Bu Bu Jing Qing Episodes 2-3 Recap and Review

Bu Bu Jing Qing PosterEpisode 2 Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Zhang Xiao relays the story of Ruo Xi and all the other Qing Dynasty reincarnations to Huang Di who postulates Zhang Xiao may be caught in a time travel loop – the theory where you travel back in time and meet your grandparent and kill them. If your grandparent ceases to exist in the past, you naturally cease to exist in the future. If we were never born then how did we go back and kill our grandmother in the first place? Chicken and egg dilemma. Huang Di hypothesizes that Zhang Xiao’s presence in the past and her relationship with the fourth prince had already altered a piece of history because in actual history, the fourth prince never fell in love with anyone named Maer’tai Rouxi. Zhang Xiao, following this line of thought says that then Zhang Xiao exist in two streams of history, one with her and one without her. In one stream, the fourth prince has somehow travelled to the present to find her because she and Maer’tai Ruoxi became one person when Zhang Xiao travelled back in time. In another, Maer’tai Rouxi has made it to the present day through some accident. Zhang Xiao does not know Maer’tai Ruoxi in this stream because they are two different people.

Complicated? Yes… and Zhang Xiao decides that they definitely need to investigate a lot more. Huang Di says that this is all too bothersome for him and subtle asks for a bribe. Zhang Xiao merely hands him a bag of McDonalds. LOL Later, Huang Di tests out the Maer’tai Ruoxi by sneaking into Lan Lan’s room and bombarding her with awkward questions. Zhang Xiao is led into her new work office by the tenth prince *cough* I mean, Jack. Gosh I love the tenth prince in this era, him and his smexy red jeans are so sassy XD

Zhang Xiao later sneaks into Yin Zheng’s office and finds the fourth prince’s ring. The exact same one from the Qing Dynasty. Her hand trembles as she reaches to pick it up and she remembers the time she was Ruoxi and bedridden, fearing marriage to the crown prince and reached out to grasp the fourth prince’s arm, feeling the smooth surface of his ring along her fingers. More crying from Zhang Xiao! I just want to go give her a hug! She always seems so grief-stricken when she encounters Qing Dynasty things. When Zhang  Xiao gets out of the office, she bikes outside the grounds of the Forbidden Palace and wonders how she’s supposed to fit into this story, whether she truly existed, how she can reconcile her past and present because her time in the Qing Dynasty all feels like a dream.

Later, Kang Zhen Tian sees Zhang Xiao admiring his skyscraper office building and asks to speak with her. She asks him how she’s settling into her job and she says all is well but he can obviously tell something is bothering her because she’s acting strangely. She tells him that it’s really a personal matter and that he need not worry about her. She says her final decision is to resign and rather than agree, Kang Zhen Tian advises her to meet her obstacles head on and overcome them.

Meanwhile, Yin Zheng insists on meeting the model, Lan Lan, in person. He goes so far as to sail near Hong Kong on a boat to meet her. They spend the rest of the day together, have dinner and Lan Lan signs on to his project. At the office that night, Zhang Xiao is burning the midnight oil, painting pictures of magnolias at her desk. When Yin Zheng arrives that morning, he sees the sleeping girl and her paintings, nabbing one for himself. The tenth prince, Zhang Xiao’s supervisor, Jack, arrives and tells her to fix herself up and grab him breakfast. On her return, she ends up sharing an elevator with Kang Zhen Tian who’s glad to see her back to her usual self. Jack tells Zhang Xiao that Yin Zheng is asking for her in the studio. She clutches the tablet close and heads downstairs to meet him. There are only ten steps between them and she takes those ten steps carefully… not carefully enough because she ends up tripping over some cables, bumps her head and even gets full body electrocuted.

Yin Zheng thinks she’s Lan Lan and immediately sends for the paramedics. When Zhang Xiao wakes up in the hospital, all her memories of the Qing Dynasty and of the present are muddled together because she’s getting a vague sense of déjà vu from waking from yet another concussion. Her head is pounding when she wakes up and she doesn’t even remember who the fourth prince, only the feeling of his hands is familiar to her and the scene where he tucks her back in bed is so similar to the one in Bu Bu Jing Xin!!

Episode 3 Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

OHMIGOD. They did the worst thing that I absolutely hate in series. They gave the heroine AMNESIA and now she remembers NOTHING. Seriously, Zhang Xiao will definitely have some permanent brain damage if the writers and producers keep throwing her down stairs and into spook accidents.

Other than the faintest sentiment of her lost memories, Zhang Xiao barely even remembers anything about her life in the Qing Dynasty. Although the doctor tells her there’s no chance her memories will return, there no chance her memories won’t return. This gives us two advantages. First we get to see if Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng are meant to fall in love again even with the passing of time. Second, no more crying from Zhang Xiao every time she sees her fourth prince so she can return to her witty usual self. HOWEVER, we do know that another male character will enter Zhang Xiao’s life and Yin Zheng seems to be quite infatuated with Lan Lan the actress. At the same time, losing her memories of the Qing Dynasty has also meant that Zhang Xiao’s lost her passion for all this ancient history.

Zhang Xiao bumps into Yin Zheng on the elevator and he asks her if he’s ever met her at a museum but due to Zhang Xiao’s concussion, she’s rather unsure of it herself and he allows the matter to drop. We return to Lan Lan in the studio shortly after where she’s doing a photo shoot in full Qing Dynasty garb. Yin Zheng drops in on Lan Lan and she’s so much colder than Zhang Xiao (still pissed because Yin Zheng walked on their night for work last time). I wonder what Yin Zheng feels about these two identical looking women because it’s vastly amusing to see how their interactions differ. Yin Zheng introduces both women to each other and although Zhang Xiao remarks how they look similar, Lan Lan brushes her remark aside. Yin Zheng’s assistant returns to tell him that after her research, both women should have absolutely no blood relation.

Yin Zheng tasks her with sending flowers (specifically magnolias) to Lan Lan’s room every day. Lan Lan is still pretty hostile to Zhang Xiao but Zhang Xiao’s pretty interested in the actress. Wow I love Liu Shi Shi’s acting here, she makes the characters so polar opposite and easily distinguishable.

Zhang Xiao on her bike, passes an area where a group of men are excavating relics and she ends up meeting a kind-hearted young man. Although Zhang Xiao gets caught up in a little accident that results in her slightly scratching the man’s car, he gives her with a gift to make up for her troubles. When she discovers the gift bag’s contents contain two REALLY expensive bottles of perfume, she returns to the area to find him and return the gift. Zhang Xiao introduces herself and remarks that the initials of the company the man works for bears the same initials. The young man smiles and gives her an alias. If my translation is right, it literally means Black Kitty Police Chief. WOW this exchange was really cute and you can feel the spark between them!

We flash out to a much darker scene where Lan Lan is admiring the tattoo on her back shoulder, a black magnolia that she was given a long time ago. She takes out a handkerchief also embroidered with a magnolia. Just then, she gets a call from Yin Zheng to meet her but she before she leaves, she takes out a box holding a single earring with a white magnolia bead dangling off it. What are all these parallels?? Who is Lan Lan really?!? She decides to start fresh with Yin Zheng and they head out to dinner. He notices her wearing one earring and asks why it is the one. She replies in a clipped tone that it is because there is only one. At that moment, Kang Zhen Tian appears with a business dinner date and introduces his step-son to her. Yin Zheng seems a little unsettled after seeing his step-father and he quickly leaves with Lan Lan.

When Yin Zheng’s true father passed away, he was only a kid and his mother remarried Kang Zhen Tian, a good friend of the family. He really feels the pressure of being the step-son of a head honcho in the business world. As a result, he’s always wanted to escape the life that everyone’s set up for him. He’s become pretty jaded in this world now and Yin Zheng states that he doesn’t even like to smile anymore. Lan Lan agrees that there are many things in this world that are unchangeable, you can only really rely on yourself. She shares her own story and states that many people in the world are not fortunate. Somehow, Lan Lan’s story cheers up Yin Zheng. Well, it puts things into perspective for him at least and reminds him that he could be a lot worse out there.

At home, Yin Zheng is visited by his mother and she interrogates him a bit about his love problems. Later, she touches on a bit of a soft spot when she reminds him that she’s Kang Zhen Tian’s son though Yin Zheng insists that his last name is Yin. I guess he feels as if his mother just gave up her love for his father and their original family for wealth and an easy life. This is a really touchy subject for the two.

We jump out of the scene for another Lan Lan X Yin Zheng date night at a fancy restaurant. Yin Zheng leads Lan Lan to a window for fireworks and she tears up nervously at the flames. She’s tears up at the spectacle and Yin Zheng is confused. (So are we!!) After when Lan Lan’s calmed down she thanks him for his thoughtful date plans and although Yin Zheng doesn’t seem to buy the fact that Yin Zheng was emotional because she was touched. (Really she looked more terrified) but Lan Lan bounces back quickly into her calculating and careful demeanour. She has a request for him – to swap the flower messenger girl and although Yin Zheng questions why at first, the bottom line for Lan Lan is a rather snooty “I don’t like seeing her.”

Though I’m sure Lan Lan has her own tragic back story that’s moulded her cold and reserved personality, she doesn’t seem very trusting of Yin Zhen who’s shown her nothing but kindness nor does she seem keen to share any part of herself at all.

There’s a lot of questions between Lan Lan and Zhang Xiao. Why do they look so similar? How will Zhang Xiao’s memories return and what if she falls in love with mister Black Kitty before she realizes that her fourth prince has returned. Also, what will be the emotional event that triggers Zhang Xiao’s Qing Dynasty memories? I hope Jack and Zhang Xiao become good friends again but it seems unlikely because of Jack’s flippant personality and I’m eager to see other familiar characters and new characters appear.

These recaps are all going to be super long but I hope you guys enjoyed them. Thank you very much for reading and I will try to get these out as soon as possible!

– Cloudy

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