Nisekoi Episode 19 Review

This week, the rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet in Nisekoi begin with Onodera as Juliet, Raku as Romeo and… Marika as the understudy. And she gets WAY too into the role. Raku is still totally confused as to why Chitoge is giving him the cold shoulder. Despite Tsugumi’s protests that Marika should keep away from Raku cause he’s Chitoge’s boyfriend, Chitoge’s still avoiding Raku and Claude still has his eye on the happy couple…

Rating: 4.5/5 excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Nisekoi Episode 19 (23)The Romeo and Juliet arc is one of my favourite parts of the Nisekoi series. The costume scenes were stunningly well done by in the Shaft animations style. As Raku spends more and more time with Onodera, he realizes that he can’t stop thinking about Chitoge. He’s still horribly deluded in his emotions. He’s stuck on Onodera because she’s an all-around nice and sweet girl next door. When Raku tries to make amends with Chitoge, she totally blows up at him. Raku is totally appalled when he hears Chitoge say that they’re mere strangers, he reflect on the feelings he’s felt up till now… at least a connection… right? Raku makes the distance between him and Chitoge even larger when he calmly asserts that it’s all a misunderstanding and Chitoge ends up slapping him in the face. WOW. All the students end up seeing this happen and Chitoge just turns and leaves. So I guess everyone knows they’re officially “broken up” now. Ouch. That’s really got to hurt. I guess when you pretend to be a couple long enough, you’ll fall into the rhythm of the relationship and a sudden break can be pretty jarring even if it was just false love.

On the day of the culture festival, Onodera’s monologue tells us she’s totally nervous and even though she’s all gung-ho to go for the play, she ends up caught in a small incident and sprains her ankle. Although Marika is the understudy, she’s totally bedridden and sick for the day. Chitoge is in a classroom nowhere near the auditorium, pondering her own thoughts as she helps out with one of the culinary clubs. Raku, in his desperation, asks Chitoge to play Juliet. Raku has so much faith in Chitoge, that she can do it. Chitoge reminds Raku of his words at the beach, that he stated they would never work out as a couple. Raku finally realizes that he’s been a total idiot. Even though Raku still thinks they’d never work out, he tells Chitoge that he doesn’t hate her…. By a long shot.

Raku and Chitoge’s conversation was a really great way to end the episode. I love the mutual understanding they come to. Even though they’re not at “love” yet per se, there’s still a connection there, somehow. This episode was really strong in terms of character development. We get Raku and Chitoge’s perspective from their own thoughts and then we also get Onodera’s third person perspective thrown in there intermittently giving us a steady overview of the state of the love triangle. I’m really curious as to how Nisekoi will reconcile both of Raku’s relationships but for now #TeamChitoge seems to be going a bit stronger than #TeamOnodera in my opinion.

– Cloudy

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