Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 26 and 27 Review

When I got to episode 26, I powered through the entire series all in one go and the ending is a TOTAL LET DOWN so I think I’ve given up on the screenshots at the moment because of my negative dispositions towards the show. No worries though, the rest of the recaps will definitely go up because I write them as I watch the show (so you get my reactions of the scenes as well in the text). It all goes downhill from here…

Episode 26 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

The stuff with crazy Uncle Yin is wrapping up at the company although Kang Zhen Tian is still pretty concerned about the company’s assets. Yin Zheng decides to look for Zhang Xiao at her home town. Zhang Xiao has headed back to visit her father. Being home is good for her. Papa Zhang notices his daughter crying over a book. He asks her what’s wrong over dinner and she tells him about everything with Princess and Yin Zheng. (Just as Yin Zheng arrives at her door) Papa Zhang tells her that it’s all passed and that she should forget about the sad memories. She says that there’s someone she can’t forget or let go of – Yin Zheng.

Just then, Mrs. Zhang gets called by a neighbour to help out with an emergency, leaving Zhang Xiao alone at the house. Yin Zheng finally reveals himself to Zhang Xiao. Zhang Xiao tells him she doesn’t want to see him, gives him an umbrella for the rain and leaves. Yin Zheng finally snaps and asks Zhang Xiao what she wants from him. Yin Zheng’s never regretted anything in his life but he’ll regret this for the rest of his life but regret isn’t even good enough. Zhang Xiao asks him what he thinks she should do because she really doesn’t know. Yin Zheng tells her he doesn’t want to lose her. He embraces her.

Flash out to Siyu’s bar where he’s going to head out of the city. Huang Li kids around with Ling Dang.

Flash out to another scene where Si Han is in a strange limbo state… he’s shown in a white hallways running towards the light. Princess grabs his hand and runs with him but just as they reach the light, the scene flashes out to a fiery hellish landscape where he’s haunted by Yin Zheng. He sees Yinuo and takes her hand… In the rainy dirty, Si Han slowly comes to. OHMIGOD BACK FROM THE DEAD. Damn. He was buried alive. Luckily it was a shallow grave. This is literally what it means to come back from the dead… Somehow he stumbles to Yinuo’s house. She asks him why he returned here. He says he hopes she will help him with his injuries. She says that there are two men close by outside and asks him why he thinks she won’t turn on him and send him back to the kidnappers. He says he trusts her and passes out on her couch.

Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao are having an intimate moment in her room. How this could potentially solve their “problem” is beyond me…

Yinuo is taking care of Si Han and he tells her that all that kept him going was thoughts of revenge on Yin Zheng. He asks her for her name. He wonders out loud if she might know Yin Zheng too… Si Han wants to make a call to his brother but Yinuo tells him the kidnapper boss man has cut off everyone’s cell phones and the roads because the police are closing in on them. Si Han asks her to help him escape. She asks him how he can escape in that state. Si Han’s will to live is amazing. He’s totally set on escaping this place alive…

Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng are cuddling on her bed. She asks if he can give up his revenge but he says he’s at the point of no return already. Zhang Xiao insists that if he continues his revenge, he’ll just continue to hurt other people. Yin Zheng says he is fully prepared to take full responsibility for what’s happened. Zhang Xiao tells him to find her when he’s figured it all out.

The next morning, Zhang Xiao is running to the hospital. She accidentally drops her phone on the way. Yin Zheng wakes up the next morning with her gone. His personal secretary eventually finds him. More chaos at the office and Yin Zheng is required to leave. He leaves her a voice message that once he’s finished all his business, he’ll return for her. His car pulls out just as Zhang Xiao and her father return. Zhang Xiao can’t find Yin Zheng and tries to call his number with his father’s phone but Yin Zheng doesn’t recognize the number and marks it as spam. Since he doesn’t pick up, she thinks he’s given up on them. She starts to cry.

Her father tells her that he will be selling that house as well… wow, it is not Zhang Xiao’s day.

Episode 27 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Manager Wong and Siyu go together to retrieve Si Han and make the cash exchange. OMG I’m so scared for Siyu’s life. Luckily Siyu doesn’t trust them at all and refuses all their offers…

Yinuo continues to help Si Han recuperate. He looks like he’s getting a big stronger now. All of a sudden, Yinuo panics, grasps her face and begins to take some sort of pill. Withdrawal symptoms? I think Yinuo and Si Han make a better couple that Zhang Xiao and Si Han. After all, they both look more mature.

Two kidnappers come looking for Yinuo, accusing her of helping the man escape. She refuses the accusation obviously but they find the bandages and some of the medicines since she and Si Han were outside. They take her with them.

Siyu is drinking with Manager Won and the other shady business people. They are trying to get him drunk… (I wonder how drunk Siyu actually is. After all, he runs a bar, his alcohol tolerance should be pretty good.) Siyu passes out and both the businessmen begin to gloat. They take the money briefcase inside and end up seeing all the fake cash. Siyu walks in with a whole gang of boys. SIYU IS THE BEST CHARACTER!!!!

Siyu starts interrogating them. Even here, Manager Wong attempts to spin lies but SIyu isn’t taking any of his bullshit. Siyu is so clever with his planning. After he leaves, Manager Wong and his lackey are trying to cover up their tracks by calling the police themselves… they attempt to orchestrate a plot to silence Siyu and off Si Han so there are no witnesses and on one to testify with the evidence.

Mr. and Mrs. Kang are talk more about the company and their family business… I wonder how much Kang Zhen Tian trusts Yin Zheng to be honest.

Siyu prepares for the exchange with the kidnappers but Manager Wong’s plan has come to fruition. Siyu is arrested.

Two drunk kidnappers continue to close in on Yinuo and Si Han. She banters with them just to get them to eat a poisoned peach. They pass out.

Siyu is quickly bailed from this fake fraud fiasco. Manager Wong continues to spin lies. Siyu decks Manager Wong in the face. Siyu and his boys still need to figure out a way to save Si Han.

Si Han and Yinuo have tied up the kidnapers. Before they come to, Si Han has basically guessed who Yinuo really is mainly from the scene in the kidnappers’ warehouse when Si Han saw Yinuo cry after witnessing Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng on television. She finally reveals to Si Han that she is Lan Lan. She retells the story of her escaping the hospital, leaving the city and beginning a new life. Although she wants to run and leave, they kidnappers keep a close eye on her here. She ended up being trapped here… To thank Yinuo for her kindness and honesty, Si Han tells Yinuo that Zhang Xiao is her true twin sister. He asks if she’s angry at them. Yinuo says she’s Yinuo now. Lan Lan is connected to Zhang Xiao, she is not. Si Han also tells her that although he hates Lan Lan very much, but to Yinuo, he owes her his life. He tells her that things that have passed have passed already. Yinuo asks if she can still escape with him. Si Han is set on revenge.

When the kidnappers come to, Si Han is pretty callous about his demands of them. This is a whole new side of Si Han that we have never seen before.

Yin Zheng returns to the old Zhang house to find that they’ve already moved.

Manager Wong and his lackey are eating at the usual local restaurant. They see the kidnappers entering the restaurant and Manager Wong goes to eavesdrop over their conversation. He finds out that Si Han has already died. The kidnappers are having their last meal here before they flee.

Siyu arrives at the restaurant and finally finds some leads on his brother’s kidnapping situation regarding the kidnappers.

Papa Zhang and Zhang Xiao have another heart to heart. Between their conversation, we’re reminded of how many “deaths” there were in the back story with Yin Zheng’s father and then Zhang Xiao’s actual father. Papa Zhang says he also hopes that Yin Zheng won’t be able to find her. He doesn’t want her to get mixed up in all his drama and wants her to have simple and happy days. He says he’ll support her in whatever her heart really wants in the end.

– Cloudy

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