No Game No Life Episode 8 Review

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Sora, Shiro, Jibril and Steph head to the Elkia Embassy to meet with the Warbeasts. To their shock, KING CRIMSON IS TOTALLY ADORABLE – but has quite a sharp tongue. Izuna Hatsuse is the cute little furry ruler of the warbeasts and Blank just can’t keep their hands off her. The comedy again is so hilarious and adorable.

No Game No Life Episode 8 (11)

No Game No Life Episode 8 (16)

Imanity and the Warbeats have a somewhat diplomatic meeting. At first Sora attempts to challenge the old grandfather war beast to a game for Izuna’s panties LOL but when he finally gets serious, Sora presses the warbeasts on the mind-reading thing and proceed to challenge the entire nation to a game for THE ENTIRE CONTINENT. Sora’s research tells him that the Eastern Federation’s technology rapidly advanced 50 years ago but they require many resources to keep them going.

No Game No Life Episode 8 (26)Why do they wipe memories? If they wipe their memories, they can claim the win (even if they lost. Why did Elven Garde lose? When they lost, the Elves hypothesized that it was a game where they could not use magic – and ended up losing again. Why did Elven Garde stop after four times? Sora has two possibilities in mind – one was that the game was impossible; two was that they already figured out the game but never figure out why they lost. What game could this possibly be? Most likely, a video game. Although Jibril once challenged the warbeasts to a game, she had no recollections of the video game screens and technology at the front of the embassy building despite having met the warbeasts previously – the only explanation is that the screens are connected to the game.

No Game No Life Episode 8 (25)When you play video games and you’re the game master, you can cheat all you want. The warbeasts even erase the memories of others to keep them from finding out about the video games. Sora finally claims that the warbeasts cannot read minds, only verify and deduce truths from lies.

No Game No Life Episode 8 (38)Now, Blank has ALL THE CARDS over the Eastern Federation. Sora wants to push the Warbeasts to game so badly that he even bets his Race Piece – if you lose your race piece, you lose your entire right to the Ten Commandments making you no better than the Warbeasts. Blank claims that when it comes to video games, Blank will NEVER. LOSE. Sora and Shiro bet ALL or NOTHING. Steph naturally freaks out but without risk, there is no reward. Steph once again doubts Blank’s abilities while Jibril claims that they need a ruler bold enough to conquer and destroy each other through claims but Blank says that Tet must be seriously bored if none of the inhabitants have figured out how to “beat the world.”

No Game No Life Episode 8 (44)Just before Sora steps into the game, he tells his sister three things, 1) That he believes in her 2) The two of them are always one, bound by a promise, but not the heroes of a shonen manga. 3) Blank always wins the game before they start. Sora says he’s going to get the “last piece” they need to win against the Eastern Federation, turns and leaves to begin the game.

After the credits, Shiro wakes up on her own without her brother. She cries at the corner of the bed when she is unable to find him. Shiro asks Steph where Sora is and she’s completely forgotten that he even exists. Just before Sora begins the game, his phone marks the 19th on the calendar and when Shiro wakes up, she sees 21st on her phone which means two days have passed…

WHOA. Just exactly what kind of game is this going to be?!?! What game requires wiping out the existence of someone? And why is Shiro the only who remembers Sora? Poor Shiro! She’s never been separated from her Nii… How will she find her brother? Omg. I need episode 9 SO BADLY!! (Read the light novel if you want to know what happens!! I did, and it gets complex.)

– Cloudy

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