Kamigami no Asobi Episode 9 Review

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 9 (2)

UWAAAA BEST EPISODE OF KAMIGAMI EVER!!!!!!! It was like literally amazing off the charts in terms of otome anime episode and shojo anime episodes. This episode had big character developments, drama, back story reveals, emotional and beautiful scenes to wrap it all up. Its strongest point was that it brought out the full force of the gods and humans theme that this set-up ultimately aimed at.

Rating: 5/5 super happy clouds Crop_5 Clouds Transparent

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 9 (3)The episode begins with Yui’s dream. She finds herself witnessing a memory of Apollo’s – Apollo is speaking to a girl in the forest, judging by their outfits, they are in ancient Greece. Apollo promises that he and the mortal girl will be together forever because his love for her will never change. As a token of his love, he grants her the divine gift of prophecy. At first I didn’t like how they changed up the myth because the myth says Cassandra refused Apollo’s gift and he forced the gift on her, he cursed her to be always correct but always disbelieved by others. In the myth, Cassandra also refuses Apollo’s advances

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 9 (9)The next day, Thoth is announcing an important event… he notices Apollon sleeping in class because he found himself dreaming all last night, unable to have a deep sleep. Yui is totally shocked about the midterm exams, hoping this funny gods academy wouldn’t have midterms hahaha. Apollon continues to act strange even when the group is studying. Yui and Apollon go pick up their study session snacks. On their way back, Apollon spaces out again, muttering that he himself should never be allowed happiness… As they reach the stairs, Yui lapses into another vision of the past. This time, she sees Cassandra opening the gift box. The divine power enters her body. At first she is overjoyed to be “the same as Apollon” but shortly after she sees a grim future for them. She panics and cries.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 9 (17)Apollon backpedals from where he is and find Yui in the hall. He hugs her fiercely, aggressively, asking her never to leave. Luckily the other gods arrive and separate the two. The study seassion proceeds but Apollon seems really out of it. Yui wonders about the visions and the mysterious woman. The other gods are worrying over him as well.

That night, Yui sees another flashback of Apollon running through the forest to the lake, only to discover that the woman, Cassandra, has committed suicide by drowning herself. Outside the balcony, Yui sees Apollon walking absently across the field. She chases him through the forest as he walks blindly into the depths of the lake where a ghost/vision of Cassandra is hovering. She grabs him just as Dionysus and Hades arrive at the scene. They also see Cassandra above the lake.

Hades says that although Cassandra died, her spirit never made it to the underworld. Sometimes the dead bear a grudge against the living. As a result they are unable to move on and cause harm to the living. Hades says Cassandra might be attempting to harm Yui as well…

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 9 (36)Apollon wakes up in a frenzy and his freak out causes his magic shackle/ring to turn black. Yui runs to Zeus for help. He only explains that Apollon’s heart is currently clouded in shadow and refuses to accept happiness. If he continues this way, his heart will rot. Zeus tells Yui that if he had the ability to save Apollon, he already would have done so. Yui runs off to figure it out on her own. Thoth halts her WITH THE ULTIMATE WALL SLAM and this is the first time I’ve seen Yui so fiercely talk back at Thoth, especially when he’s in angry wall slam mode.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 9 (38)Apollon falls into another trance and begins to wander out the room. The ghost of Cassandra approaches Yui. Yui beseeches Cassandra to set Apollon free from the pain because he’s still hurting. To my surprise, Cassandra actually speaks to Yui. She tells Yui that her voice, her words, cannot reach Apollon. The more she tried to reach him, the more she hurt him. Cassandra does mean well. She ends up asking Yui for help and borrows Yui’s body to speak to Apollon.

The conversation between Apollon and Cassandra was long overdue and it was just so touching and yet so bittersweet. Cassandra is such a kind-hearted and beautiful girl. The moment when Cassandra disappears really makes me cry. Hades’ last words over the scene closed the exchange absolutely perfectly. NOW THAT IS HOW YOU DO AN OTOME EPISODE. Without a doubt this was my favourite episode of the entire series.

– Cloudy

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