Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 10 and 11 Recap and Review

Episode 10 Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 10 (2)Kang Zhen Tian’s brother AKA Yin Zheng’s evil uncle… seems to be plotting something against the company but he seems motivated by the death of his son (details of which we still need). At the office, Yin Zheng and Si Han are going to have to seriously get used to working with one another… and being a family, the latter more difficult than the former. Siyu personally delivers breakfast to his brother and the two siblings hug in an affectionate reunion.

Later, Si Han meets Zhang Xiao in the lobby of the Zhen Tian building and he asks her to be his dinner date for the big Kang family dinner. Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 10 (5)Well, Zhang Xiao doesn’t know that it’s the Kang family yet. At first, Zhang Xiao refuses but then he plays the cute sympathy card and gets her to agree. Si Han’s triumphant smile and expression is absolutely priceless and adorable.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 10 (6)Just as Lan Lan is readying for then night as well, she’s sort of kidnapped to go meet the evil uncle… the uncle wants Lan Lan to sabotage Yin Zheng in the Zhen Tian company. Yin Zheng really trusts his uncle because other than his mother, his uncle is his only remaining blood relative. I can’t imagine how Yin Zheng is going to react when he finds out that Lan Lan is somehow involved with him in some shady business.

Siyu ends up meeting Zhang Xiao officially as Si Han’s girlfriend. Siyu’s shocked expression just makes me want to hug him!!!!! Yin Zheng arrives with Lan Lan and OH THIS SCENE IS SO AWKWARD because Zhang Xiao finds out about Si Han’s background in this family dinner setting. Mrs. Kang remarks on how similar Zhang Xiao and Lan Lan look, that it’s fate… tense and so awkward. I feel so bad for Zhang Xiao, caught with her boss, her crush, her crush’s step-mother, step-brother and her rival. Fifty points for her for making through his dinner ALIVE. Thank god for Siyu and Kang Zhen Tian for interrupting. When Lan Lan kicks Zhang Xiao under the table causing her to spill her wine, they have a showdown in the bathroom. Lan Lan is so self-absorbed that she thinks that Zhang Xiao arrived just to meddle with Lan Lan’s affairs. OMG Lan Lan is such a b***h, she totally taunts and insults Zhang Xiao before walking out.

Si Han runs after Zhang Xiao when she wants to leave and attempts to kiss her. Siyu sees and immediately turns his heel to leave. Amazingly it’s Yin Zheng who saves Zhang Xiao from Si Han’s forceful affections. Lan Lan ends up watching this exchange as well. Of this entire thing, Siyu gets the worse and shortest end of the stick.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 10 (11)The next day, Jack introduces Si Han to everyone in the office… including Zhang Xiao. Si Han gives a WAY TOO INFORMATIVE introduction about himself, all of it intended for Zhang Xiao’s ears. Even though Si Han continues to approach Zhang Xiao, with texts, in the café, outside at lunch, when she’s on her bike, outside her house when it’s snowing – even when she falls asleep at the office, he’s right there with her. OMG THIS GUY, HE’S SO SWEET. How could you stay mad at him?

At home, Zhang Xiao’s conversing with Yu Tan – here, Zhang Xiao calls her Princess, about Si Han. In the cafeteria, Si Han approaches Zhang Xiao POINT BLANK and asks her what it’ll take for her to forgive him, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. He’s so sympathetic to her feelings and he apologizes to her and he asks for another chance. And to show his sincerity, he takes out a bunch of hot peppers and starts eating them in front of her… (This is a reference to the first time they went out to eat when he tried to impress her by eating one, but he’s horrible with spicy foods). This clumsy but embarrassing act is the one thing that moves her. He doesn’t stop till the very last one is done. Siyu is watching from the kitchen, Jack is watching, Huang Di is watching, everyone is watching. OHMIGOD. And then he gets down on his knees before her and confesses again. Zhang Xiao can’t help but cry but to his shock, she walks away.

THAT WAS INTENSE!! But seriously did not end the way Si Han and the audience and everyone in the office intended it to.

Episode 11 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

We begin with Zhang Xiao in the bathroom, splashing water on her face, wondering if this is really, smiling stupidly to herself. She returns to Si Han in the cafeteria and tells him that she never liked Kang Si Han, but fell for her Black Kitty. The entire office applauds and they hug. Siyu is still watching from the kitchen!! POOR SIYU, I WANT TO HUG HIM SO MUCH! He must be feeling so heartbroken and yet also so happy for his brother.

That night, Siyu is drowning his heartbreak at his own bar. Must be handy to have a bar at this time. He gets a text from Zhang Xiao that night making amends to him about their misunderstanding. Siyu kicks everyone out the bar just as Huang Di is entering. Even Huang Di is a bit heartbroken that Zhang Xiao is taken now. Huang Di ends up singing to Ling Dang as she drinks. Siyu is crying in the closet T_____T OMG.

Zhang Xiao and Si Han are talking in his car as it snows outside. She asks him why she likes him and he replied, “Because you are Z & X” and so Zhang Xiao asks him why the brand is named Z & X, he jokes at first but later tells her the truth behind the name. His first name and her first name. Zachary Kang has a nice ring to it. Then he lists and stumbles all the reasons why he likes her before asking her why she likes him. Swept up in emotion, he hugs her, and she’s grinning. She refuses him when he tries to kiss her and goes to retrieve her on the other side of the car when he walks her back to her house.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 11 (8)The next day, they’re buying each other lunch and swapping. CUTE. Si Han might have lost some points for losing Z & X’s independence in corporal terms, but he’s definitely found happiness in his own way with a new ZX at Zhen Tian. Just as the happy couple is laughing over lunch, Yin Zheng appears and scolds them about their mixing work with personal business and Si Han retaliates with a shot at Yin Zheng’s own relationship with Lan Lan. As if on cue, Lan Lan appears just after the couple leaves and I guess Yin Zheng really can’t say much about the whole dating your co-worker issue because he’s in the same boat.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 11 (15)Zhang Xiao hands the clothing back to Yin Zheng and he pays her back for her laundry help. Later, his assistant tells her to be in charge of planning Lan Lan’s birthday party, the day after tomorrow. Zhang Xiao later brings flowers to Lan Lan’s room, as well as a package… containing photos of her beaten and scraped body as a kid. She goes to meet the sender of the photographs in one of the studios… but it’s not really him, it’s Zhang Xiao’s surprise party for her. Still freaked out by the dark, Lan Lan slaps Zhang Xiao in the face. In the cafeteria, Zhang Xiao gets a cute little pizza with the words, “You Still Have Me” from Siyu. GOSH HE’S SO SWEET.

Huang Di later hauls Zhang Xiao with him to Siyu’s bar to cheer her up. Even Ling Dang treats her to a drink. When Zhang Xiao heads out, Siyu goes after her. When he asks her about the pizza, she tells him that she’s very thankful to the sender of all those foodies.

Yin Zheng and Si Han are caught up in a meeting again with Kang Zhen Tian. Yin Zheng and Si Han disagree on using Lan Lan for another promotional project. Things almost heat up before Kang Zhen Tian steps in and settles a compromise of sorts. Meanwhile, Lan Lan is getting more mysterious packages… it continues to spook her in the parking lot. Luckily Jack gets to her before a suspicious man does. Later Lan Lan approaches Zhang Xiao, they talk and she even apologizes to Zhang Xiao. She wonders if she can be friends with Zhang Xiao from here on out and Zhang Xiao agrees. I wondered if Lan Lan is truly sincere or if they were just crocodile tears… but when she gives her red jacket to Zhang Xiao so that the suspicious man will attack Zhang Xiao rather than Lan Lan. OMG SHE’S SO EVIL!!!!!

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