Bu Bu Jing Qing Episodes 4-5 Recap and Review

Episode 4 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Bu Bu Jing Qing Epiosde 4 (6)Lan Lan tells Yin Zheng that the earring was given to her by her aunt, who’s already passed away… She agrees to tell him whatever he wants to know but she asserts that she would like her space because she’s not someone who goes around blabbing about her personal business. She hopes that he can slowly come to understand her, like how he would admire magnolias, the more you admire them, smell them, the more beautiful and fragrant they become. Yin Zheng tells her that he believes her to be the woman he’s waiting for all this time (the one) because he’s always dreamed of a mysterious woman who remains faceless, but bears a magnolia on her.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 4 (1)At the office, Yin Zheng approaches Zhang Xiao in the cafeteria asking her to make amendments to her draft design of the magnolia. He says that a real magnolia should help her improve her design. He tells her that her design is not bad but he wishes for a look that emanates a noble sort of atmosphere. She asks him to clarify but he says that he’s merely given her the concept to work off of. It’s her job, not his, to figure it out. This awkward atmosphere is made more even tenser when Jack intervenes. Later, Zhang Xiao is shown the magnolia hairpin and is part of the photography shoot for the promo stuff regarding the auction. Just as the shoot begins, the power is cut. While everyone rushes to check out the electricity stuff, a hand reaches out and steals the magnolia hairpin. OMGOMGOMG. Oh dayum. S***’s gonna hit the fan like NOW.

Kang Zhen Tian is furious at what’s happened. Zhang Xiao agrees to take full responsibility for the incident but when Kang Zhen Tian asks her who took the magnolia hairpin out she says she was acting under Yin Zheng’s request. Kang Zhen Tian has no intention of firing her but Yin Zheng’s already done so. He tells her to properly cooperate with the police so that they can find the hairpin as soon as possible. Kang Zhen Tian calls his son into his office and Kang Zhen Tian seems awfully suspicious of his son. WOW Kang Zhen Tian takes Zhang Xiao’s side rather than his own son’s.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 4 (3)When Zhang Xiao is leaving the office, her bag is stolen by two guys on a motorcycle. When she goes to retrieve her belongings, she’s almost hit by another motorcyclist and JIANG JINGFU APPEARS!! (YAYYY—he’s so cute!!). He plays Kang Siyu, a witty, playful and somewhat troublesome character (in a good way LOL) He takes Zhang Xiao to the hospital after almost hitting her. Zhang Xiao seriously keeps getting into so many accidents. It was great seeing Liu Shi Shi and Jiang Jingfu at each other’s throats in Xuan Yuan Jian and in this series, the playful bantering between them is refreshing. Siyu returns her scooter back to Zhang Xiao’s apartment but leaves it in the middle of a heart-shaped pile of mud and manure as payback.

Zhang Xiao is seen exchanging texts with her Black Kitty from the Z x Y Company and Huang Di seems WAY too curious and invested in his housemate’s love life. Huang Di later goes to the bar to meet Siyu. Huangdi claims to be Zhang Xiao’s boyfriend and stirs up… a little trouble there. Later when Huangdi gets into a bit of trouble at the bar, Siyu dares him to take over twenty shots. If Huangdi can do it, Siyu will agree to Huangdi’s ridiculous financial request. After the fiasco, Huangdi gives the cheque to Zhang Xiao to reimburse her office. Yin Zheng refuses Zhang Xiao’s money and asks her to get out of his sight as soon as possible. Luckily Kang Zhen Tian steps in. He advises Yin Zheng to keep the blame off of Zhang Xiao.

Zhang Xiao, without her memories of the Qing Dynasty seems a lot more lighthearted and easygoing. She continues to text her Black Kitty and they go out to meet for a midnight snack. Zhang Xiao’s interactions with Kang Si Han are much more lighthearted than Ruo Xi’s interactions with the fourth prince. They end up playing with fireworks outside. Illegally that is. Zhan Xiao and Si Han are such a sweet couple! It’s hard not to root for them despite the fan love for the fourth prince.

Bu Bu Jing Qing EPisode 4 (6)That night, Zhang Xiao goes to skype an old friend and it’s our lovely reincarnated palace maid Yu Tan!! She’s a bit more outspoken but she hasn’t changed much as Zhang Xiao’s best friend.

The Qing Dynasty auction is in full swing and Lan Lan gracefully takes the stage to kick off the event. We montage through the night but the magnolia hairpin is still missing…

The next day, Zhang Xiao bumps into Si Han and they continue to talk about Si Han’s respectable and formidable big boss. Meanwhile in the parking lot, Yin Zheng gets a call regarding news about the magnolia hairpin being returned to Kang Zhen Tian…

This episode jumped around quite a bit trying to re-establish the iffy work relationship between Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao. As well, we are reintroduced to a new Zhang Xiao living her life as she would have without her Qing Dynasty interlude. How far will her relationship with Si Han go before she finds out his true identity and will Lan Lan really end up with Yin Zheng?

Episode 5 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Kang Zhen Tian gets a call that regarding the investigations of the hairpin that it might have to do with an insider involved with embezzlement. A video was sent to Kang Zhen Tian’s laptop and he’s shocked to discover his step-son involved in the fiasco. Yin Zheng states that he delegated the investigation to another man but there were no leads nor could he find the man despite promising to pay him ten thousand dollars. Yin Zheng further says that the hairpin can be sold for quite a sum but he has no idea whether or not its been sold. Kang Zhen Tian is furious that his son would stir up such a scandal for the auction. Yin Zheng doesn’t seem fazed by this by Kang Zhen Tian can see how this could spiral out of control and be detrimental to the company’s PR and integrity as a while. Yin Zheng agrees to take the blame personally to lighten the impact on the company and says that he will help find the real hairpin.

Zhang Xiao gets word of her innocence and there is hype around the entire building because rumours are abuzz. Kang Zhen Tian announces that in order to compensate for this hairpin fiasco, everyone’s end of the year bonuses are to be cut. As for Yin Zheng… he’s to be transferred to another company branch entirely. Yin Zheng refuses and says he’ll do whatever it takes to stay. Kang Zhen Tian says that if Yin Zheng wants to stay, he’ll need to stand in front of the Zhen Tian Company Building and apologize to each and every worker that passes by.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 5 (2)

Yin Zheng actually agrees to do this and of course, it’s pouring with rain outside as Yin Zheng stands and bows to every worker passerby. Zhang Xiao gets word of this and a bit of the gossip about Yin Zheng’s family background. When Zhang Xiao runs downstairs with an umbrella, she bumps into Kang Zhen Tian watching his son rather despondently. Rather than gloat, Zhang Xiao’s very sympathetic to the strain on the father-son relationship here. She comforts him and he sees her holding the umbrella.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 5 (7)When Zhang Xiao approaches Yin Zheng, he tells he doesn’t want her pity and shoves her aside. She says that she doesn’t think he’s as cold-hearted as he acts and although Yin Zheng continuously pushes her away, she still decides to say her piece before leaving. She tells him that he’s an ordinary person too, of flesh and blood who has no reason for this arrogant show of strength. She grabs his hand onto the handle of the umbrella with hers. Yin Zheng’s assistant appears to tell him that Kang Zhen Tian’s forgiven him and he can get out of the rain but Yin Zheng’s pride has him stubbornly refusing to leave. Zhang Xiao verbally lashes out, saying that they’ve already seen him standing foolishly in the rain, the truly foolish man is the one who would continue standing in the rain when he has no reason to. Zhang Xiao tells him she’ll leave, but she wants to finish what’s on her mind,

“In every person’s heart, exists both an angel and a demon but I believe that in this world, there are a few more good people than bad. She hopes that the demon in his heart will soon disappear.” – Zhang Xiao.

I guess Yin Zheng’s pretty shocked she can pick out what’s in his heart so easily and eloquently tell him off. Somehow, he knows she’s right but he can’t bring himself to believe it because he’s become so jaded. Now the question is who’ll help him get rid of his demons? Lan Lan or Zhang Xiao?

Later that night when Yin Zheng is leaving with Lan Lan, he sees her retrieving her umbrella. At the same time, Zhang Xiao sees the couple together curiously wondering if they’re actually together. Lan Lan and Yin Zheng have a really sweet moment that night. They are both very similar people, but we don’t know if they’ll work out because they’re so similar. Too mature? Too jaded? They seem to be two broken-hearted individuals searching for some hope and somehow see it in each other.

Zhang Xiao and Si Han’s budding relationship on the hand is completely different. So much lighter, so much more relaxed and easy. Yin Zheng comes up in their conversation and Si Han cleverly and innocently asks Zhang Xiao what she thinks of the chairman’s heir. She says that she pities him; a man who doesn’t know what his demons are or how to cast them out.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 5 (1)Despite Lan Lan’s cold exterior, she can still be pretty sweet, surprising Yin Zheng with homemade breakfast in bed when he wakens. He rewards her with the magnolia hairpin!!!! So it IS with Yin Zheng. He says that he thinks that Lan Lan is the hairpin’s rightful owner. Yin Zheng also sees the magnolia hairpin is pretty important to the little fated occurrences of his life.

Kang Zhen Tian goes to visit Siyu at his bar. Although Siyu has little to no interest in his father’s company, he’s there to be a good son to listen to his father’s worries. Although his father worries about his son, Siyu tells him that he’s very happy with his own little bar business. Kang Zhen Tian sees his older son Si Han on his way out the bar.

Yin Zheng gets a call from his assistant regarding the inscription within the ring says, “If you are unable to come to my world, then I will come to find you in your world.” Yin Zheng seems really surprised by the translation… we flash out to Zhang Xiao’s who is sketching yet another magnolia and Yin Zheng who is admiring her watercolour painting on his laptop. He remembers his first meeting with her and mulls it all over in his mind.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 5 (3)Zhang Xiao later interrogates Huang Di on how he acquired the big package of money (the money she intended to give to Kang Zhen Tian to reimburse him for the hairpin). Zhang Xiao sets out to return the money to Siyu at his bar. She meets a female bartender there who claims to be Siyu’s girlfriend. She ends up telling Zhang Xiao to find him at a stable and we do indeed see Siyu riding a horse. When a horse goes out of control in the middle of their conversation, Zhang Xiao springs into action to reign it in. DAYUM. Seems like her Qing Dynasty equestrian skills have not been lost on her. When she brings the horse back, she’s pretty surprised herself that she knew how to do all that. Siyu asks her if her boyfriend (Huang Di) taught her how to ride and she corrects him on the label. Zhang Xiao questions back regarding his bartender girlfriend and he also corrects her on the misconception. Siyu ends up calculating the interest on the loan, she says she’ll slowly return every cent to him and promptly begins to count out the spare change on her person.

More strained conversations between Yin Zheng and his father in the office before the episode ends but I’m sure the tension will continue for much of the series… more so when Si Han appears and the competition heightens.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 5 (6)Overall I really enjoyed episode 5 because the characters are slowly forging their own comfort circles. I really want to see more Zhang Xiao and Siyu interactions. Even though Zhang Xiao won’t fall for him, he does end up falling for her. How long before Zhang Xiao finds out Si Han’s true identity? It seems like Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng butt heads wherever they converse or work with each other in the office… but then again, it was exactly like this when Ruo Xi met the fourth prince as well. I have no idea how the writers are going to break this cold work acquaintanceship between them because neither are about to sit down and talk about their feelings… and right now, neither of them have feelings for each other. At all. I’m pretty sure the only reason Yin Zheng pays attention to Zhang Xiao at all is because of their strange first meeting and Zhang Xiao’s uncanny resemblance to Lan Lan.

– Cloudy

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