No Game No Life Episode 6 Review

Naturally in the anime world, one of the most fearsome and ruthless creatures… should turn out to be a cute girl.

No Game No Life Episode 6 (8)

Since Jibril, the Flugel is greatly interested in knowledge. Sora decides to bet all his ebooks on the tablet against her… and so the fan service builds to a climax… in the most blatant way possible. Jibril ends up discerning that Sora and Shiro are “unknown” life forms of this word. Shiritori is the game… Meterialization Shiritori that is. Things will appear and disappear according to the words. Everything after the game will be undone after. Jibril is basically enjoying showing off her knowledge. As much as Steph is comedic, she got a little annoying in this episode.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Basically it’s a word game where you take the end letter, or in this case, character of each last word as the cue for the next word. Jibril and Sora’s words spiral out of control for a while when the ridiculous fan service takes over or lack thereof?

No Game No Life Episode 6 (22)Sora is seriously the toughest gamer I have ever met and he’s utterly fearless. Knowledge gives you power, you should always respect the unknown… Sora ends up shifting the entire nature of the world to attempting to kill Jibril with SCIENCE!!!!! And dayum, if you thought Sora and Shiro were merely gamers, you are sorely wrong because they actually read up on academic literature to help them win games. Jibril is clever enough to figure out Blank’s entire strategy as she plummets to her doom. When Jibril accepts defeat, she swears her loyalty to Blank.

No Game No Life Episode 6 (24)I’m really impressed with how the original creator of the story made a distinction between Sora and Shiro who are humans and Imanity, who seem human but are a different race entirely. I’m even more impressed with how the use of human knowledge and game genres can make Sora and Shiro so unbelievably skilled when it comes to the Disboard challenges. I was pretty shocked when Sora and Shiro kissed but there was absolutely no hints of emotional incest because they needed circular breathing to keep themselves alive in the game. All in all the little plot twists within the games are giving the story its addictive and intriguing qualities, leaving you excited for the next game that Blank decides to play.

After all, Blank never loses.

Oh and don’t forget to check out my late video on No Game No Life HERE

– Cloudy

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