Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 24 and 25 Recap

Episode 24 Rating: 4/5 gloomy clouds Crop_4 ComplacentCloudst

The episode begins with Zhang Xiao beside Mrs. Meng in her car. Mrs. Meng bears no illwill towards Zhang Xiao but instead invites her to Princess’s funeral.

Kang Zhen Tian is discussing more business things at the office in a meeting and plans to attend Princess’s funeral as a show of goodwill.

Man, the mood in Bu Bu Jing Qing is always so somber and serious.

Manager Wong tails Zhang Xiao as she helps deliver some packages to Kang Zhen Tian’s office. He intercepts a package from the kidnappers, containing a CD of Kang Si Han being roughed up by the men. Manager Wong muses that this is the third day. He doesn’t seem at all concerned about what’s going on with Si Han. Manager Wong continues to deceive Kang Zhen Tian about his son’s whereabouts.

Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng meet up for lunch. Zhang Xiao hopes to keep her relationship with him secret but Yin Zheng says they have nothing to hide. Turns out that Yin Zheng’s lunch date with Zhang Xiao means he’s ditched all the other co-workers haha.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 24 (6)

The kidnappers finally get a call back. It’s Manager Wong on the phone who calls just to hang up on the kidnappers and Manager Wong sits in his office arrogantly telling Si Han to die.

Mrs. Kang’s birthday is today. Siyu and Yin Zheng are both browsing through their family wine selections. Siyu calls Yin Zheng out for having the videos of Si Han and Zhang Xiao. Siyu is pretty suspicious of his brother here. But the tensions quickly dissipates for Mrs. Kang’s birthday celebration. Mrs. Kang uses her birthday wish in hopes that the company will be steady, that the brothers will cooperate and get along. She’s so thankful of her family.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 24 (10)Princess’s funeral takes place. The media swarm the posters and the attendees. Zhang Xiao arrives with her Huang Li and a co-workers.

Yin Zheng gets a call from his uncle who… has something suspicious up his sleeve with the funeral. Yin Zheng calls Zhang Xiao and tells her not to go into any strange places… Yin Zheng tells her he’ll be there soon.  The Kang couple arrives promptly.

There is an entire gallery of pictures by Princess, dedicated to Princess. Even the sketch Princess drew of Zhang Xiao the last time they met, is framed and hung on the wall. All of a sudden, the lights go out… Yin Zheng is charging into the gallery. A clip plays at the gallery, the one of Princess throwing her ring at Si Han at the wedding. Letters flash on the screen “You are the murderer of my daughter, Zhang Xiao.” Mrs. Meng appears and accuses Zhang Xiao of killing Princess. She’s holding Princess’s diary and even after this entire thing, he gives Princess’s dairy to Zhang Xiao. Zhang Xiao apologizes but Mrs. Meng asks her what sorry will do. Yin Zheng is still running into the gallery when Zhang Xiao drops on her knees before Mrs. Meng, repeatedly apologizing. Yin Zheng says it was all an accident, that it has all passed. He claims to be Zhang Xiao’s boyfriend (IN FRONT OF THE MEDIA!) and asks Mrs. Meng not to bother Zhang Xiao anymore. The entire exchange ends up on television and not only does Si Han hear, Yinuo also sees and hears. Si Han is shocked that Zhang Xiao could betray him for Yin Zheng so easily. Damn, this betrayal cuts deep. Kang Zhen Tian calls Mrs. Meng out for being so horrible and selfish even in her own daughter’s memorial gallery. Kang Zhen Tian freezes up and collapses. Again, swarmed by the media.

Yin Zheng implores Zhang Xiao to go home but Zhang Xiao still blames herself for all this. Yin Zheng tells her that the one who set events leading up to Princess’s death wasn’t Zhang Xiao, but Yin Zheng’s uncle. He apologizes to her. Zhang Xiao accuses him of knowing before the wedding, that he didn’t do anything. MORE BETRAYAL! He asks for her forgiveness and of course she slaps him. How can she be with him now that he was part of the plan to ruin the wedding. Yin Zheng tells her about revenge for his father’s death. Zhan Xiao says his heart only has revenge. Ever. Yin Zheng says that she can’t possibly sympathize with his pain, but Zhang Xiao has her own pain to deal with.

Siyu and Mrs. Kang are at the hospital. The doctor tells them that Kang Zhen Tian had a stroke and requires some medical attention.

Okay, back to the kidnaping situation. Yinuo was forced to video tape Si Han’s sorry situation. Si Han finally agrees to MAKE A PHONE CALL!! Mrs. Kang gets a call from the hospital. She hears his son’s hoarse and broken voice. He finally tells them that he’s been kidnapped. She tells him that his dad’s just had a stroke. Si Han is almost certain that everything is Yin Zheng’s fault. The kidnappers make their demands and tell Siyu “No more hanging up on me” LOL (Hopefully Siyu remembers that tidbit later.) Mrs. Kang calls Yin Zheng.

Si Han is set on his revenge against Yin Zheng now. Yinuo crouches next to him as tears run down her face. He asks her why she cries. He asks her if she was the one who took care of her on the second day… whether she was the one who helped him out in his predicament… He asks her why she would help a complete stranger. She replies and says, life is cruel, if she has the ability to help, she will. Plus, she thinks they are similar kindred spirits in their similar cruel fates. She says she understands his pain. Si Han says she’s a good person and that if he was alive, he’d take her away from this horrid place. His words move her… he passes out but she says he won’t die and that the heavens will watch over him.

Episode 25 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 25 (1)Zhang Xiao seems restless in bed that night… she turns on her phone and thinks to her herself, “He hasn’t looked for me.” She gets up and goes to the box where she kept all her mementos with Princess and flips through them, tearing up. The Zhen Tian Company is in dire straits…

Both Mrs. Kang and Yin Zheng sit in the meeting in place for Kang Zhen Tian who is physically unwell. FINALLY the family finds out that Si Han has kidnapped. Finally.

Manager Wong looks squirmish in meeting. Manager Liu points out that Kang Zhen Tian has three sons. Should anything happen to Si Han. Everyone knows, in their hearts, who will be the next to succeed the company. Mrs. Kang implores her son to find a way to save Si Han. Siyu plans to sell the ranch for the money to save Si Han. Huang Li arrives at the bar looking for Siyu, looking for Zhang Xiao. Everyone fins out that Zhang Xiao’s out of the country at the moment. Huang Li meddles a bit into Ling Dang’s business and gets a drink thrown into his face haha.

Zhang Xiao’s gone travelling to clear her mind about everything regarding Princess.

Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 25 (6)

Yin Zheng leaves Zhang Xiao a bunch of text voice messages. Just as Yin Zheng tries to call Zhang Xiao, the doorbell rings. The call goes through anyway. Yin Zheng’s uncle arrives. Zhang Xiao overhears Uncle Yin mention Yin’s revenge for his father. Zhang Xiao overhears all the evil plotting go on. She overhears the fact that Uncle Yin was the one who swapped in the video clips at the wedding. Although Princess’s death was an accident, Uncle Yin expresses absolutely no sympathy about what’s happened. Yin Zheng finally notices the phone. He hangs up. Yin Zheng asks his father for help in saving Si Han because he promised his mother. Uncle Yin calls Mrs. Kang a coward for marrying Kang Zhen Tian merely to survive. Uncle Yin reminds Yin about the fact that Kang Zhen Tian “murdered” Yin Zheng’s father. Yin Zheng uses Uncle Yin’s evil motives against him. If they don’t make a solid effort to save Si Han, everyone will think Yin Zheng just let Si Han die to take his spot in the company. However, if Yin Zheng saves Si Han and then beats Si Han (even with underhanded means), the company will be his in all fronts.

Siyu and Mrs. Kang negotiate with the kidnappers. Yin Zheng brusquely brushes aside the kidnappers on the phone to show that they’re hard bargainers. Yin Zheng has quite a HUGE sum of money prepared but he is determined to save Si Han. The kidnapper tells Si Han that he’s been betrayed by his family. He tells Si Han to hate his family, to hate his brother, Yin Zheng. They play the good negotiator-bad negotiator routine to get the kidnappers to agree to meet. Kang Zhen Tian finally appears, furious that no one’s told him about the situation.

Si Han’s been beat so much he passes out. There’s a large wound on his left. The kidnappers force Yinuo to nurse him back to health in three days. Si Han, in his delirium thinks Yinuo is Zhang Xiao but when he sort of comes to consciousness, he thanks her… and passes out again. The next scene shows Si Han’s body waiting to be buried by the kidnappers… they bury him in a pretty shallow grave.

CRAP! No one knows Si Han is dead… what will happen now?!?!

Manager Wong is such a suck up loser. When Siyu escorts Kang Zhen Tian and Mrs. Kang into the meeting room, he tries to rush Siyu out the room but right after Kang Zhen Tian introduces Siyu as his youngest son, Manager Wong rushes to make an apology.

Uncle Yin gets even more aggressive with his attitude. He’s pretty much certain that the Kang Zhen Tian Company belongs to him. As much as Siyu isn’t into the company, he’s a REALLY good judge of people and Manager Wong ends up with his foot in his mouth again. Uncle Yin crashes the meeting. Kang Zhen Tian has already guessed that Yin is the perpetrator behind all the events up till now. Yin says that he holds the mot shares and therefore the most powers in the company now. Without his say, no one is allowed to allot any money to save Si Han. Yin reminds Mrs. Kang that the company was originally supposed to believe to the Yin family, not the Kangs. Kang Zhen Tian says that if he agrees to save Si Han, Kang Zhen Tian will agree to be his subordinate and give him all the power. Kang Zhen Tian almost has a stroke from the shock but luckily authorities arrive to arrest Yin for being suspected of assaulting or causing another physical harm. He’s arrested immediately. This was all of Yin Zheng’s doing. After moving some suspicious moneys from one bank to another and inciting a slight incident to notify the authorities, Yin’s account and information quickly became under suspect. I’m surprised how quickly Yin Zheng can swap sides to turn against his uncle even though they’re family. Yin Zheng however tells his secretary that he knows that after Yin comes into power, he’ll kick Yin Zheng out the company as well…

– Cloudy

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