to do the deed. This is definitely one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the season. GOOD GODS OF ANIME THE FEELS!

Rentarou confronts the man in charge of orchestrated everything (Kisara’s grandfather) who believes that the gastrea and the Cursed Children are all demons that will destroy the world. The man reminds Rentarou that the gastrea took his arm and leg and his family but Rentarou claims that he believes in Enju and that he hasn’t forgotten his bloody past. Rentarou speaks with Lady Tokyo Seitenshi next. Rentarou asks Seitenshi why there’s a broken-down tricycle inside the case and why it has the power to summon a level 5 gastrea. She refuses to tell him… foreshadowing  a lot of later plot. Seitenshi asks Rentaou to rise in the civil security ranks to find his answers. Got a long way to go there, we are ONLY at episode 4 my friends. What foreshadows an even darker turnout is that Enju’s medical chart shows she’s only 7.2% away from the gastrea corrosion overtaking her body. How long will it take until she loses it and the government asks Rentarou to kill her too?

Episode wrapped up the first little arc of the series plot that showed us just how badass our protagonist can be and just how dark the gastrea aspect can get. If you’re keen on picking up hints then you probably have some idea of where the plot is going to go and I have a feeling that Rentarou’s liberal and open attitude towards the Cursed Children are not going to go well with the other government higher-ups as he gains prominence as a civil security agent.

Can’t wait to see more of Black Bullet next week!

– Cloudy

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