No Game No Life Episode 4 Review

Rating: 4/5 curiously happy clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Episode 4 picks up on the simulated soap opera on the battlefield where the black knight has been ordered to slay his Queen. Sora calls out the Black King AKA Kurami for being mad to order her own people to slay the Queen. He encourages the Black Queen to rightfully lead her people against Kurami in a third-party revolt along with the white team.

While the battle rages to a finish, we get more and more flashbacks of Stephanie and her grandfather having conversations about Imanity and the inequality of the races. The old king predicts that someone will appear one day and lead Imanity to victory, someone who possesses true strength because he understands the weakness of Imanity. In this case, two someones.

And yes. You can win without fighting.

No Game No Life Episode 4 (10)

Blank wins the battle and the last thing to decide is who will be King. Unfortunately, there is difficulty in deciding which one of Blank will be King in name. HAHA MORE PHOENIX WRIGHT OBJECTIONS when the siblings fight over the title of King; Sora because he’s older and Shiro because she’s afraid her older brother will discard her for a harem. They play card games for three days until Sora wins but well, they both end up with crowns anyway. Domestic reforms are easily handled despite Steph’s worrying and Blank’s coronation speech is pretty epic. Sora reinforces the fact that Imanity is the last race, works the angle of strength through weakness and ends up really inspiring loyalty in his people to retake their lost lands. Both Sora and Shiro pledge themselves to the thrown and summon the Race Piece (a chess piece that represents the race).

No Game No Life Episode 4 (26)

There are sixteen races (akin to chess pieces) out there and once you best all sixteen of them you can even challenge Tet for the position of god through games and DAYUM this is what Blank decides to aim for. Steph seems pretty high strung concerning Blank’s risk-taking and it’s a little annoying half the time but she’s mostly there as an NPC sort of character to introduce the heroes into the fantasy world as well as the occasional comic relief with fan service from time to time. Not every day you get a visit from the One True God in Disboard but Tet indeed visits Sora and Shiro. They banter about game play and Sora guesses that Tet’s never lost to anyone before – at the same time, neither has Blank. It’ll be a pretty epic battle at the end to see Tet and Blank face off. I was pretty surprised when Blank thanks Tet for letting the siblings be reborn in this game world.

Really great episode to tie up the strings of the first Imanity King round robin race and set a clear end goal the series will aim for. Now all we can do is sit back and watch as Blank conquers the world race by race, country by country. I’m curious to see how many times the game concepts can be reworked and how much the rules can be bent to each party’s advantage. Also, there will most certainly be a twist SOMEWHERE just because the plot seems so straightforward right now so they’ll have to find a way to shake things up. No Game No Life is going strong and the chess metaphor seems very prominent in the make-up of Disboard so it will no doubt reappear in the final climax and conclusion. Can’t wait to see more!

– Cloudy

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