Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 6 and 7 Recap and Review

Episode 6 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 6 (3)Zhang Xiao goes to hand in her resignation but Kang Zhen Tian hopes that she’s not resigning because of her complications with Yin Zheng. He tells her that she’s already forgiven his son so the matter is behind them. He admires her design and hopes she will continue to work hard for his company. She agrees.

Yin Zheng’s been doing quite a bit of research on the Z & X Company – the head of the company being Kang Si Han. This leaves Yin Zheng quite unsettled… He calls Si Han in person and asks to meet with him in person. They talk over golf but this face off gets pretty intense. It’s here that we see the old fourth prince demeanour emerge in earnest. He’s certain that the Zhen Tian will overtake Z & X soon. Yin Zheng intends to purchase Z & X and Si Han refuse.

Wow, Yin Zheng can be a real jerk, he actually goes to deliberately taunt Zhang Xiao in the cafeteria. Later, Jack asks Zhang Xiao to go dig up some news on the new Z & X products. She sort of refuses and Jack tells Huang Di to tag along with her. Zhang Xiao’s still reluctant to snoop. Zhang Xiao goes find Si Han and tell him a… business secret. She feels pretty conflicted but decides that she should tell Si Han to make sure their project is really under wraps.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 6 (5)Gosh, Jack picked the two squirreliest people to snoop. Zhang Xiao and Huang Di are SO obvious when they arrive at the building. They sneak into the building where Z & X displays are being constructed to take photos. After Huang Di fumbles around and ends up causing more harm than good, Zhang Xiao ends up dragging Si Han out the building rather than Huang Di in her pursuit. Zhang Xiao comes clean about her being from Zhen Tian and rather than get angry at her, Si Han sends her all their Z & X project pictures. WOW. He’s such a nice person but Zhang Xiao tells him that she can’t get it past integrity to use his pictures.

When Zhang Xiao is asked to report back with pictures, she hands him a binder with the words, “The Enemy is Formidable” inside and Yin Zheng is pretty pissed. She tells him that there is a certain work ethic that everyone abides by and Yin Zheng wants none of her talk. Jack seems a bit rattled by the exchange as well.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 6 (11)Yin Zheng later goes to visit Lan Lan and ends up telling her a bit about his sibling relationship with Si Han (who’s the younger of the two). How Si Han has always been given the lime light while Yin Zheng has always been left behind. In a flashback, we see Yin Zheng pause on his way to class to help an old woman pick up apples that have fallen from her basket. He’s later scolded for being late while Si Han’s academics are announced and praised throughout the class and school. Seems like Yin Zheng’s always harbored an intense dislike for his brother. Lan Lan wonders out loud how Yin Zheng can trust her not to spill the beans about him and his brother but he says that her happiness is the most important to him.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 6 (12)When Yin Zheng heads out, he bumps into Zhang Xiao who is delivering her daily bouquet of flowers to Lan Lan’s room. She sees Lan Lan’s single magnoliz earring and seems mesmerized by it. The earring seems so familiar to her but she can’t fathom where she’s seen it before.

Si Han checks on Zhang Xiao to see if she’s faring well despite being scolded by her boss. Si Han invites her to work for Z & X. Zhang Xiao thanks him and says she has never contemplated the thought but will think it over.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 6 (14)We then shift gears to Siyu who is chilling out at the bar seemingly haunted by his thoughts of Zhang Xiao. He seems infatuated by her no matter what style she sports. Later, Zhang Xiao gets a bunch of texts and even a letter from Siyu with a breakdown of all her debt. To be honest, Siyu probably just wants to see Zhang Xiao in person… he even ends up stalking her down the street. When Zhang Xiao gets fed up with Siyu, she chucks her entire bag at him and tells him he can everything in there. Later when Siyu is going through the bag’s contents, he discovers that she works for his father’s company. Haha I can’t wait for Zhang Xiao to see Siyu at the office and discover that he’s her boss’s son.

Really intense and really fun episode. I was really surprised at the contrast in Si Han’s personality regarding business with his brother and leisure with Zhang Xiao. I hope that he can continue to keep both of his lives separate and this is largely why he refuses to tell Zhang Xiao his real name. As much as I love the fourth prince, he’s getting on my nerves because they’re really making him out to be the bad guy and in doing so, highlights Si Han’s good points.

Episode 7 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 7 (1)Siyu arrives at his father’s company building and sees Zhang Xiao heading to work. Later, Siyu’s goofs off a bit in the office kitchen. He makes a cake for Zhang Xiao and his co-worker accuses him of having fallen for her. CUTE. OHMIGOSH I LOVE SIYU!! As SIyu watches Zhang Xiao eat his cake, they both overhear some of Jack’s gossip concerning her and Yin Zheng. Siyu even goes so far as to play a trick on Jack in his food.

Meanwhile, Kang Zhen Tian is handed a folder containing Zhang Xiao’s background information and he wonders whether he knew her father on that treasure trip in the desert. At home, Yin Zheng’s mother is thinking about a jewelry box just before her husband returns home. Their conversation reveals just how loving Zhen Tian is to his sons. Although they all seem to be off up to their own affairs, Zhen Tian has no problem giving them their space, especially Si Han, until he’s ready to return.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 7 (2)Everyone seems to be up to their own devices here. Lan Lan and Yin Zheng are having a classy dinner while Zhang Xiao and Si Han are having a casual meal in a towny restaurant, Siyu is baking a cake and the old Kang couple is relaxing in their bedroom. We end the romantic montage with Zhang Xiao and Si Han. It begins to snow. Caught up in the moment, he tells her that he loves everything she loves. He can’t seem to let her go despite exchanging goodbyes repeatedly. His face lights up when she suggests that they catch a movie the next night. OMG I’m totally a ZX & SH fan now. Si Han’s mood doesn’t last however, when he returns to the office and receives an invitation to a certain event…

A LOT goes down at Kang Zhen Tian’s birthday party gala and not all of it pretty. Lan Lan is Ying Zheng’s date for the night and she meets Ying Zheng’s uncle who seems to have some scandalous past with Lan Lan. He rBu Bu Jing Qing Episode 7 (7)ecognizes her instantly and later blackmails her into placing an old photo into Yin Zheng’s present to Kang Zhen Tian. The photo was taken on the day Kang Zhen Tian and his buddies found the fabled Qing Dynasty treasure, however, there is one individual circled out in red ink with the words, murderer written over, blatantly accusing Kang Zhen Tian. The night ends horribly for all parties involved – Kang Zhen Tian, Yin Zheng, Mrs. Kang and even Lan Lan who is so shaken up by the ghosts of her past that she’s almost unable to hold it together at the end. Ying Zheng later discovers the photo in the box and he too is shocked. He ends up smashing the mirror in the bathroom and gets rip-roaring drunk that night. Just as he stumbles out onto the road, a taxi skids to a halt before him and Zhang Xiao is in it.

Really emotionally-charged episode and Lan Lan’s past is definitely questionable. Her story is entirely a mystery as is Kang Zhen Tian’s own past. Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 7 (14)We already know that Lan Lan definitely does not like Zhang Xiao and as to why, either she’s jealous that Yin Zheng always seems to get in trouble with her or Zhang Xiao’s easygoing attitude just rubs her the wrong way.  I’m very excited to see what’ll happen after the birthday party bit wraps up. This family is even more dysfunctional than the Qing Dynasty one.

– Cloudy

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