Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 16 and 17 Review

Episode 16 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Yin Zheng gets a call that they’ve found Lan Lan’s body. The face is grotesquely disfigured and his assistant gags from the site. Yin Zheng asks to see her tattoo, to make sure it’s her. It’s the exact same black magnolia. Now he knows for sure.

Zhang Xiao is still conflicted about Yin Zheng and Si Han’s rocky relationship.

Yin Zheng is standing in the rain thinking about Lan Lan. His internal monologue is so heartbreaking here…

Zhang Xiao and her father have another heart-to-heart about Zhang Xiao’s mother. He still feels so guilty about leaving her sister behind. Zhang Xiao reassures her father that her sister will be okay.

Kang Zhen Tian is seen gazing at an old picture… supposedly with Zhang Xiao’s mother in it. He then gets a call from a friend and ends up at Zhang Xiao’s house. Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 16 (10)Zhang Xiao’s father and Kang Zhen Tian have a reunion. Kang Zhen Tian brings that old photo with their mutual friend and Zhang Xiao’s mother. Kang Zhen Tian tells Zhang Xiao that when he first saw her at the office, he was immediately reminded of his old friend’s wife, Ching Yue Zhen. He shows the photo of her mother. Kang Zhen Tian says he’ll help watch over Zhang Xiao from now on as his own daughter.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 16 (11)Kang Zhen Tian gets another call and leaves the apartment. Kang has withheld the information regarding Lan Lan’s death and sends someone to keep tabs on Yin Zheng because of his emotional state. Mrs. Kang visits Yin Zheng at his apartment.

In another scene, Si Han is celebrating with his Z & X coworkers. Yet in the exact same restaurant, Yin Zheng is speaking with an old business associate of his father’s. A billboard lights up across the building where Si Han’s face is lit up as one of the newest upcoming young businessmen. Si Han spots his brother at the restaurant. Wow, I’m surprised how passively arrogant Si Han can be towards his brother. Uncle Yin is seen having a drink with another business associate regarding Yin Zheng’s current state. Uncle Yin is almost certain that once Yin Zheng forgets about Lan Lan, everything will be back to normal and back on track…

Yin Zheng ends up drunk and sick huddling outside in the snow. It just so happens that Zhang Xiao passes by and she can’t not help him. She brings him back to his apartment. When she gets his drunk ass onto the couch, she spots her magnolia painting hung on the wall of his house. When Zhang Xiao is taking care of Yin Zheng, he embraces her, thinking she’s Lan Lan. This moment is so heart-wrenching because he completely breaks down emotionally.

When Zhang Xiao gets home with dinner with Huang Li rummages through for his food. We get a quick flash back of the box falling into the takeout bag. When Zhang Xiao sees the magnolia hairpin, all her memories come back – the museum, the studio accident, the time in the rain.

The next morning, Yin Zheng wakes up on his couch crazy drunk and notices that the magnolia hairpin box is gone. He immediately goes to her house to retrieve the box. Zhang Xiao tells him that the hairpin really isn’t his – that it belongs to the Kang Zhen Tian. He says that it was a gift he gave to Lan Lan. Just then, Si Han has arrived at Zhang Xiao’s apartment. Although Si Han is still suspicious of Yin Zheng, he’s never one to suspect his girlfriend.

That same day, Kang Zhen Tian goes to watch his son work in the cafeteria.

Zhang Xiao seems a little unsettled by Yin Zheng’s ring.  Later, Si Han calls her into his office and gives her a belated birthday present. They are SO adorable OMG. When Zhang Xiao is leaving the office, she bumps I into Yin Zheng who hands her another belated birthday present. Coincidence much?

Si Han gets a package delivered to his office and it turns out to be a nice new shirt for his birthday… from a mysterious young woman. Zhang Xiao gives her birthday present to Si Han later that night. The shirt is embroidered with an interesting flower pattern… He asks her to travel to Hong Kong with her soon. At first she refuses because she needs to handle some of her father’s medical things but he’s already figured everything out for her and she almost tears up at how sincere he is. Yin Zheng finds out at the office that Zhang Xiao is in Hong Kong with Si Han. Yin Zheng doesn’t seem too comfortable about this… but I wonder why he’s so nice to Zhang Xiao. Is the only reason because she’s Lan Lan’s younger sister? Or is he on rebound?

Episode 17 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 17 (1)Zhang Xiao and Si Han are having the cutest couples montage EVER. They even go see the giant floating rubber ducky at the harbour. If I had a boyfriend as great as  Si Han, I would be the happiest girl on earth. They end the night with fireworks at Disneyland and when Zhang Xiao wake up, there are rose petals everywhere. She follows the trail of flowers all the way to a pair of double doors. Four little girls in princess dresses rush out to  meet her. In one box, she finds a few notes from him. In another, she finds a beautiful necklace with a heart and a little black kitt charm dangling off it. The girls lead her to another room where she’s given a tiara and a dress. OHMIGOD. Zhang Xiao walks down the stairs in a gorgeous princess gown to meet her prince charming at the bottom of the stairs. (Side Blogger reaction: OHMIGOD MARRY HIM ZHANG XIAO. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?)

Zhang Xiao and Si Han share their first kiss (or at least, the first kiss we’ve seen on camera). This would be the absolute perfect afternoon if it weren’t for the creepy stalker photographer across the building who’s snapping pictures of them. I believe it’s Uncle Yin’s voice who’s sent a Christmas email to Yin Zheng with the pictures of the happy couple. Yin tells Yin Zheng that these pictures can be good or bad depending on who holds them.

When Zhang Xiao and Si Han are driving back. Si Han wonderes out loud of Zhang Xiao can call him something other than Black Kitty, something like Hus— COUGH. Zhang Xiao suggests calling him Manager Kang. The phone rings all of a sudden and it’s probably Si Han’s old flame. Zhang Xiao gets a call from her good friend, Princess (Yu Tan from Bu Bu Jing Xin). Si Han almost wants to kiss Zhang Xiao goodbye but his phone rings again. He settles for a cute goodbye.

When Si Han gets back to Z & X, he makes a call to Xin Yi, who tells him she’s returned… OH NO.

We see Princess sipping some coffee in a café. She complains to the waitress that it’s not at all up to standards. Now we know why she’s nicknamed as thus. Just as Princess is about to storm off to complain to the manager, Zhang Xiao catches her and the two friends sit down to catch up. I love the dynamic between the two girls! So reminiscent of their Qing Dynasty interactions in the palace. It’s so refreshing to see Zhang Xiao act like a girl. She’s usually so reserved and tight-lipped about her relationship with her nosy co-workers but it’s nice to see her cut loose with Princess.

OH CRAP. Princess stumbles drunkenly over to a billboard and sees a picture of Si Han’s magazine cover on a billboard. She points out that the one up there is her boyfriend. OH NO. IS SI HAN CHEATING ON ZHANG XIAO? OH SHIT.

Back at Zhang Xiao’s place, Princess wonders about marriage because she says her boyfriend almost seems too good to be true. The two best friends banter more. Princess says she feels blessed to have such a wonderful best friend and a man who loves her so much.

The next morning, Princess’s phone rings and she’s about to meet her boyfriend. We see her hurry into a restaurant AND IT’S REALLY SI HAN. OHMIGOSH. But what’s awkward is that he doesn’t at all seem into the breakfast date. If anything, he seems really awkward. When Princess reaches forward to touch his hand, he pulls away. What’s Princess and Si Han’s history!??!?! OHMIGOSH. Princess’s real name is Xi Yin. When Zi Yin tries to guess who Si Han’s on the phone with, she disbelieves that he’s on the phone with his new girlfriend.

Princess spots Zhang Xiao outside and goes to grab her best friend to meet him. OHMIGOD. THIS MOMENT IS SO PAINFUL FOR ZHANG XIAO AND SI HAN. THAT AWKWARD HANDSHAKE. THAT AWKWARD SILENCE. Zhang Xiao fakes an excuse and runs out of there. OHMIGOD. I feel so bad for her. Si Han looks equally in pain after that meeting. Princess has no idea what’s going on between them naturally. Si Han fakes an excuse to make a call to Zhang Xiao. She can’t even think about picking up.

That night, she returns to that homey restaurant she and Si Han always go to and absently have dinner alone. Si Han arrives. Si Han says that he met Princess in London and before he returned he broke up with her but she’s the one who won’t let go. He tells her he never wanted to deceive her. She says she can never date him, even if he’s broken up with Xi Yin, she can’t because Princes is her best friend, nor can she ever let Princess know about Zhang Xiao and Si Han’s relationship.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 17 (31)

A car pulls up to Zhang Xiao and it’s Yin Zheng, offering to give her a ride to wherever she needs to go. Yin Zheng encourages her to cry and reminds her that what’s happened is happened and is in the past… he drives off afterwards leaving her standing on the corner of the street.

Si Han continues to get calls from Xi Yin. She says she’ll change for Si Han but Si Han reminds her that they’ve already broken up. Xi Yin says she’s never felt like they’ve broken up in her heart. He tells her he’s just tired and they hang up. Man, all these happy feels at the beginning and now THIS.

Si Han continues to text Zhang Xiao but she’s still aimlessly wandering the town. She passes the Z & X building and says goodbye to herself, to him. It continues to snow. She stares despondently at the necklace he once gave her and checks her phone for all his messages. She deletes them and continues to cry in her room alone…

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 17 (36)Okay, I am seriously pissed that this happened to Zhang Xiao and Si Han and that it seems like Princess has somehow betrayed Zhang Xiao again, even unwittingly. I really think Princess should have let go of Si Han a long time ago if they broke up in London. At the same time Si Han should have told Zhang Xiao about his former flame. Will Si Han and Princess get back together after all this? Can Zhang Xiao learn to forgive him? Probably not. My heart aches for Si Han because it was really an accident. If you girls were in Zhang Xiao’s position what would you do?

My reviewer side says that this was all so brilliant of the writers. They made  Si Han and Zhang Xiao have a perfect fairy tale and introduced Princess sparingly only once or twice in the show to keep us excited for her interactions with Zhang Xiao – then BOOM drama ensues.

– Cloudy

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