Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 18 and 19 Review

Episode 18 Rating: 3.5/5 sad clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

Si Han is back in a Zhen Tian meeting… one of Kang Zhen Tian’s business associates WHOSE DAUGHTER IS XI YIN AKA PRINCESS. Understanding dawns on Yin Zheng’s face as he realizes what’s probably happened to Zhang Xiao. This meeting could not get anymore awkward. They’re here to discuss Zhen Tian’s ventures into the jewellery and accessory industry. Because of Xi Yin’s connection to Si Han, Kang Zhen Tian is putting Si Han at the forefront of this project. I wonder what Kang Zhen Tian thinks of all this…

I really wish Si Han was a lot more direct about breaking things off with Xi Yin if he really wants to get back together with Zhang Xiao. Zhang Xiao awkwardly bumps into Xi Yin and Si Han. When Xi Yin sees Zhang Xiao being taken advantage of and forced to carry and bring lunch back for the all her co-workers, Xi Yin wants to make a big deal out of it to stop the “bullying.” Si Hana advises Xi Yin to let it go but Princess asserts that other than her family, Zhang Xiao is the dearest and closest woman in her life. I’ll be Si Han’s feeling immensely awkward now. Zhang Xiao’s calming words smooth out Princess’s temper in an instant.

The office is bustling with rumours about her break up with Si Han, or rather, he’s discarded her for the Princess of another company. Okay, Jack is that character you hate but love to hate because he’s so bitchy about Zhang Xiao’s situation. He basically tells her that her Cinderella story is over. Luckily, her close neighbour co-worker hands her a tissue and attempts to cheer her up. Zhang Xiao runs up to the top of the Zhen Tian building and can’t help but burst into tears. Yin Zheng, lounging casually happens to be around and can’t help but overhear. Zhang Xiao calls Si Han to end their relationship. Indefinitely.

After Zhang Xiao hangs up, she climbs up on the building rails and Yin Zheng initially thinks she wants to commit suicide. She says that she wasn’t going to commit suicide but Yin Zheng is still pretty concerned for her and offers her some comforting words.

When Siyu sees his brother with another woman, he reminds Si Han of Zhang Xiao. Kang Zhen Tian visits Si Han in his office and asks about Xi Yin. I really like the new father-son moment between them.

Zhang Xiao finds a little handmade gift on her desk to cheer her up – the one that Siyu mysteriously dropped by. It’s a little angel made out of paper with a quote at the bottom and little candies hidden inside. Once again, I’m on TeamSiyu even though I know Zhang Xiao will never like him like that. That afternoon when Zhang Xiao visits her father at the hospital, Huang Li and Siyu are goofing around. Even Princess visits Zhang Xiao’s mother. Siyu recognizes her… Siyu is pretty shocked that Princess wonders if Siyu is Black Kitty. OHMIGOSH. I LOVE SIYU SO MUCH FOR THIS MOMENT. He actually manages to piece it all together ON THE SPOT, IN THE MOMENT and plays along as Black Kitty. Downstairs in the car, Si Han is conflicted about going up to the hospital room. Si Han gets a call about meeting Zhang Xiao’s Black Kitty and Si Han is REALLY intrigued.

When Si Han arrives with Princess. He’s pretty shocked to see his YOUNGER BROTHER THERE. DAMN. This is a slap in the face for Si Han. The tension between Zhang Xiao and Si Han is definitely there. When Zhang Xiao gets up to use the bathroom, Si Han pretends to make a phone call and finds her when she steps out of the bathroom. Si Han insists to clarify everything so that only one person is hurt, not three. Zhang Xiao cannot let go of Si Han but she cannot let go of Princess as well. Zhang Xiao wants to keep Princess’s beautiful world as it is. Si Han tells Zhang Xiao that he doesn’t want anything in the world, he only wants her. Si Han attempts to tell Princess the truth but Zhang Xiao halts him. She’s known Princess for seven years, she’s only known him for a few months. Zhang Xiao says that she’ll never forgive him and herself if he should tell Princess the truth. Si Han is almost dazed at how adamant Zhang Xiao is regarding the matter. Si Han excuses himself from the dinner. Zhang Xiao has no appetite. She thanks Siyu and also leaves. Siyu is left with a whole table of food to himself. SIGH, I feel like Siyu is the one with the worst situation, but Zhang Xiao is definitely a close second.

Yin Zheng stops by Zhang Xiao to give Lan Lan’s part of the earring back to Zhang Xiao. Zhang Xiao realizes she’s missing her own half of the earring and goes to look for it. Zhang Xiao hopes that if both the earrings are brought back together, she and Lan Lan might reunite. Yin Zheng says cryptically that some things that can’t be found really can’t be found. Yin Zheng steps into a fountain and ends up wading around to look for the earring. He accidentally trips and falls into the water. Haha, this is a pretty funny scene. Zhang Xiao finally learns to laugh. She jumps into the fountain herself and they have a water fight. This is the first time I’ve seen Yin Zheng truly smile in a long while, ending the episode on a great note.

Episode 19 Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Zhang Xiao bumps into Princess while she’s at the hospital. Zhang Xiao finds out that Princess is pregnant… Princess is deciding to have the baby. Zhang Xiao continues to be Princess’s supporting friend. Princess tells Zhang Xiao that Si Han just picked up and left in London but she’s never been able to forget about him. So, the baby really is Si Han’s. Princess decides to fix her own habits and spoiled attitudes so that Si Han will fall in love with her again.

Si Han hands in a resigning letter to Kang Zhen Tian’s office. Yin Zheng spots him.

Princess confides in Zhang Xiao about her insecurities, especially about parenthood, abortion, Princess’s own childhood with her parents. Zhang Xiao can’t help but be touched by her friend’s emotions and sincerity.

The next day, Si Han tries again to persuade Zhang Xiao to be with him but Zhang Xiao is even more adamant about not being together because of Princess’s state. She can’t help but cry but she turns away from him and runs. He catches up to her and embraces her. He said he’s already sent Princess a text message explaining everything and Zhang Xiao finally comes out and tells him that Princess is pregnant with his child. LORD THIS MUST BE SO DIFFICULT FOR ZHANG XIAO.

Zhang Xiao gets a call from Princess, asking for some business portfolios… luckily it’s not a confrontation.

Zhang Xiao and Si Han go to a café and Zhang Xiao explains Princess’s side of the story. Si Han seems totally shell-shocked. Zhang Xiao asks Si Han what he intends to do. Si Han questions her back on what she thinks of his situation and Zhang Xiao tells him it’s not what she thinks, it’s a matter of what he should do. Princess can’t live without Si Han and Zhang Xiao is adamant that he take responsibility. Si Han asks Zhang Xiao what to do about their relationship. This is the end of them… and only an hour earlier he wanted to elope with Zhang Xiao, now, Zhang Xiao is personally telling them that this relationship of theirs will forever be a secret. She knows that both he and her both are hurting but this is her choice.

Si Han and Princess have dinner and he asks her about the child. Princess reiterates that she wants Si Han’s new love for her to be because of her and not the child. Si Han asks how she’s going to “handle” the child and Princess is shocked at how he’s wording it. She can hardly believe that he wants her to have an abortion. Ohmigod. Si Han says he’s not ready to be a father nor are they girlfriend and boyfriend nor a married couple. Si Han decides to fly off somewhere away from Taiwan. Kang Zhen Tian finds the letter of resignation on his desk. Kang Zhen Tian refuses the letter but he does allow his son to take a break due to all his emotional baggage.

Back at the bar, Ling Dang finds Siyu working on another little arts and crafts project. She finds Si Han sitting at the bar. Siyu sees his brother down the third shot of whisky before he wondesr aloud why a grown man is running from his problems, hiding at a little boy’s bar. Siyu encourages his brother to be the person who ultimately resolves the issue.

In another scene, Princess is crying to Zhang Xiao about Si Han and the child. She finds out that Zhang Xiao was the one who told Si Han but she forgives her best friend for it. Zhang Xiao says that she will definitely stand up for Princess if Si Han ends up like Princess’s good for nothing father. Zhang Xiao goes to find Si Han at Siyu’s bar. Zhang Xiao actually slaps him (though lightly), in the face. He tells her not to meddle in her affairs and she says that she is adamant on meddling. Siyu says that although he does not know Princess personally, she does not seem as fragile as Zhang Xiao thinks.

That night, Zhang Xiao gets a call from Princess saying that she’s going to have an abortion. The next day, Si Han is with her but she seems totally antsy. Princess thinks that her abortion will let her have a new beginning with Si Han but… Si Han doesn’t seem that willing. The nurse takes her blood pressure and says that her body isn’t quite up to full health today. Princess insists on the abortion being today. The nurse leaves to consult with the doctor. Princess’s mother arrives, having found out about the pregnancy. Princess’s mother isn’t quite convinced her own daughter wants the abortion but Si Han cannot say anything. Princess ends up fainting from the stress of the entire ordeal. Si Han flashes back to all the moments of emotion and advice from Zhang Xiao, Siyu and Princess. He finally decides to take some responsibility for the matter. Princess really does love Si Han SO MUCH and Si Han is so relieved to see her wake up. I really love this moment. Somehow, he’s moved to be with her and support her.

We find Zhang Xiao at the bar, Huang Li on stage for open mic night is singing “One Persistent Thought” the song from the original Bu Bu Jing Qing series. Siyu’s found the missing magnolia earring and returns it to her. OMG SIYU!!! YOU’RE SO SWEET AND PERFECT!!! Ling Dang probably thinks Siyu is an idiot for pining after a girl who’s his brother’s ex. I wonder what her true thoughts are.

Si Han is spending more time with Princess the entire day and he finally asks her to marry him. Princess must be the happiest girl on earth right now. Si Han comes out at the end of the day as a good guy. DAMN KANG SI HAN YOU’RE SUCH A NICE GUY. He hopes to create a wonderful family with her. Princess calls Zhang Xiao up to tell her best friend of the good news. If I was Zhang Xiao, I wouldn’t know how to react… happiness? Broken-hearted grief? Bittersweet contentment?

I really loved episode 19. We got to see most of the characters best and worst sides. At the end of the day, it’s pretty hard to hate either Princess or Si Han but Zhang Xiao was probably handed the worst end of the bargain. One person got hurt after all. I liked seeing Si Han’s transition from nervous wreck to selfish hands-off bastard before final owning up to his responsibility with the bargain. Even with the nicest, kindest, sweetest guys, it’s pretty hard to react selflessly when it comes to handling news that they’re going to be a father. Si Han bounced back pretty quick I would say and in the end, he became a pretty great character. It’s going to suck to see his personality change later on…

– Cloudy

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