Black Bullet Episode 9 Review

Black Bullet Episode 9 (14)

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

I honestly feel like Rentarou takes Tina out more than Enju. For the past two episodes we have been seeing a lot of Rentarou X Tina moments and a lot less Rentarou x Enju scenes. Plus, with Rentarou being as serious as he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tina ended up being a better Initiator for him in terms of personality.

Black Bullet Episode 9 (3)Episode 9 basically focuses on finishing the assembling phase of Rentarou’s new adjuvant. First, Rentarou takes Tina to visit the lovely mad scientist doctor sensei. Tina fears that she will cause her new friends a lot of trouble when her former boss Ayn Rand and his people pursue her. Rentarou however is set on Tina staying because she’s basically become part of the agency family anyway. When Tina ends up napping at the lab, Sensei shows Rentarou some records hinting at information before the Gastrea Outbreak. That information is top secret naturally and Rentarou still doesn’t have access to it with his rank. It is undoubtedly linked to that first arc where Seitenshi had all the civil security agents retrieve a briefcase and kill Kagetane. How is the tricycle linked to it all?

Black Bullet Episode 9 (22)At the same time, the public finds out about the deteriorating monolith and the public begins to panic. The plot in Black Bullet is kind of dragging… we know that Rentarou’s preparations are working towards a big battle in the plot however there is absolutely no mention of the antagonist force except that it’s most likely the gastrea. Rentarou bumps into a former dojo-senpai, Shoma, and asks him to join the adjuvant. Shoma’s Promoter is really cool, Midori Fuje has the cat model gene so not only can she extend claws from her nails at will, she also has cat ears. How cute ^_^*

The other little Initiator girls just seem happy to have another buddy among their group. After episode 9, everyone who’s anyone repeatedly seen and mentioned in the opening sequence, has appeared. Black Bullet Episode 9 (39)When Rentarou mentions that he is still lacking two pairs, Kisara offers her skills. She claims Tina as her Initiator. The paperwork was finalized that morning with special permission froom Seitenshi. Although Tina and Kisara are ranked at 9200 right now, they’re probably the strongest pair of the group. Rentarou has mad respect for Shoma’s skills and Kisara is Shoma’s senior practitioner so Kisara must be amazing.

There will be three days of danger and continuous gastrea battles as the monolith is destroyed and reconstructed. Between the 36 hours, it’s up to the civil security agents to keep the Tokyo residents and area, alive and well. Black Bullet has been seriously lacking some action. The previews have some pretty intense dialogue going on so they better throw some gastrea fights in there or at least some character-character drama. I’m losing interest quickly…

– Cloudy

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