No Game No Life Episode 5 Review

No Game No Life Epiosde 5 (1)

The first in the ranks of the Exceed, the Old Deus, questions Tet on whether he desires the destruction of Imanity. Tet is a little cryptic about avoiding the question…

Rating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

No Game No Life Epiosde 5 (5)Steph gets fed up with Sora and Shiro’s laziness around the palace and she decides to challenge them to a bunch of games to try and force Sora is become a decent person and good ruler. Sora instead asks Steph to make him a “fulfilled” person and Sora says he’ll do everything he can to lose in order to be “fulfilled” *Cough. But Shiro adamantly tells her brother that he’s only allowed to lose to her and Blank is not allowed to lose at all. Steph and Sora settle on Blackjack. Blank wins. Naturally. Still, Sora decides to do some of his kingly duties but when Blank finds out all the backroom negotiating Steph has engaged in in order to keep the nobles in check, the siblings are utterly shocked by her strategy tactics hahaha. To be honest I expected a lot more plot advancement but episode 5 was a decent breather as it pokes fun at Sora’s social desperation as a NEET and fan service on Steph.

No Game No Life Epiosde 5 (14)

After losing Blackjack, Steph is forced to become the siblings’ dog for the day. The three of them venture into town for one of Blank’s errands. When Steph is fed up with her doggy duties, she decides to challenge Sora to another game but Shiro plays in Blank’s stead. Although Steph continuously tries to outwit Blank with games of chance, Shiro is completely logical and analytical in her approach. Shiro keeps playing gaNo Game No Life Epiosde 5 (30)mes with Steph and loses more and more pieces of her clothing until all she’s left with is a few scraps of clothing… Sora ends up telling Steph that there’s no such thing as chance in games. It’s all knowledge, statistics and probability. Once you can fully analyze the system, you can figure out your odds of winning and increase them substantially. The reason that Sora and Shiro have been touring the town is to find more information on other Exceed ranks. The bulk of episode 5 was really different from the last few ones which were action and emotionally charged. The light comedy really helps shape the relationship between the three main characters. Steph’s antics and fan service, while amusing and exasperating helps flush out Blank’s intentions for Imanity.

No Game No Life Epiosde 5 (37)As kind-hearted as Steph is, she has no hope of regaining more territory unless she becomes a bit more cold-hearted and analytical with her games. Sora and Shiro go seek out the Flugel of rank 6 in order to win back the library of knowledge that Steph’s grandfather had lost. The Flugel had created a mass weapon to kill the gods during the ancient war and now Sora and Steph are going to challenge the monster. Most intriguing is that this monster only plays one game…

No Game No Life Epiosde 5 (31)I found that there was quite a bit of filler in episode 5 but this was because the writers are giving the audience some time to dial back on the action that took place with the coronation in the last episode. Both Sora and Shiro are fully settled into the world and we all know that they’ll get to the top sooner or later, the question is HOW. What I’m mostly looking forward to is how Blank will use knowledge and intelligence to outwit opponents that can use magic or read minds. I’m excited for the next episode to see Blank in another all or nothing game battle.

– Cloudy

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  1. The Flugel was shown in an after-credit scene, and it was HILARIOUS XD. Did you miss it? I don’t see any screencaps of it.

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