Nisekoi Episode 20 Recap & Finale Review

Nisekoi Episode 20 (54)

Last Episode Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent


I love the moment when Raku sees Chitoge step out in her Juliet costume. The play begins and Chitoge is amazing as Juliet for an understudy. It doesn’t turn out as romantic and tragic as usual… but it’s pretty funny for the audience. Once they reach the balcony scene… Maiko, the narrator, makes some PRETTY DRASTIC CHANGES TO THE SCRIPT – Making Tsugumi confess her “love” for Romeo. Even after this Tsugumi confession fiasco… Marika appears claiming to be Josephine – Romeo’s true love. I guess all the shippers are getting their long awaited confession.

Marika’s a pretty good actress… even though most of what she’s saying is partially true. Maiko’s adding sub plots left and right. I give Raku major props for improvising and revealing Romeo to be siblings with Josephine hahaha. Josephine goes so far as to suggest incest but Romeo makes a last stand, using Josephine’s love against her. Marika passes out from her cold ANDDD THE PLAY MOVES ON. Romeo continues on his way to meet Juliet… before being stopped by CLAUDE of all people, claiming to be Juliet’s older brother, Friedrich.

CHAOS ON STAGE!! Then the set crashes down on Claude and Raku. Maiko continues to narrate along with the story. Romeo emerges from the rubble as winner of the duel. Raku stumbles over to Juliet’s balcony. Juliet finally says her famous balcony lines with Romeo; Raku and Chitoge share a beautiful moment on stage, made all the more so beautiful by Shaft’s glorious animation. Not only is the production a fabulous success, it breeds more goodwill between the two gangs.

Nisekoi Episode 20 (33) Nisekoi Episode 20 (34)

After the festival, Raku and Chitoge chat after the play. Chitoge remarks on how similar the story is, with their real lives – the feuding families, respective heirs… the biggest different is that they’re not actually dating. Chitoge apologizes for being so cold and bitter recently. Chitoge promises to be that person again, the one always bickering with her fake boyfriend and asks Raku to forgive her. Raku’s shocked by her words and they bounce back to the “Do you hate me” topic. GOSH Tsunderes are so wishy-washy about their feelings.

The class celebrates the play’s success with a party. Each of the supporting characters individually wrap up their stuff. Raku talks to Onodera and Onodera actually thanks Raku for bringing Chitoge into the play. Raku decides to do the balcony scene with Onodera again on the roof because he knows how much the play meant to Onodera. Onodera and Raku share their Romeo and Juliet moment as well.

Nisekoi Episode 20 (47)

Series Overall Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent


Nisekoi Episode 20 (51)I honestly feel like episode 20 is a cop out. They did that thing that they do in all harem anime where they refuse to directly pair the guy up with any main guy and end up with an ending that attempts to satisfy both the main ship teams. Throughout the entire series, the plot of the anime followed the story in the manga almost identically. The anime chose a really good (and really bad) place to end in that it wasn’t necessary for thee animators to craft their own ending and botch the story. On the other end, they chose a point in the manga where Chitoge finally comes to terms with her feelings for Raku. (This is not a spoiler because in harem anime, all the main girls have feelings for the hero). Since both Chitoge and Raku are Tsunderes, both are reluctant to realize their feelings. Onodera fans will be sorely disappointed with the rooftop scene because even with all the Raku X Onodera moments, Onodera still didn’t have the guts to confess her feelings. If anything, this ending leaves room for a potential season 2 and a lot of dispute between fans for #TeamChitoge or #TeamOnodera. To be honest I hoped the episode would end right after Chitoge X Raku-Juliet X Romeo scenes at the festival and that perhaps the production company would modify Raku and Chitoge’s dialogue after the festival to draw closure to the story. Here, there is closure and there isn’t

Nisekoi Episode 20 (37)Although I love Nisekoi, a lot of fans have been fed up with the way each of the heroines have been development their relationship with the main protagonist. The first third of the series was strong int hat it mainly focused on the Raku X Chitoge plot. When other supporting characters were thrown into the mix, the plot pace dragged a bit in the middle when Chitoge was sidelined to develop other features of the plot. However, the story does pick up after Marika comes in.

Nisekoi Episode 20 (43)Overall, Nisekoi is a great anime adaptation for fans of the original manga story. Since the manga is still ongoing. If you’re merely watching the series for the story as it is shown, you might end up dissatisfied with the progression of the anime. The story is unfinished, despite the wishy-washy “ending” that supposedly marked the end of the anime adaptation. The anime sat well with me because I’m a #TeamChitoge fan but if you ship Raku with another girl or you just hate Chitoge, you probably won’t like it very much. Still, Nisekoi is a strong anime as it’s produced by Shaft production company which delivers a generally high standard show. The super upbeat and cute ending song during the credits was a nice bonus to wrap up the anime.

Nisekoi Episode 20 (28)Nisekoi Episode 20 (40)

I’ve really enjoyed reviewing Nisekoi for you guys week by week and if you guys missed any reviews, you can check out a list of them in the Nisekoi category on the sidebar. What do you guys think of Nisekoi? Love it? Hate it? Watching it for the head tilts? Let me know in the comments. Thank you guys for following and reading!

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