Black Bullet Episode 8 Review

Black Bullet Episode 8 (10)

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Black Bullet Episode 8 (8)I can’t say I loved episode 8 of Black Bullet but I can’t say I hated it either. Episode 8 paves the road for some serious gastrea slaying action in later episodes. Problems arise with one of the big monoliths that keep the Tokyo area safe and the Tokyo area is in danger of being fully swarmed by the gastrea as the monolith undergoes repairs.

Black Bullet Episode 8 (31)The pacing for episode 8 was awkward and really went nowhere. I feel like there was way too much filler and not enough action. Because of the oncoming gastrea problem, Seitenshi’s asked Rentarou to put together a team to combat the gastrea at the beginning of the episode. This little tidbit gets lost in the Rentarou, Enju and now Tina – random every day events. Then at the end of the episode we see Rentarou and Tina (not Enju) approach another Initiator and Promoter pair. Rentarou finally BEGINS assembling his team at the END of the episode.

Black Bullet Episode 8 (28)I guess part of the bigger plot significance is in that scene when Rentarou and Tina come across a little Cursed Child girl who’s begging for money on the street. When Rentrou asks why she bandaged her eyes, she reveals that she poured molten lead into her eyes because her mother hated him. Wow… and for a moment I thought Rentarou was going to take in another little girl to live with him but instead he gives her a wad of cash and asks her to avoid this general area for a while. This brings up the social issues that the Black Bullet world has with its Cursed Children. Protestors line up on the streets demanding all the Cursed Children be killed and all the gastrea be eliminated. Little do the masses know that without the Cursed Children, mankind’s odds against the gastrea would be severely diminished.

Black Bullet’s weakness thus far is in its execution. The story holds a lot of intriguing concepts but the gravity of the gastrea situation isn’t really brought to the forefront of the story while the really touching and tragic moments are few and scattered in between everyday life comedy which id distracting overall.

One thing great about episode 8 is we got to see Tina in active battle against another Initiator. Since her rank is way up in the double digits, she has no problem trouncing a Promoter in the hundreds. As well, we got to see another Promoter girl of a different model gene, in action. This time as go to see Yuzuki with the spider gene face off against Tina with the owl gene.

– Cloudy

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