Nobunaga the Fool Episode 18 Review

I am a little late with Nobunaga the Fool this week because I have been caught up with reviews. Finally got to this episode. It starts off with a solid narration by Ichihime. Episode 18 is titled, The Emperor.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 18 (11)

Rating: 4.5/5 seriously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

After hijacking his own machine, Mitsuhide arrives at the battlefield, glimpsing the remnants of the Takeda lands. He finds part of Ichihime’s kimono and fears for her wellbeing. Uesugi Kenshin steps forth to face his foe, Chandra Gupta. Okay, it’s pretty stupid and hilarious how these brothers of the round table are dying or defecting left and right. Hannibal first, then Charlemagne in previous episodes, then shortly after we realize how useless Machiavelli is and how insignificant Chandra Gupta was, as a character because he literally came on screen for two seconds, got stabbed and blew up. Did his voice actor even get paid?

We hone in on Alexander the Great who powers the giant war armour Gaia, currently duking it out with Kenshin. I am intrigued by Kenshin’s warrior philosophy, smiting the evil and corrupt, seeking enlightenment and immortality through the warrior way into battle. He and Alexander have very different views of war and power. Kenshin feels joy from true battle while Alexander has never experienced these rampant emotions. Alexander ends up taking Kenshin and his regalia as prisoner.

Da Vinci, in all his supporting character uselessness continues his oil panting as the battles outside rage. He offers more mysterious proverbs and sometimes I doubt if anyone understands what this man is saying or why he’s even here. Nobunaga draws one of Da Vinci’s cards and ends up with the upright Emperor.

The momentum and drive of the last few episodes have slowed to a crawling pace as everyone ponders their inner doubt on the current political/astrological prophetic situation of both stars. Now the star of the west is attempting to seek out five key points to intersect ley lines, power and summon the Holy Grail. Da Vinci looks up to see where his brush has taken him, to find that he’s painted Alexander the Great onto the canvas.

Ichihime continues to evade with her ninja ladies in waiting… now dressed in maid outfits (lol wut?). All of a sudden, Mitsuhide appears and save her. Wow, what a sweet reunion scene. Surprisingly, Ichihime somewhat worries about Caesar but Mitsuhide tells her that he’s stayed on the star of the west for his own business.

Nobunaga engages Alexander the Great in battle. Perhaps even Alexander the Great intimidates Nobunaga a bit but the great Greek general is utterly unafraid. He halts the tip of Nobunaga’s blade with his FINGERS. Wow, the writers really kept their big cards in their hand for last cause Alexander utterly defeats Nobunaga. It’s not even a thorough pummelling, the disparity in their strengths is what decides the outcome.

Nobunaga descends into a destructive state and equips both Hideyoshi and Himiko’s Regalia on top of their own. The strain and the risk is great but the Regalia activate in a dark blast as it attempts to devour Nobunaga’s life. Regalia that overwhelm its user will consume its mind and body. Nobunaga, surprisingly, is still able to charge and strike Alexander but the backlash of power is strong enough to decimate the planet itself. Hideyoshi tries to buy Joan time in order to save Nobunaga and Alexander ends up RUTHLESSLY RIPPING HIM IN TWO. OHMIGOD. Alexander has absolutely no class or finesse or honour. He only spares Nobunaga’s life because of Hideyoshi’s sacrifice.

That scene with Hideyoshi was really gruesome, even by my standards. It’s one thing to run someone through with a sword, another to shoot multiple rounds at them with a gun, it’s a WHOLE OTHER level of brutality to pick them up by the legs and rip them in two with your bare hands. That was intense. Because Nobunaga collects the remaining piece of HIdeyoshi’s mecha containing his body, I’m clinging to the slim hope that Hideyoshi’s only incapacitated and not dead but it’s a stretch because he was bleeding out… everywhere.

Really intense of Nobunaga the Fool this week. We near the finale soon…

– Cloudy

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