Kamigami no Asobi Episode 8 review

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 8 (18)

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Last week’s episode’s confrontation wraps up with Loki asking Balder why Balder keeps making him suffer but after Loki drives Yuki away from the scene, everything seems to return to normal after. Yui runs off from the stand to avoid Balder. Hades waters Dionysus’s flowers at the gardening club’s booth, Apollon’s made creepy life size Santa Claus candles at his booth, Thoth harasses more students, Loki and Thor are selling candies.The usual right?

Thor calls Yui over to their stand… just to swap her into his shift HAHAHA.

Loki warns Yui to stay away from Balder. Although I admire Yui’s assertiveness with pestering her classmates to share their problems and create friendships, Loki says Yui will just get hurt if she stays with Balder. Balder accuses Loki of falling in love with Yui and Balder literally grabs Yui by force and runs off with her.

Balder is infatuated with Yui because she’s not infatuated with him by his natural god of light charisma. Balder tries to go God Mode when he gets protective over Loki and even then, Loki attempts to reason with him. (You’ll need to play the game to understand the full Balder and Loki bromance stuff). Although Loki’s such a prankster, he can still get pretty serious about people that matter to him. Loki agrees to tell Yui about Balder as long as she promises never to mention this incident.

Loki says that Balder’s only ever experienced false love with his followers who are affected by his powers. When he met Yui, his emotions became unstable. Loki even goes into his back story of how he met Balder when they were kids. Wow I’m really surprised that an otome game delved into the emotional stuff between Loki and Balder even though it only skimmed the heavy plot that is Balder’s route in the game. Balder and Loki are really too cute together.

The episode ends with a pretty group lantern scene (similar to Disney’s Tangled) over the lake.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 8 (45)

Thor approaches Loki afterwards (about Balder) and Loki says he’ll kill Balder with his own hands. GAH no explanation here but if you know the truth of Balder’s back story with Loki cause of the game you’ll just cry T___T (no spoilers from me but tweet me if you want to know…)

– Cloudy

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