No Game No Life Episode 7 Review

No Game No Life Episode 7 (18)

Rating: 4.25/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

No Game No Life Episode 7 (30)We return to No Game No Life beginning with some light comedy between Sora, Shiro, Steph and now, Jibril. I am in love with Jibril because she adds so much more charm to the main group of characters. Not only is JIbril a source of comedic fun, she holds a vast amount of knowledge about the other races. Specifically the Eastern federation, regarding this episode.

As Blank prepares to challenge the Eastern Federation, Kurami and the Elves hypothesize that the Eastern Federation is backing Imanity. Kurami believes that without help from the other races, Blank would not have won. I’m surprised that Kurami views Imanity in such a low standard even after being thoroughly trounced by Blank. Neither an elf nor a flugel is able to beat the warbeasts.

Steph is still a Steph.

No Game No Life Episode 7 (29)Sora and Shiro start to plan against the Eastern Federation. The only country to ever challenge the Eastern Federation in the last decade was Elkia. Geez, what a fail for Imanity. The elves have lost four times, Imanity has lost eight times. Although Sora can be a bit harsh and cynical with his views, he ends up making Steph cry with the harsh words. She reflects on her memories with her grandfather… a key of hope that she should entrust to the saviour of Imanity…

No Game No Life Episode 7 (37)That night, Sora is pouring over more maps and books as to why the previous King of Imanity bet eight times against the Eastern Federation. Jibril even asks Steph to return to the library to eavesdrop on Sora. Sora states how horrible humanity is right now, in Disboard or on Earth, but he still believes in the potential of humanity and is inspired by his little sister Shiro. Sora’s a pretty great character despite being a NEET. Steph finally decides to entrust the key to Sora. They discover a secret room from the King’s chambers that contains a diary written by the old king with a message for the new king. Sora discovers that the old king’s memories remained after challenging the warbeasts and pretended to be a fool in order to find out secrets about his opponents. The old king left these secrets behind so that humanity’s greatest gambler could restore their people.

No Game No Life Episode 7 (36)I am really impressed with how the back story with Steph’s grandfather ties so flawlessly into the main plot. This episode was chock full of character development that worked in conjunction with the story to push it forward. Although Sora and Shiro aren’t actual siblings, I’d argue that they’re closer than a lot of anime or real sibling pairs out there. Now that Blank has discovered a cheat sheet of sorts to help them against the warbeasts, they’ll definitely be able to win. I am super excited to see Blank enter another game. Episode 7 of No Game No Life is a rare example of a really greatly episode that progresses strongly and consistently with the plot even though there are no big explosions are intense battle action scenes.

– Cloudy

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— Love the Doraemon reference that Jibril made with Steph’s name hahaha

One thought on “No Game No Life Episode 7 Review

  1. I really like Jibril too. She is so hilarious with how excited she can act. But then we get this side of her that gives us a look at another side of her that likes war too.

    This episode confirmed it! Sora and Shiro are not real siblings. Sora met her when he was quite young. Steph continues to be Steph as you stated and Sora and Shiro keep on being dynamic characters.

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