Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 20 and 21 (Rip-your-heart-out) Recap and Review

Episode 20 Rating: 3.5/ bittersweet clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Zhang Xiao is helping Princess pick out her dress. As the date nears, Zhang Xiao gets even more uneasy about the wedding. Zhang Xiao goes to Siyu’s bar to drink but he won’t let her. She runs after her to comfort her, even now, as a friend. Siyu is SO SWEET. He tells her that as long as Zhang Xiao is willing, all her friends and him, will be by her side with her. Zhang Xiao’s father leaves to return to work.

Zhang Xiao bumps into Si Han at her apartment again. They say their final goodbyes to give each other some last bits of closure.

The next day, Zhang Xiao is chilling on the Zhen Tian building rooftop. Yin Zheng sees her and they talk. Their business acquaintanceship smoothes out into a friendship as Yin Zheng asks her to address him by his name when they are not at work. Even later that day in the afternoon, both bump into each other at the old temple on the mountain. They bond quite a bite over a bicycle ride after Yin Zheng loses his car keys. I love this moment, it’s so relaxing and sweet.

Back at home, Mrs. Kang is concerned over Yin Zheng’s demotion and the grief her son might be suffering from his work and position. She and Kang Zhen Tian end up coming to a compromise and once again I’m struck by how much Kang Zhen Tian cares for his wife and for his sons. He really is a very loving father. At the Kang ranch, Siyu and Yin Zheng talk about everything that’s happened around them – mainly about Si Han’s oncoming wedding… Yin Zheng guesses that his little brother’s fallen for Zhang Xiao and worries for her emotional wellbeing. Siyu also wonders outloud if his Eldest brother’s fallen for the girl but Yin Zheng tells Siyu that Zhang Xiao is Zhang Xiao, she can never replace Lan Lan, they are both entirely different girls and he only sees Zhang Xiao as a close friend at best.

At home, Yin Zheng goes through Si Han and Zhang Xiao’s Disneyland photos on his laptop and gets a call from his evil uncle who tells Yin Zheng that the wedding is the perfect time to strike against Si Han…

The next day, Yin Zheng approaches Zhang Xiao at the office and asks her to help him with one of Lan Lan’s last wishes (probably hoping to send her away from the wedding so he can exploit the photos without her there). I wonder if Yin Zheng will go through with his evil uncle’s wishes…

That night, Si Han and his buddies are hanging out at Siyu’s bar for Si Han’s bachelor party. Even Yin Zheng’s arrved but Si Han doesn’t seem too happy about that… Man, as much as Siyu or Kang Zhen Tian or Zhang Xiao want to mend the ties between his two older brothers, it never seems to work out.

Huang Li asks what Zhang Xiao’s doing at home and she tells him she’s going to Bali. Huang Li reprimands her for not going to Princess’s wedding, a once in a lifetime event. Zhang Xiao can’t even bring herself to tell Princess in person and asks Huang Li to be the messenger but even Huang Li blows her off this time and he’s right to do so… Just as Zhang Xiao is about to leave, she gets a courier package. When she unwraps it, she gets an audio message from Princess. During the wedding, Si Han has locked himself in his room. Siyu and Si Han’s close advisor is trying to convince him to face his responsibilities and participate in the reception. Si Han finally caves.

Si Han asks Princess where the Maid of Honour is and… speak of the devil, Zhang Xiao arrives. Si Han’s expression is so tight and tortured here. LORD he almost wants to cry. Huang Li and Princess go handle some other wedding things and Siyu casually strolls off to give the two their privacy. Si Han is surprised Zhang Xiao really arrived. Zhang Xiao once again asks Si Han to be good to Princess. Yin Zheng arrives too. She apologizes to him for not going to Bali… Wow, even though Si Han should have nothing to do with Zhang Xiao now, Si Han is still protective over her when she’s around Yin Zheng. Thank the good gods for Siyu who intervenes before things can get too heated. Yin Zheng gets a call from his uncle… his uncle wants to go through with the sabotage but Yin Zheng wants to just let it go…

Princess and Si Han walk up to the stage together. Huang Li MCs, Princess and Si Han exchange rings. Zhang Xiao watches longingly, tearing up. Si Han and Princess KISS and Zhang Xiao is moved to tears. Siyu’s pretty happy for his brother as well. Yin Zheng gets up from the table and walks off. As the PowerPoint presentation recounting Si Han and Princess’s moments roll. However, after the first few pictures of Si Han and Princess, Zhang Xiao and Si Han moments of their Disneyland trip flash up on the screen!!!! OHMIGOD. OMGOMGOMGOMG. This is a most shocking moment for Princess because she has no idea that this happened once between them. She raises her left hang and throws the ring and gloves at him. DAYUM YIN ZHENG HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THEM!!?!?!

Episode 21 Rating: 5/5 bawling clouds Crop_5 ComplacentCloudst

Even after Princess runs off, she’s hounded by media photographers. I FEEL SO BAD FOR Princess. In her panic, she rushes on the street and is hit by a car. Yin Zheng, Zhang Xiao and Si Han are all watching. OH GOD WHY.

Mrs. Meng is distraught… to say the least. Even as Kang Zhen Tian reasons with her on Si Han and Zhang Xiao’s innocence in the entire thing. Siyu attempts to escort Zhang Xiao but she wants to stay, as does Si Han. This is way too dramatic and horrible to be realistic but it’s just a horrible tragic sequence of coincidental events. When everyone’s left, Mrs. Meng tries to get Si Han to leave again. My heart just broke for Si Han and Zhang Xiao when the doctor comes out to break the horrible news that Princess is dead, and the baby is dead. When Zhang Xiao touches Princess’s face, Mrs. Meng slaps Zhang Xiao in the face. THAT WOMAN IS SERIOUSLY NOT HELPING WITH EVERYONE ELSE’S EMOTIONAL STATES BUT CAN YOU BLAME HER??!? YIN ZHENG THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!?!?!

When Mrs. Meng faints from the trauma, Si Han lifts her off to find a doctor and Zhang Xiao is left crying on the ground of the hospital. Later, Yin Zheng is taking Zhang Xiao back home. She absently says that she wants to buy champagne for some reason and Yin Zheng tells her that he’s going to buy it for her. Still, Zhang Xiao gets out the car and starts wandering aimlessly down the street. What do you do when you’ve just lost your best friend? What are you supposed to feel? How will you deal with the pain? Zhang Xiao stops on the stairs and thinks of her teenage years with Princess. This is when I really started crying.

When Yin Zheng returns with two champagne bottles, he finds Zhang Xiao doodling a picture of a girl in the sand. Zhang Xiao sprays the champagne bottles and wishes Princess a wonderful wedding… despite everything. Yin Zheng tells Zhang Xiao that Princess is dead, asking if she understands. Zhang Xiao is still in shock over what’s happened. Yin Zheng tells Zhang Xiao that Princess sees Zhang Xiao as her closest friend and would want Zhang Xiao to continue living well. Zhang Xiao says that the one who should have died was her, that she should have run quicker than Princess. Zhang Xiao blames herself for her best friend’s death. Yin Zheng adamantly tells Zhang Xiao that it’s not her fault and even Yin Zheng is at his cracking point here. OF COURSE it starts to rain but Zhang Xiao refuses to leave. As Zhang Xiao continues to cry in the rain, Yin Zheng get up, takes off his jacket and starts shielding her from the rain (BU BU JING XIN REFERENCE HERE FOLKS!!!) THIS MOMENT IS SO HEARTBREAKING AND BITTERSWEET AND SO MANY THINGS. Zhang Xiao finally passes out in the rain and cold. Yin Zheng brings her back to his apartment and puts her to bed.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 21 (22)

The next day, Si Han meets with his father at the office. Kang Zhen Tian offers his son some comforting words and it’s amazing how Kang Zhen Tian is always moving forward. Always the moving forward type even with his personal affairs. At the same time, the company is caught in a little kink. Si Han agrees to go to Lan Cheng to meet the business associate.

Zhang Xiao is still sick and feverish in bed at Yin Zheng’s apartment. He continues to nurse her back to health.

Si Han wants to call Zhang Xiao to see how she’s doing but he can’t bear to.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 21 (27)Zhang Xiao is dreaming, or rather, having a nightmare about Princess and Si Han but when she tries to catch the bride, the bride turns out to be Zhang Xiao herself. When Zhang Xiao turns, she sees Princess running to her death. In the dream, Zhang Xiao’s able to save Princess but Zhang Xiao starts to cry, even in her sleep.

When Si Han is waiting around at the airport at Lan Cheng, these two sketchy guys see Si Han’s face on a poster and see him standing by the airport waiting for someone… a creeper taxi driver tricks him of some money but Si Han does arrive safely at his hotel. Even after Princess’s death, Si Han is still pining after Zhang Xiao. When Si Han gets room service, the magazine on the tray depicts the wedding fiasco on the front page. Si Han has an emotional breakdown… he feels just as guilty for Princess’s death as Zhang Xiao does.

Zhang Xiao finally wakes up in bed, confused as to where she is. She realizes that she’s in Yin Zheng’s apartment. When she wanders out to the kitchen, he fills her in on what’s happened to her. He sits her down proceeds to serve her food. Zhang Xiao seems almost bewildered at Yin Zheng’s kindness towards her. She says she can’t bear to eat his food and gets up to leave. He beseeches her to finish at least a bowl of congee. She has no idea if the person in front of her is really Yin Zheng. Zhang Xiao finally remembers the moment she first met Yin Zheng in the museum… He finally realizes that the girl he met at the museum was Zhang Xiao, NOT LAN LAN. OHMIGOSH, THE MISUNDERSTANDING. Yin Zheng starts to close on her and she retreats a few steps back. Has Yin Zheng been falling in love with the wrong girl all this time?

– Cloudy

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