Dictatorial Grimoire Volume 3 Final Review

Dictatorial Grimoire Volume 3Rating: 2.5/5 happy clouds Crop_25 Clouds Transparent

Okay. Seriously. I really liked this series. Until it ended at volume three. I seriously did a double take at my manga when it said THE END at the last page ad the bonuses started up. I love the art and I love Seven Seas Entertainment’s official translation and rendition but I really wish the original mangaka elongated the story because SO MUCH could have happened over at least three more volumes. Seriously.

The end of volume 2 introduced Team Jaeger to us where Puss in Boots set Grimm as his target. Puss doesn’t appear at all in volume 3 and when I thought each character on his team would get their turn, it’s mostly Red Riding (Smexy) Hood that gets the main spotlight with the other fairytale demon characters in and out of the battles as a side thought. For all you bishounen fangirls out there, Red Riding Hood is absolutely drool-worthy. I mean, Cinderella’s cool in his own chivalrous kind of way but Red Riding Hood is just really badass.

The clash with Red Riding Hood ends rather anti-climactically before we get into the business of Grimm’s family. He meets his father by bumping into him accidentally, there’s no drama or emotional misunderstanding or confusion or anger, it just HAPPENS and then later another kid who looks exactly like Grimm who’s actually his father’s brother AKA Grimm’s uncle, appears and we don’t know what exactly is the back story behind them. At the same time that all this is thrown at you Cinderella’s back story is revealed and there’s all this drama about Cinderella not being the true Cinderella because he killed the Princess meant to be Cinderella and took her place which beckons the question, “CAN YOU ACTUALLY DO THAT?” I don’t see how his impersonation of Cinderella coincides with his lost story in the first volume where the book formerly recognizes him as Cinderella. But obviously Grimm doesn’t care because he just wants to treat all the fairy tale creatures as friends cause he’s never had any (cue useless protagonist).

I have to say, this series really let me down because the premise was strong and the characters all so unique but everything was too rushed in the end. Sigh* at least it all wraps up in three little volumes that you can easily assemble on your shelf. Whether or not you wish to buy the series is really up to your personal preference because although the story weakens, the art is worth the purchase. Seven Seas Entertainment publications almost always have a beautiful coloured first page on the inside.

This is one of those series that leaves you unsated, like you were forced to cram a bunch of awkward snacks into your stomach that don’t satisfy you like a meal but leave you awkwardly trying to digest it all. This is definitely one of those series endings that prompt fanfiction writers to take up the world and try to add more to their satisfaction.

Fairytale lovers will enjoy the series for what it is – a fairytale. And shojo manga readers will enjoy the art. As for me, it’s time to pick up something that depicts a world with a much more flushed out framework.

– Cloudy

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