Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 14 and 15 Review

Episode 14 Rating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

After an incident where Zhang Xiao is caught in a near arson incident, she’s brought to the paramedic’s truck. Surprisingly it was Yin Zheng that charged in to save her first. Well, granted, he did think that it was Lan Lan trapped inside a burning building. Zhang Xiao is dizzy but altogether unharmed. However, Lan Lan isn’t so fortunate, we find out that Lan Lan’s been hit by a car. Both Yin Zheng and Lan Lan sprint back to see her.

When they get to the hospital, Lan Lan is wrapped in bandages after immediate treatment. Yin Zheng completely blames Zhang Xiao for not properly caring for Lan Lan and I felt so bad for the poor girl because Zhang Xiao no doubt feels guilt but Yin Zheng is making it worse by physically shaking her – as if being caught in a near fire death incident wasn’t worse enough. Luckily Si Han appears just in time. He literally shoves Yin Zheng off of Zhang Xiao. Si Han’s shocked at what’s taken place. Si Han tells Yin Zheng that Zhang Xiao is not Lan Lan’s bodyguard and warns him that Lan Lan herself has a suspicious story. Yin Zheng is utterly crushed by the emotional turmoil.

When Lan Lan awakens, Yin Zheng is by her side and he is utterly devastated to see her in such a state. He comforts and reassures her but still can’t help but break down in tears.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 14 (7)The next day, Zhang Xiao welcomes her father back into her apartment after his return from work.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 14 (8)Si Han at the office is still keeping tabs on Lan Lan while Yin Zheng is packing her things in her work room. He stumbles upon a package in one of the shelves… containing the shredded remains of the abuse photos that Lan Lan had received earlier.

At the hospital, Lan Lan can’t help but wonder what she looks like after the incident. She unbandages herself and thank god the producers didn’t show us the grim entirety of the face. Judging from Lan Lan’s bloody scraped hands… I don’t want to know. Lan Lan breaks down from the shock. The next morning, Yin Zheng gest the shredded remains of the photo pieced together, photocopied and sent back to him and he’s absolutely appalled at the images. No doubt, it’s Lan Lan as a child. Tears slowly roll down his face. Here, he realizes that when she spoke of that neighbouring little girl, Lan Lan was actually speaking of herself. As mean as Lan Lan can be to Zhang Xiao, she’s such a tragic and fragile character that you can’t help but feel bad for her. Yin Zheng resolves to protect Lan Lan, to begin things anew and burns the pictures.

At home, Zhang Xiao’s father finally comes clean about Zhang Xiao’s past – the fact that she has an older twin sister, the fact that he’s not her actual father, the fact that their biological mother left behind a pair of earrings for them, one magnolia earring for each girl. Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 14 (13)Zhang Xiao tells him that she knows of her sister already. They have an emotional moment but later, Zhang Xiao brings her father to the hospital. To their dismay, Lan Lan’s disappeared, accidentally leaving behind the magnolia earring. Yin Zheng is also shocked that Lan Lan’s missing. Zhang Xiao sees him by Lan Lan’s empty hospital bed. She tells him of Lan Lan’s relation to her and gives him Lan Lan’s magnolia earring. That night, he dreams of her. The next morning, Siyu wakes his older brother at the hospital and asks him to head home for his mother worries about him.

Zhang Xiao tells Si Han about Lan Lan missing from the hospital, as well as her blood relation with Lan Lan. Zhang Xiao explains everything to her boyfriend.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 14 (20)Yin Zheng is depressed and lonely due to Lan Lan’s disappearance. Everyone is pretty worked up over it. Yin Zheng just fiddles with the earring in his office. He later meets up with Zhang Xiao to ask her to pretend to be Lan Lan in order to deceive everyone. Zhang Xiao refuses but Yin Zheng presses and Zhang Xiao agrees to think it over. He treats her to a meal not only to persuade her, but to thank her for all she’s done. WOW so Yin Zheng actually has a NICE side. Zhang Xiao asks him if he blames her for Lan Lan’s incident and now that Yin Zheng’s cooled down, he obviously tells her he doesn’t blame her.

Episode ends here but again, we’re left hanging. We don’t get many scenes with Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng civilly without talk of business so this last scene was really refreshing. Hopefully Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng’s business acquaintanceship can become some sort of friendship and progress to better terms from now on.

Episode 15 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Yin Zheng asks Zhang Xiao to pretend to be Lan Lan for the time being in order to deceive Kang Zhen Tian and keep the project going. In the end, Kang Zhen Tian somehow finds out the truth about the matter and the ploy quickly falls through. Si Han is pretty overprotective about Zhang Xiao and will do whatever it takes to protect her. Yin Zheng packs up his things and is moved to a different department. Si Han takes his room. Si Han grabs Zhang Xiao out of her office in front of everyone to talk over their earlier misunderstanding. Zhang Xiao had earlier accused Si Han of spilling the beans about Yin Zheng to implicate him and Si Han is shocked that she would believe him to be that sort of person. Sure Si Han dislikes Yin Zheng, but I wonder how far he’d go…

Uncle Yin gets word of Lan Lan’s disappearance as well as Yin Zheng’s demotion.

Later Si Han surprises Zhang Xiao with a newly renovated Z & X store. Si Han’s devotion to his mother and how it becomes a motivating force in her life is so inspiring. After they share a sweet moment, Zhang Xiao wonders if Si Han and Yin Zheng will make up. Zhang Xiao’s concerned for their sibling relationship because of Kang Zhen Tian. Zheng Xiao hears from a co-worker about news of a woman on the mountain. She and Yin Zheng end up arriving at the same place at the same time to look for Lan Lan.

At the office, Si Han stops by Zhang Xiao’s office and finds out about the news piece Zhang Xiao had heard of. Again, he calls Zhang Xiao and is unable to find her. Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao find an abandoned temple and search for Lan Lan in there. They both end up waiting in the temple until it gets dark. When it gets a bit chillier around the fire, Yin Zheng gives his jacket to Zheng Xiao. As Zhang Xiao reflects on this gentle side of Yin Zheng, Yin Zheng is worried about Lan Lan.

Si Han goes to his brother’s bar and hears news about that mountain that Zhang Xiao has gone to. Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao wake up in the middle of the night after being pestered by a crazy woman.

Yin Zheng tells Zhang Xiao the story of his ring – it leads back to the time after Yin Zheng ran into the forest and fell into a random hole. He ended up getting sick from the elements and when his parents finally found him and brought him home, his father gave him the ring as a superstitious good health charm. Zhang Xiao tells Yin Zheng that his step-father is very kind to him. Yin Zheng says that things are more complex than they seem on the surface and Zhang Xiao says that this is because he tends to overthink things and makes them complex. Yin Zheng’s biological father died when he was only five. Zhang Xiao says that she doesn’t know or remember her biological father either but she does love her adopted father very much and he’s never been hard on her.

Zhang Xiao teases Yin Zheng and calls him Ice Face cause he’s always so stoic.

Si Han arrives at the mountain at night to look for Zhang Xiao.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 15 (20)Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao continue to talk under the snow. He has so many questions to ask Lan Lan and so many things he doesn’t understand about her. Zhang Xiao says that Lan Lan is a strong person. Zhang Xiao says Lan Lan probably refuses to see Yin Zheng because she doesn’t want his pity and wants to preserve her beauty in Lan Lan’s heart. Fingering his ring, Yin Zheng turns back to his own thoughts while Zhang Xiao heads to bed.

The next morning, Zhang Xiao finds Si Han at the bottom of the mountain. She apologizes to him for not telling him about her whereabouts. Yin Zheng gets a call…

Episode 15 was overall a little too scattered for my taste but it mainly served to build some friendly feelings between Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng. We see them interact a bit as Ruo Xi and the fourth prince would and the scenes in the snow were so nostalgic.

As sweet as Si Han can be, I get the feeling that he babies Zhang Xiao a bit too much and I wonder when she’s going to be fed up with the fact that all he wants to do is shelter her. For now, she seems to understand his protectiveness and respects him enough as her boyfriend to listen to him. Si Han really doesn’t like to let Zhang Xiao out of her sight but he’s almost always 100% forgiving when she apologizes to him. He too seems to understand how kind-hearted and selfless his girlfriend can be regarding her personal matters.

– Cloudy

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