Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 28 and 29 Recap & Review

Episode 28 Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

Siyu and his buddy bumps into Zhang Xiao and her father. Zhang Xiao learns about Si Han’s kidnapping… so this ALL happens in a similar geographic area. Siyu asks Papa Zhang to guide them up the Bao Hen Mountain. At first Papa Zhang refuses because this is all too dangerous. Again, Zhang Xiao thinks this is partially her fault. If it weren’t for the wedding fiasco, Si Han would be happily married Princess and they would be happily at home. (Okay technically this is all Yin Zheng’s fault then if we’re gonna trace it back to the wedding video.) Zhang Xiao encourages her father to help Siyu because Princess would want Si Han to be safe. They all decide to go up together (against murderous bandit kidnappers).

Si Han and Yinuo are forcing their two hostages to lead them out those desert mountains. Yinuo spots a road!! YAY!! – but the car drives by and it’s the kidnappers. Si Han and Yinuo escape again. (THANK GOD THEY DO) Yinuo tells SI Han to run but Si Han says if they’re running, they’re running together. If they’re dying, they’re dying together. Finally, Siyu catches up to the two. Zhang Xiao also appears. WOW CRAZY REUNION HERE. The kidnappers arrive just then and grab Yinuo as hostage in this situation.

Yinuo is FEARLESS in this scene. Even when the boss kidnapper taunts her, she spits in his face. SI Han has a plan to charge them all at once. DAYUM THIS BOY IS CRAZY TOUGH!!! The kidnapping business draws to a close when the police arrive and everyone returns to Taiwan.

More business shifts and the Yins end up with the most power in the company now.

Siyu is driving everyone back through the desert, personally escorted by the police. Siyu says that Si Han should thank Zhang Xiao and her father. Without their help, Siyu would not be able to find them. Si Han muses that it’s strange that Zhang Xiao would be here… he’d expect her to be comfortably living in Yin Zheng’s arms.

OH MY GOD MANAGER WONG YOU BASTARD. HE TELLS KANG ZHEN TIAN THAT BOTH HIS SONS ARE GONE. WHAT THE F**K. I HATE THIS. THIS IS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE. Kang Zhen Tian tries to remain composed for his press conference and walks on to the stage with the help of his associates. I FEEL SO BAD FOR KANG ZHEN TIAN HERE. After scrapping his script. He comes out with the truth about Si Han’s kidnapping and death. MANAGER WONG NEEDS TO DIE. LIKE NOW. Kang Zhen Tian is just baring his heart out to the world. Yin Zheng rushes onto stage either in mock concern or real concern. Obviously fake because Yin Zheng wants Kang Zhen Tian to shift all company rights to him since he owns 80% of the company’s shares now.

Yin Zheng tells his father that if he wishes for the company to continue, he’ll have to cooperate with Yin Zheng. MY GOD YIN ZHENG IS SO EVIL HERE. HE FORCES HIS FATHER TO GIVE UP THE COMPANY AFTER HIS FATHER’S GOTTEN THE NEWS THAT HIS TWO SONS ARE DEAD. After Kang Zhen Tian makes the announcement, he collapses over. F**K YIN ZHENG AND HIS AMBITIONS. I HATE HIM.

Everyone is brought safely back to town. Although Yinuo is grateful to Zhang Xiao and her father, Si Han doesn’t think there’s much to thank. Papa Zhang gives the Kang siblings and Yinuo a place to stay for the night as well. Si Han doesn’t want to stay here, rather he’d brave the night with Yinuo alone. Siyu asks his brother to forgive Zhang Xiao based on their past love. SIyu tries to be as sympathetic as he can. Although Siyu tries to appeal to his brother’s sympathy, Si Han doesn’t give a crap about what Zhang Xiao went through because what he and Yinuo ended was infinitely worse (and he’s right). Si Han reveals to Siyu his suspicions about Yin Zheng’s intentions behind the kidnapping.

It’s great to see Annie and Cecilia on screen together again.

Siyu tells Si Han that he found the photos of Si Han and Zhang Xiao on Yin Zheng’s laptop. Siyu only told Si Han so that there’s no deceptions between the brothers. Si Han is totally convinced that this is all Yin Zheng’s fault now. Si Han asks Zhang Xiao if Yin Zheng knows those pictures were on Yin Zheng’s laptop. Zhang Xiao says it wasn’t Yin Zheng but refuses to provide an actual name. Si Han reminds Zhang Xiao that between Princess and Si Han, Zhang Xiao once chose Princess. Now between Yin Zheng and Princess, Si Han asks Zhang Xiao who she’ll choose.

TO MAKE MATTER WORSE, Si Han gets word of his “death” on news and Kang Zhen Tian’s shifted everything over Yin Zheng. Well… at least Zhang Xiao still has her father.

Yo the writers really suck here cause right after these tragic and angsty moments, they show Yin Zheng doing a photo shoot for his new magazine features as the new Kang Zhen Tian CEO.

Mrs. Kang sees the news broadcast of the Kang Zhen Tian press conference and FINALLY UNDERSTANDS HOW EVIL HER SON IS.

As Siyu, Si Han and Yinuo are driving back, Si Han wants to use Yin Zheng’s belief of his death in order to get revenge. Si Han wants revenge on Yin Zheng for hurting him and his father and their family.

Kang Zhen Tian’s condition has definitely worsened and now he’s bedridden. He can’t even speak properly due to his stroke. I CAN’T BELIEVE YIN ZHENG IS USING HIS BEDRIDDEN FATHER AS A PUBLICITY PLOY. I WANT TO SHAKE AND SMACK YIN ZHENG SO BADLY. KANG ZHEN TIAN MUST BE SO DISAPPOINTED IN HIS SON.

Mrs. Kang can’t bear this shameful situation and finally ushers the media out. She asks her son to step outside with her.

Seriously the writers are destroyed Tong Hua’s original characters and taking this drama story way too far.

Episode 29 Rating: 2/5 complacent clouds crop_2-complacentcloudst

Mrs. Kang asks Yin Zheng why Kang Zhen Tian would end up hospitalized like this. She also asks him why Yin Zheng would suddenly get control of the entire company. Yin Zheng easily says “Si Han is dead and Siyu is missing.” Thank God Mrs. Kang can see through her son’s intentions.

He reveals to his mother that he holds 80% of all power in the company even without the official say, he has the most power in the company. Yin Zheng also reveals to his mother that he was working together with his uncle. Later, Yin Zheng turned on his uncle because his uncle had used him for so many years. Yin Zheng turned on his uncle to take revenge not only for himself but for Lan Lan.

Mrs. Kang asks his son if he feels anything for his father. Yin Zheng says he knows Kang Zhen Tian loves him but he will always be YIN Zheng. Yin Zheng says that Kang Zhen Tian is the murderer of his true father. Mrs. Kang tells Yin Zheng that he’s being too one-sided with all this. Yin Zheng asks his mother why she can so easily shed tears for Kang but no Yin.

Yin Zheng approaches Kang Zhen Tian at the hospital. He takes his father to the forest where Yin Zheng digs up a box of all the toys his real father ever gave to him. Like these toys, Yin Zheng says his hate has been buried for so long. MY GOD KANG ZHEN TIAN IS JUST SUFFERING SO MUCH AND HE CAN’T EVEN PHYSICALLY MOVE. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YIN ZHENG??!?! WHO DOES THAT TO THE PERSON WHO RAISED HIM FOR TWENTY YEARS.

WOW Kang Zhen Tian actually has the willpower to even bite Yin Zheng to get his crazy son away from him. Yin Zheng throws Kang Zhen Tian off his chair. FINALLY MRS. KANG ARRIVES, holding her mysterious box. MRS. KANG ARRIVES JUST BEFORE YIN ZHENG CAN THROW HIS FATHER IN A HOLE. GEEZUS.

Inside the mysterious box, Yin Zheng finds a pile of letters. Mrs. Kang use to be a dancer. They met accidentally when Kang and a bunch of buddies were eavesdropping on one of the dance rehearsals. Yin Zheng goes through the letters one by one. Wow, Kang’s old friends are losers. They tried to rape the young Mrs. Kang. After the incident, she got pregnant and couldn’t dance anymore.

In another creepy scene, Si Han is torturing one of his lackeys… Siyu happens to be there too but Siyu really doesn’t know what his brother has in mind. Si Han says he doesn’t want to murder the lackey, the lackey has it coming.

Sooooo Yin Zheng is the son of a horrible accident and his parents kept it from him to protect him so he wouldn’t be burdened with his background. DISAPPOINTMENT!!! 20 points for Mrs. Kang for reprimanding her son. Yin Zheng said he knows he’s wrong. PSH good that’ll do. Yin Zheng is such a poor, misguided and bitter loser.

I don’t think anyone can forgive Yin Zheng for everything he’s done. Having him discover the truth and rectifying the misunderstanding doesn’t make the audience FORGIVE him.

Of everything that Si Han’s gone through, he only ever feels relaxed and sane around Yinuo now. She ends up helping him shave and letting her take a blade to his neck and chin really shows how intimate they are.

Oopsie. Yinuo brings up Yin Zheng by accident. The two of them decide not to speak of the past. Yinuo says they’ve both “died” once already. Why can’t they just start anew? Si Han tells her to leave. He’s too fixed on revenge to make room in his life for love right now…

Mrs. Kang is trying to cheer up Kang Zhen Tian with some photos. Kang Zhen Tian wants to see Zhang Xiao. Mrs. Kang calls Siyu to ask him to look for Zhang Xiao. Zhang Xiao has been going through Princess’s diary like a bucket list to fulfill all her dreams. Zhang Xiao as a result is out of town right now.

The story turns back to Si Han and Siyu. Siyu tells Si Han he’s going to leave to find Zhang Xiao. Siyu tells Si Han that he thinks Yinuo really like him. Si Han is still set on revenge. Siyu says he understands and wishes his brother well before leaving…

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