Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 12 and 13 Review

Episode 12 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Episode 12 (1)Lan Lan is leaving Zhen Tian in her Zhang Xiao disguise (with glasses) and bumps into Si Han at the elevator. When he attempts to make plans with him, she hastily tells him to call her that night but Lan Lan makes a grave mistake when she calls Si Han by his name rather than the Black Kitty nickname. Lan Lan is carefully avoiding her pursuers but Zhang Xiao, unwittingly gets herself tangled in a little fray with Uncle Yin’s affairs. She’s literally physically assaulted and if it were not for Siyu, she would not be alive and well afterward. We learn here that Lan Lan’s real name is Ma Wa.

Zhang Xiao wakes up to Si Han and Huang Di in the hospital. When asked of an unusual happenings during the day, she recounts the fact that she was attacked leaving the office after she talked to Lan Lan and was given her jacket. Si Han’s suspicions of Lan Lan are raised.

Episode 12 (8)Yin Zheng later finds Lan Lan totally spooked in his house. Lan Lan becomes more desperately attached to Yin Zheng and continuously asks for reaffirmations of his commitment for her.

Si Han and Siyu are investigating… Si Han shows Yin Zheng a picture of the man in the black suit who assaulted Zhang Xiao. Yin Zheng recognizes the man as one of his uncle’s workers. Yin Zheng’s not a man who’s blinded by familial devotion and he’s pretty wary around his uncle when they talk.

When Zhang Xiao visits Lan Lan’s room. Lan Lan’s reverted to her usual snobby self. She scold Zhang Xiao for forgetting to change her flowers for yesterday. The day that Zhang Xiao was still hospitalized. GAH Lan Lan can be so horrible. Still, Zhang Xiao asks Lan Lan to be open about herself if something’s really bothering her. Lan Lan in response tells Zhang Xiao to get out of her sight. Every time Lan Lan gets a call from Uncle Yin, she freaks out.

The Kang family is back in a business meeting. If you guys pick up the Bu BU Jing Qing details, the Eunuch that had always served the Kangxi is the man who brings up the proposal details about the new project. (The same Eunuch who suspected the fourth prince of usurping the throne in Bu Bu Jing Xin who committed suicide by poison).

Episode 12 (13)Kang Zhen Tian bumps into Zhang Xiao on his way back to his office. They converse and Kang Zhen Tian encourages the goodwill between Zhang Xiao and Lan Lan in order to help mend the friction between the two brothers. Although Zhang Xiao explains that Lan Lan is adverse to her, Kang Zhen Tian says he understands, that no one likes to see another with her exact features. Zhang Xiao muses that this is perhaps the case. Their conversation ends on a little cliffhanger note when they arrive at Kang Zhen Tian’s floor. It’s nice to see Zhang Xiao care so much for the man and show him so much respect. At the same time, I think Kang Zhen Tian worries over Zhang Xiao like a father would dote on his daughter.

In another scene, we see Yin Zheng and Lan Lan talking about Zhang Xiao’s incident. Yin Zheng informs her of Si Han’s suspicions. Lan Lan is defensive right away and standoffish about it. Yin Zheng shows her the picture of the man in black and she acts like she vaguely recalls him around Uncle Yin. Lan Lan’s emotional state gets a bit unstable again here and she clings onto Yin Zheng and recalls the story of the neighbouring little girl she use to know who was raped, who’d recently disappeared, who’d gotten herself into a really dark place. Lan Lan wonders out loud why the world is such a cruel place. After, Lan Lan sort of hints that she wants an occasion that they’ll never forget, that they’ll both remember forever; Yin Zheng catches her drift and he knows that she’s talking about marriage. (Wow, that was quick. How long have they known each other?)

I wonder if Lan Lan really likes Yin Zheng for who he is or whether or not she just likes being around him because he provides her with a sense of security and has the power and means to protect her. Episode 12 (16)Just after Yin Zheng is called into work, Lan Lan gets another call from Uncle Yin. Pushed to her breaking point, Lan Lan finally sends a hostile email to Uncle Yin to indefinitely cut all ties from one another. Although she puts up a very brave front despite her scarred past, she can barely hold herself up when she’s alone.
The episode builds to a climax at the Zhen Tian press conference for a new product campaign. Lan Lan is runs into Uncle Yin’s lackey who’s waiting for her at the building and ends up pursuing her down the street in a car chase. Episode 12 (17)Yin Zheng is getting antsy because even Kang Zhen Tian’s arrived and the event will begin very soon. In his desperation, he grabs Zhang Xiao to take her place, that he’ll help her through it and asks her to go along with it for now. Later we see a gorgeous Zhang Xiao fully clad in Qing Dynasty fashion looking very much like Ruo Xi’s old look. She even curtseys on stage! Zhang Xiao seems to properly make it through the event flawlessly but when she’s bombarded with questions by the press, especially romantic ones regarding her relationship with Yin Zheng, she’s unable to respond. Yin Zheng decides to kiss her to assuage the crowd. This moment is so bittersweet for all Bu Bu Jing Xin fans because this kiss depicts the time travel theme of past and present in both action and visuals. All at once, hang Xiao is swept up in this kiss with Yin Zheng and it just so happens that Lan Lan runs in at this time and catches them in the act. OHMIGOSH. THE DRAMA.

Episode 12 (19)

Way to cliff-hanger the audience.

Episode 13 Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Yin Zheng runs after Lan Lan to apologize to her. Although Yin Zheng had his reasons and it was really Lan Lan’s fault that Zhang Xiao had to get into makeup in the first place, Lan Lan is still furious. In the end, she caves and embraces him, telling him she’s so afraid of losing him. I love Yin Zheng’s expression here because he’s both surprised and relieved. He’s so sweet to Lan Lan. That night, Lan Lan drinks away her fears in red wine, downing glass after glass, then going for the bottle itself. Her mind replays moments of Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao, her doubts doubling over again and again.

The next day, Si Han bumps into Lan Lan at the elevator at Zhen Tian. I think I’ve totally fallen in love with Si Han in this moment because he is the PERFECT protective boyfriend. He’s so adamant on protecting Zhang Xiao. He calls out Lan Lan for being vicious and deceptive. Although Lan Lan denies all of Si Han’s accusations about hurting Zhang Xiao at first, it turns into a one-sided threat by Si Han for Lan Lan to keep her distance from Zhang Xiao. Lan Lan turns it around and accuse Zhang Xiao for kissing Yin Zheng in an attempt to drive a wedge between the couple but Si Han is SO AWESOME in this moment because claims that he absolutely without a doubt trusts Zhang Xiao’s word. He tells Lan Lan that if she’s going to be suspicious, she should be suspicious about Yin Zheng who made a move on Zhang Xiao. OOH BURN!!! Si Han gets 100/100 boyfriend points for his performance.

Unfortunately, Lan Lan cannot evade her pursuers forever. She’s personally escorted by Uncle Yin’s lackey, to meet him by the pier. He says she’s ungrateful for his goodwill towards her. He states that she still belongs to him but Lan Lan is adamant about cutting ties. Uncle Yin asks his lackey, whose name is Han Qing, whether or not he remembers all the pain that Lan Lan caused Han Qing for the past three years. Uncle Yin tells Han Qing to mar Lan Lan’s face so that he can mete his revenge and find closure for the pain he’s experienced. Lan Lan simply laughs and calls Uncle Yin fierce but he’s unexperienced in pitting two lovers against each other. Lan Lan uses his blackmail on her as dirt on Yin. Lan Lan even goads Han Qing onto hurting her but he’s unable to. Lan Lan confesse that she’s fallen in love with Yin Zheng and that nothing can separate her from him. Yin calls her a fool but damn this is a powerful moment for Lan Lan. As fragile as she is on the inside she’s so fierce in the face of adversity.

Back at the office, Yin Zheng sends Zhang Xiao to be one of Lan Lan’s advisors on her movie shoot business excursion. Afterwards, Zhang Xiao finds Lan Lan curled up in the corner in the bathroom after the room blacked out.

That night when Zhang Xiao meets up with Si Han for dinner, she confides in him about her vague sentiments of familiarity with the magnolia earring and regarding Lan Lan. Si Han says she’s way too nice for her own good. Si Han is intensely suspicious about Lan Lan’s motives and background. Still, I love how easygoing he can be and easily he can switch gears from business to leisure. When Si Han’s investigations lead him to fear for Zhang Xiao’s safety, he drops everything to drive to where the shoot is taking place. One of Zhang Xiao’s memories of her first meeting with Lan Lan (at the stairs) comes back during the shoot. Hopefully more memories will resurface with time…

When Lan Lan wants to skip out on the shoot involving fire, Zhang Xiao is coerced by her to take her place. I feel like Lan Lan skipped on her work cause she was scared of Yin’s people tampering with the effects or catching her outside during the day. Lan Lan’s paranoia and insecurities are slowly escalating. The episode ends just as Zhang Xiao nervously begins the fire shoot.

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