Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 22 and 23 Episode Recap

Episode 22 Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

We return to BBJQ with Zhang Xiao eating at the table with Yin Zheng. Yin Zheng gets a call from him his evil uncle and UGH I hate Uncle Yin because he was in charge of all this. Zhang Xiao hears some of his conversation.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 22 (1)That night, Siyu sees Yin Zheng driving Zhang Xiao out of his apartment place. In the car, Zhang Xiao questions Yin Zheng on who filmed and inserted the video clips of Zhang Xiao and Si Han. Yin Zheng advises her to let bygones be bygones and move on from the past. They arrive at her apartment. Zhang Xiao seems to regard Yin Zheng with just the barest hint of suspicion.

Back at the apartment, Zhang Xiao is still all depressed by Huang Li attempts to cheer her up with a little dance. Haha I wonder how they could have filmed that scene without Zhang Xiao laughing cause Huang Li is too funny. Huang Li asks her what’s wrong and Zhang Xiao says she fears… she her memories have all returned. She feels like she’s just dreamed a dream… now, she remembers everything about Yin Zheng and the events of her first incident in the studio. Zhang Xiao fears the future because of her long long past. Huang Li encourages her that the conclusion will be beautiful. Ten points for Huang Li in this scene. Although he always goofs off, his heart is in the right place.

Flashback back to Yin Zheng who confronts his little brother for tailing him and Zhang Xiao. Siyu is concerned that Yin Zheng means Zhang Xiao harm…

The next morning, Zhang Xiao strengthens her resolve to head to work and vows to figure out who the saboteur was. Even as Jack goads Zhang Xiao on for the scandal, she stands firm.

Si Han is taken to some strange address for business. Si Han is forced to deal with a bunch of annoying business workers. We see some suspicious men in a white van follow him into the area. (Si Han’s going to be kidnapped soon and I dread it because I know he’ll emerge as a totally different person after the ordeal)

In another scene, we see Annie Liu FINALLY APPEAR ON SCREEN!! Her character is Ma Yinuo and well, we don’t know anything about her yet but she’s actually Lan Lan, who’s returned after getting plastic surgery. Si Han and his business associate end up at Yinuo’s restaurant. She’s pretty shocked to see it’s Si Han but covers it up rather quickly.

Back at the office, work operations on Jack’s floor have halted. The stocks for Zhen Tian have dropped drastically and the business is in dire straits. Kang Zhen Tian is a super smart businessman, getting right down to business to do damage control. Yin Zheng is called back up to the ranks of the higher-ups to assist his father. When he leaves his office, Zhang Xiao sneaks into his laptop.

Yinuo later gets a call from the sketchy kidnappers who mean Si Han harm… potentially. She tries to warn Si Han to be careful of these unfamiliar areas. Wow, I forgot how striking Annie Liu can be on screen.

Kang Zhen Tian discusses the sketchy company who to go after Zhen Tian’s company stocks even as others are dropping. Since that company is from the same area as Yin Zheng’s company, Yin Zheng agrees to ask his uncle to check it out…

Zhang Xiao and Si Han are both trying to hack into the Zhen Tian database. Siyu hacking into the company framework while Zhang Xiao is trying to guess Yin Zheng’s password. Even Siyu is suspecting Yin Zheng of something shady.

Si Han returns to the company “office” with many of his belongings stolen. When Si Han unknowingly steps into the kidnappers’ car, Yinuo is actually concerned for him… she’s also sped into the car by the kidnappers when they notice her.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 22 (18)Zhang Xiao finally gets into his laptop and sees his information about Princess. At the same time, Siyu has hacked into where he needs to be. Both snoopers are discovering the truth. Yin Zheng arrives and catches Zhang Xiao at his desk. He returns her clothes to him. They talk on the roof. Yin Zheng claims that the video was not inserted by him. Yin Zheng swears on his deceased father’s grave that he was not involved. Zhang Xiao wonders if he’s hiding something. Yin Zheng says that whatever’s happened has already happened, digging into it will not change anything but Zhang Xiao is adamant to know the truth.

Yin Zheng tells Zhang Xiao that the research on his computer was solely for the purpose of investigating Princess’s background because of her marriage to Si Han. Everything in the wedding happened too quickly… here Yin Zheng references the phone call he got earlier saying that the man on the phone asked for more money… about something… Yin Zheng’s uncle is getting more and more ruthless with his actions and pushy with Yin Zheng. Yin Zheng decides to take action on his own regarding the company.

When Yin Zheng is leaving the building, Zhang Xiao approaches him and apologizes for overreacting and going overboard with her suspicions of him (even though they are totally warranted in my opinion). She asks for his forgiveness and will do whatever it takes to make it up to him. He says he’s hungry haha and she invites him to her home for dinner. I feel like he’s so out of place in this homey atmosphere. He’s much more comfortable in four star restaurants. She brings him a pair of slippers and she even helps him take off his shoes. He offers to help her make dumplings. He says he remembers from when he use to make dumplings as a boy with his mother. These scenes are so cute and the episode ends just as Yin Zheng is brushing flour off of Zhang Xiao’s face…

Episode 23 Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 23 (1)The episode picks up when Yin Zheng is lightly brushing flour off Zhang Xiao’s face. He gets a bit caught up in the moment and almost kisses her but she catches his face between her hands and gets flour all over his cheeks. They playfully banter over dumplings. As Yin Zheng watches Zhang Xiao’s silhouette behind the translucent kitchen door, he wonders why her presence is so claming for him. He falls asleep before she’s done cooking and when she returns to the dining room, she crouches before his chair and wakes him. Yin Zheng does the playful thing and taps her on the head with his knuckle (the same gesture the fourth prince use to do) IT’S HERE WE GET THE HINT THAT ZHANG XIAO REMEMBERS THE QING DYNASTY MEMORIES. She starts crying after the gesture and Yin Zheng quickly apologizes thinking he’s hit her too hard on the head. Even when Yin Zheng picks up her calligraphy and wonders why the same couplets are written over and over. This is so bittersweet for Zhang Xiao. She tells him if it was just a friend? Or a boyfriend? And Zhang Xiao says it’s someone she’ll never forget for the rest of her life, but all that’s in the past now (literally) MY FEELS! My FEELS!! SO MANY FEELS T____T


The two of them sit down to have dumplings. Yin Zheng eats two dumplings in silence and starts to get teary-eyed as well. He says that for him, to have a dinner with handmade dumplings in a warm home, is difficult for him. I guess for Yin Zheng, Zhang Xiao is able to give him that down to earth homey feeling he’s always missed from his childhood. They reach the last dumpling and Yin Zheng is about to take it but Yin Zheng says that if she agrees to make him dumplings all the time, he’ll let her have it. Instead, Zhang Xiao concedes to let him take the dumpling instead. Yin Zheng asks her directly if she means to never make dumplings for him ever again and she also shakes her head. He asks her if she’s willing to accept him. Zhang Xiao says it’s not a matter of acceptance or rejection, but that she doesn’t want to deal with love or relationships at the moment. She further tells Yin Zheng that he once promised her that he would not force her to answer if she did not want to (BU BU JING XIN REFERENCE OHMIGOSH!) Yin Zhang claims that he has no recollection of this promise and Zhang Xiao makes a shabby save on the fact that she must have misremembered (since she’s bumped her head quite a few times)

Zhang Xiao sees Yin Zheng playing with the jade thumb ring. He wonders to Zhang Xiao why she always has “that expression” when she sees his ring. He tells her that upon seeing her expression at the hospital that day, it was an expression akin to one who gazes upon a loved and dear one. Yin Zheng’s investigated the ring’s history and posits that the previous owner of the ring must have had a woman he loved very much. Zhang Xiao starts to cry again and Yin Zheng calls her for being a crybaby. That the first time he saw her, she’s been crying. Zhang Xiao touches his face, moved by his words and his presence. BUT HUANG LI AND SIYU BREAK UP THE MOMENT WHEN THEY RETURN TO THE APARTMENT. Siyu is totally shocked by Yin Zheng’s presence in the house. When Zhang Xiao walks Yin Zheng, he asks her to be his girlfriend and when she once again evades her question, he taps her forehead again before leaving. Although Huang Li and Siyu advise Zhang Xiao to stay away from Yin Zheng. Zhang Xiao is apprehensive about another relationship with this man. Fate never seems to let Zhang Xiao let go of the fourth prince.

Poor Si Han. He’s currently been kidnapped and beaten to a pulp but even when the bad guys call the Zhen Tian Company to ask for a ransom, one of the big shots thinks it’s all a joke and brushes it off. That business man doesn’t seem too concerned with Si Han’s life at all.

The next day, Yin Zheng arrives to drive Zhang Xiao to work and although she thanks him for his kindness. She reiterates that this probably isn’t a good time for them to be together. She tells him that it’s not that she doesn’t like him, her rejection is based on her personal reasons, and her sister. Yin Zheng agrees that perhaps this isn’t the best time, but he doesn’t want to let go of the right person because of bad timing. He officially confesses to her. She decides to evade him and says she needs to go to work. Yin Zheng asks her if they’re friends. He asks if she can shop around for a birthday present for his mother in a few days.

Back to Si Han now, who thinks he’s having hallucinations of Zhang Xiao but in reality is being taken care of by Yi Nao. Even in his delusion, he thinks he can escape on his own, without his family’s help.

Later, Zhang Xiao is helping Yin Zheng pick out a birthday present. It’s really his sneaky way of spending more time with her. Yin Zheng agrees to pay her back for the favour by treating her to dinner. She refutes this offer and he agrees to repay her favour in… a different way. Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 23 (31)Yin Zheng brings her back to the museum and then gives her the gift. She refuses the gift as well. Zhang Xiao asks if Yin Zheng can tell the difference between her and Lan Lan. He tells her that he was the one who thought Lan Lan was Zhang Xiao at the beginning, because at Zhang Xiao’s first emotionally charged and intense gaze, his heart had been moved by her. Slowly but surely, she ended up with a place in his heart and after this rock journey, he’s certain that fate has somehow brought them back together once more. Yin Zheng says that he doesn’t know who it is Zhang Xiao can’t seem to forget. He tells her that he loves her and that if she wishes to treat him as the man she use to know, she can do so. Yin Zheng tells her he knows he’s not perfect but if she agrees to be with him, he’ll find ways to protect her, to love her; but if she decides to leave, she’s free to do so. He turns around so she can’t see him get emotional. He also doesn’t want to see her leave.

GAH ZHANG XIAO ACTUALLY TURNS TO GO but she stops herself halfway, rooted to the spot. He turns and runs for her, embracing her from behind. She can’t bring herself to say yes to him but she can’t bring herself to leave. She finally returns his hug and they both end up crying in each other’s arms.

Okay… after that really touching moment, the episode flashes back to Si Han who’s attempting his escape when his captors have fallen asleep. Damn, even when he’s in such a dire situation, he refuses to leave. Somehow, he has the key and unlocks his chains. Si Han escapes quietly and stumbles out into the desert. He runs into Yi Nao who’s bringing lunch to the kidnappers. She doesn’t tell the kidnappers where Si Han is nor does she help Si Han escape…

Si Han is still stumbling through the desert, running for his life. The kidnappers catch up to him and recapture him, knocking him out.

– Cloudy

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