Curious Cloudy’s Anime Reviewer Tag

I’m a relatively new anime reviewer and I really don’t know that many other reviewers out there so I decided to come up with this anime reviewer tag to bounce around to other anime blogs and get to know other anime fans. I will be heading to Anime North at the end of the month and if there are other bloggers in the area I would love to meet you guys!! As well, for those of you who have been following me for quite some time, I wanted to share a bit about my personality and nuances with you all.

1)      How did you choose your reviewer alias?

2)      How long have you been doing reviews?

3)      Why did you start writing reviews?

4)      How many times do you watch an episode or series while reviewing it?

5)      What’s your favourite genre to review and why?

6)      What’s your most unfamiliar genre?

7)      What’s one thing that persuades you to keep watching an anime after episode 1?

8)      Who is your favourite Japanese or English voice actor?

9)      Favourite anime soundtrack

10)   Favourite anime song that you crank up and dance to

11)   What anime song are you currently addicted to?

12)   Do you like to buy anime merchandise? If so, what do you collect?

13)   What is your guilty pleasure anime?

14)   What anime made you cry?

15)   Favourite food to eat when you’re having an anime marathon

16)   What anime are you currently watching right now?

If you’ve been tagged by me, don’t forget to tag at least five other anime reviewers or bloggers and tag back or tweet me cause I would love to come and read your tag answers!

Thank you guys for reading and even if you haven’t been tagged but you’re an anime reviewer or blogger go ahead and answer these questions!!

Love Logo_Text_Cropped

–  Cloudy

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