Nobunaga the Fool Episodes 19-20 Review

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 19 (4)

Episode 19 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

SOOOOOO Da Vinci and now Himiko, speak in proverbs about dragons and life and death as Hideyoshi is placed on a life support system of sorts. No explanations there. Its magic, it’s mecha, it works. don’t question it. Nobunaga, Joan, Da Vinci and Mitsuhide meet Uesugi Kenshin on a little sailboat amidst the fog. Kenshin draws a card and picks the wheel of fortune.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 19 (6)Nobunaga needs to defeat the dragons of Yomotsuhirasaka to obtain its powers. (The same dragons that Himiko faced as a fledgling priestess). As the characters set out to do their thing, there’s no back story given on Yomotsuhirasaka except the fact that it’s described as a mystical place of old power. Don’t know how the Regalia work and why Nobunaga can’t repair his armour or why the Regalia does not repair itself because it’s supposed to be magical.

Joan is deflected at the entrance of Yomotsuhirasaka when Nobunaga and Kenshin both stroll in. The simply LEAVE HER at the door without so much as a backwards glance. Mitsuhide contemplates the events that have happened thus far.

The Yomotsuhirasaka sacred place forces one to face their “inner dragons” as it were in the quest to obtain unshakable power. Lord Shingen appears (remember the guy that gave Nobunaga the fire and wind Regalia? Him.)

Joan continues to attempt to enter Yomotsuhirasaka and the rocks actually tell her that she can’t enter because she still fears. The rocks mock her and of course she’s a complete coward when it comes to facing her internal fears. The deceased appear to haunt Nobunaga. YAY we get to hear more of Zakki’s voice when Nobukatsu appears ❤ More violent flashbacks, then Nobunaga attempts to “fight” his internal demons and almost goes on a rampage.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 19 (25)Da Vinci asks why Mitsuhide follows Nobunaga. Instead of waiting for the answer, he said a bunch of mysterious and vague lines on light and dark, grief and happiness. Da Vinci reveals that he is painting “The Last Supper” to depict the Saviour King and his twelve followers. WHOA an anime spin on religion. This is getting stranger and stranger.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 19 (32)This episode was about everyone facing their own inner demons and inner fears. Joan is being forced to confront her fears regarding her prophecies and accept them. We don’t even know why Joan is so adverse to her prophetic power other than the fact that she was bullied for them by her village. Mitsuhide has his own flashback regarding the Oda clan. Both Nobunaga the Kenshin who are fighting the dragon end up having the attack turned on them. As much as this episode doesn’t make much sense, I guess the important thing is Nobunaga’s acceptance of his pain and shortcomings and sufferings that allows him to overcome the dragons of Yomotsuhirasaka… OHMIGOD JOAN IS SUCH A LOSER. SHE FIGHTS THE PROPHECIES RELENTLESSLY UNTIL NOBUNAGA TELLS HER TO ACCEPT HIM. GEEZ. THAT WAS SO ANTICLIMACTIC FOR JOAN.

Episode 20 Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Five key locations called “Knots” mark the critical ley line intersections (I think to summon the Holy Grail) but the star of the east doesn’t know that. Alexander the Great targets Yamatai’s ley lines next and a darkness begins to spread in the shape of a star where the five knots are.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 20 (2)

Most mecha machines lose power and darkness consumes the area. Apparently emergency defense systems can shut down ley line activity, which is surprising because it was implied earlier that the ley lines are unstable and really just do their own thing. Alexander attempts to take Yomotsuhirasaka by force.

General Caesar is brought to King Arthur’s throne room. Arthur unlocks Caesar’s shackles and Caesar wonders if they’ll punish him. Surprisingly, Caesar questions Arthur’s actions concerning the specific slaughter of the people of Donremy. (Is it just me or is Arthur really short?) NEVER TRUST PEOPLE WITH GLOWING MASKS (unless it’s Ironman). Arthur seeks true salvation from the Holy Grail. Arthur turns out… TO BE A GIRL?!?!? Tears fall from Caesar’s face at the true sight of his King. The sword in the stone is raised into the center of the room. Excalibur is the oldest Regalia and… Arthur gives it to Caesar, for some reason. WAIT THIS IS THE WRONG MYTH CROSSOVER.

In a Joan memory flashback, her conversation with Himiko reveals that Nobunaga has allowed the ley lines to devour him. Both are bound by inseparable ties. Da Vinci asks Joan what she thinks is the difference between the Saviour-King and Destroyer-King.

We see a bandaged set of hands tuck a blanket over Himiko (has Hideyoshi awaken?) the hand draws a tarot card from the deck – The Sun.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 20 (23)Mitsuhide wanders into the village where Ichihime has ordered buildings to be set on fire in order to keep the villagers warm. Wow, if there’s any character who’s actions do make sense, it’s Ichihime, who’s doing all she can as a Princess to help her people. She has unwavering faith and loyalty in her brother to untie heaven and earth. I am impressed by this woman’s ideals.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 20 (27)Nobunaga, Da Vinci and Joan go to confront Alexander the Great just before he attempts to take Yomotsuhirasaka by force. Nobunaga and Alexander have a sword fight. The difference between the two is that Alexander devours dragons while Nobunaga was devoured by a dragon. No explanation but when Alexander takes Nobunaga’s sword, swings it and desecrates the sacred space, explosions happen and Schroedinger’s box emerges. Hideyoshi appears as… a cyborg? And looks more and more like the monkey king of legend, by the minute. He even wears the regalia like a circlet.

Caesar arrives in his Regalia and begins to ascend the stairs to Schroedinger’s box. Caesar summons the Dais of Hercules. (WAIT WHAT IS THAT?) Caesar intends to create a bridge between the two stars with the Pillars of Hercules. King Arthur finally arrives on the Star of the East… Just as the main characters flee, Joan gets a vision telling her that Nobunaga is the Destroyer-King. O-KAY.

What. the. Hell. Is. Going. On.

I think I was following the series fairly well to begin with cause I have a pretty decent historical background on each of the characters BUT now they’re throwing in a bunch of stuff. Schrodinger’s cat is quantum physics for god’s sake! It’s a theoretical experiment that places a cat in a steel cage with a vial of hydrocyanic acid. If any single atom decays during the test, a mechanism will trigger a hammer that will break the vial and kill the cat. According to quantum law, the observer can never know if an atom has decayed nor if the vial has been broken nor the cat killed. This entangled state means the cat is therefore both alive and death. In any case, this is all getting very complicated in Nobunaga the Fool.

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