Black Bullet Episode 6 Review

Rating: 4.25/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

OMG THE IRONY. Just after they meet, they almost kill each other… and then they sit on a bench and have takoyaki together. I wonder how long it’ll be before Rentarou finds out this little Loli girl is a killer. Man Rentarou really has a soft spot for little girls and cursed children. It’s definitely going to come back to bite him in the butt someday. Things really heat up with Tina is given a task to assassinate Kisara Tendo of the civil security agency.

Black Bullet Episode 6 (16)Speak of the devil… Kisara’s still gunning for Miori even after the entire fiasco during dinner. Rentarou meets up with Miori to figure out the specs behind the sniper incident. More Miori tricks and Kisara jealousy… hmm, I wonder if Kisara really has a crush on Rentarou. Later, Sumire Muroto sensei is teasing Rentarou about his interactions with girls. OOH, after Rentarou’s defeat of Kagetane, has bumped him up to the 1000s of civil security officers. Sensei reveals that she was one of the four behind the New Humanity Creation project whose purpose was to create superhuman soldiers to fight the gastrea but once people realized how useful and powerful the cursed children were. Sensei asks Enju to stay to question her but sends Rentarou back to Kisara. Both character plots come together when Tina arrives at Kisara’s office to kill her. DAMN I give Kisara major props for reacting and retaliating so quickly. Just as Kisara cries out for Rentarou, distracting Tina, Rentarou arrives. Both Tina and Rentarou are shocked to meet their respective opponent.

On one hand, I feel bad for Tina because Rentarou’s the only friend she knows and on the other hand, I feel bad for Rentarou because it’ll be pretty hard for him to deal another death blow to a little girl. Rentarou thinks Saitake Sogan, the Osaka Representative, is behind this and advises Seitenshi to retreat but she’s pretty stubborn about her ideals. Tina attacks for the second time this episode and Rentarou is shot. Seitenshi finds out that Tina Sprout is one of the mechanized soldiers and if Enju goes after Tina alone, she’ll die.

Black Bullet Episode 6 (26)LOVED this episode a lot, loved the crazy build up to Tina’s final attack. I was wondering why there were two Tina attacks but I guess the smaller skirmish was building up to this big one where Enju is separated from Rentarou. This episode was really strong in contrasting the light-hearted events from the action of the dark plot. I’m curious to see more of these mechanized soldiers appear because they’re all one of a kind and so powerful that only Rentarou can beat them. I’m wondering if Seitenshi really will be killed some time in the series or whether she’ll stay to the end as the strong political figurehead that secretly supports Rentarou and allows him off the hook for breaking a lot of convention civil security agent rules. Seitenshi is definitely an enigma of the show. I really hope Rentarou will be able to retrieve Enju with no harm done to her. Tina also seems to have her own back story on things.


– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Black Bullet Episode 6 Review

    • im gonna say no cause shes one of the main characters. hopefully Rentarou does get her back. if Enju were to die im sure itd be more dramatic with a lot more tears and feels

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