Black Bullet Episode 7 Review

Black Bullet episode 7 is scattered. That’s really what you can call it. I found myself spacing in and out of the episode while I was watching it. The last bit with Enju in episode 6 turned out to be vastly anti-climactic. Tina left Enju on the roof and now Enju is hospitalized for two days. Rentarou resolves to go after Tina on his own.

Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

I’m not recapping the events because the episode bounces everywhere between scenes with no real aim except Tina and Rentarou’s showdown.

Black Bullet Episode 7 (23)The battle choreography between Tina and Rentarou wasn’t as close up and intricate as I wanted it to be. The fighting is a mix of technological arms and firearms in addition to physical combat. I’m surprised Rentarou can resolve to fight so ruthlessly against Tina but when you weigh her life against Enju, Kisara and Seitenshi, his decision seems pretty clear. Man, little girls keep getting injured and injured around Rentarou. Rentarou ends up SAVING Tina but just as he’s carrying her out, she gets shot by one of Seitenshi’s crony bodyguards Yasuwaki (the one from episode 6 that threatened Rentarou to stay away from Seitenshi).

Black Bullet Episode 7 (24)Luckily Seitenshi appears or Yasuwaki would have put a bullet through Tina’s forehead. Seitenshi raises Rentarou’s rank to 300, way above the other cronies. This case with Tina ends rather awkwardly. Saitake, the Osaka representative isn’t linked to the crimes. Tina is hired by Kisara and Enju welcomes her with open arms despite Rentarou’s exasperation. Still, it’s pretty cute to see Tina… domesticated?

This episode was awkward. Really. And it failed mostly in execution. Rentarou should have been by Enju’s bed when she awoke, Tina should have been taken into custody as a MASS WEAPON OF DESTRUCTION rather than hired into the agency (don’t people care about spies!??!). I’m not entirely sure what this arc amounted to, other than to introduce Tina and integrate her into the main group of characters. I’m not very happy with episode 7 but hopefully episode 8 picks up with more solid plot action.

Black Bullet Episode 7 (34) Black Bullet Episode 7 (35)


– Cloudy

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