Black Bullet Episode 5 Review

Black Bullet Episode 5 (7)

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Black Bullet Episode 5 (20)To be honest, I really didn’t like how this episode was structured. I feel like way too much was told rather than shown. There were a lot of scattered bits of filler like with Kisara and her sword or Miyori Shiba, the daughter of a mass weaponry company. We got to see Rentarou mock fight and track with Enju for a split second (although it wasn’t much of a challenge).

The main goal of episode 5 was to settle Rentarou into his new bodyguard gig with Seitenshi-sama, the representative of the Tokyo area. Seitenshi is about to meet President Saitake who represents the Osaka area and who has a bad reputation for being an aggressive diplomat. Rentaro calls him a dictator. Although Seitenshi’s usualy bodyguards dislike Rentarou’s presence among them, I wonder why Second Lieutenant Ysuwaki Takuto hates Rentarou so much. Is it out of simple arrogance for the fact that he and his buddies are super protective over Seitenshi, or another reason entirely…?

Later, Rentarou interrupts a bunch of bullies hovering over a lost little girl. Her name is Tina Sprout. Black Bullet Episode 5 (15)Because she’s disheveled and wearing nothing but pyjamas, seeming confused at where she is, Satomi cleans her up and gives her his card should she find herself in another emergency. Initially I thought this meeting was pretty strange and I was almost 100% sure this girl was another Cursed Child. My suspicions were confirmed immediately after the scene when Tina is getting ready to assassinate Seitenshi.

Black Bullet Episode 5 (28)The next day, Satomi is accompanying Seitenshi to her meeting with Saitake. Saitake plans to use the Varenium and other nuclear weapons to destroy the Gastrea and threaten other nations. Saitake seems to be like a crazy monocle-wearing power-hungry fool and his political ambitions are sure to back fire on him and cause trouble for Seitenshi later on. Although Seitenshi seeks to unite the countries and free them from fear of the Gastrea, she seems too fixated as an idealist. Rentarou, Enju and Seitenshi are all attacked in the limo. Tina has struck. If it wasn’t for Enju, Seitenshi might already be dead. The bodyguard was too far for Tina to see his face due to the rain but both she and Rentarou are wondering who their new skilled opponent is.

I’m not entirely sure why they made the whole episode so expository and played out so much dramatic irony for us at the beginning with Rentarou and Tina’s meeting. Either they’re speeding through this part with Seitenshi or there’s a lot more to the arc than just a Cursed Child targeting a representative. Hopefully next week’s episode of Black Bullet will offer more answers.

– Cloudy

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