Nisekoi Episode 17 Review

Nisekoi Episode 17 (6)

Raku and his yakuza buddies are working a stand at the festival. When Raku steps out for a break, he bumps into Chitoge. He gets takoyaki for Chitoge and it turns out that the yakuza have a crap ton of stalls at the festival. Chitoge asks him on a “date” just for FREE FOOD. Haha, BEST GIRL EVER.

Nisekoi Episode 17 (9)

Rating: 4.25/5 happy clouds Crop_45 Clouds Transparent

Nisekoi Episode 17 (12)Of course, Onodera spots Raku in the crowd… and then Marika spots Onodera. Both are there to get a super awesome relationship charm. Marika is totally peeved when she sees Raku and Chitoge because he turned Marika down a few days earlier. As strange as their false love relationship seems to be, they seem to have lapsed into a comfortable couple zone. Marika and Onodera end up stalking the happy couple throughout the festival.

Raku boasts pretty awesome festival game skillz and ends up giving two fishes to Chitoge. How cute. When Raku wants to head through the crowd to buy his relationship charm, Chitoge wonders out loud how they’re going to move without being separated, and she ends up taking his hand. Forward, but this Raku X Chitoge moment is really sweet because when Raku loses Chitoge in the crowd, he grabs a girl’s hand and it ends up being Onodera. WOW guess that charm really works. Later when Onodera’s sandal strap snaps, Raku ends up piggy-backing her. And when a kitty nabs his relationship charm, he ends up running all over the festival bumping into Marika and Tsugumi until the kitty drops the relationship charm over Maiko’s head… Maiko tries to hit on a girl… who turns out to be RURI. Naturally he gets his butt kicked. Finally, the kitty leads him all the way back to Chitoge, who’s changed into a yukata.

Nisekoi Episode 17 (40)

And I’m officially back on Team Chitoge after those totally cute moments at the end of the episode. I really enjoyed this episode overall because it was fun and sweet in every possible way. I really think they’re meant for each other even though there’s a lot going for Team Marika and Team Onodera. Episode 17 brought us back to the original light comedy atmosphere trademark to the Nisekoi series. On top of that, Shaft’s amazing animation style made the festival pretty magical in certain moments. I’m really excited to see how Nisekoi is going to build up to the final ending and whether or not there will be a season 2 because the manga is not yet finished yet.

What team are you guys on? Let me know in the comments because despite the Chitoge X Raku focus of this episodes, the other girls got a bit of Raku time as well so all of Raku’s relationships with the other girls seem to be progressing at the same rate. Thank you guys for reading and I will talk to you all soon!

– Cloudy

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