Bu Bu Jing Qing Episode 30 and 31 Recap and Review

Episode 30 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Yin Zheng is still going through some of his inner personal turmoil as he passes by Zhang Xiao’s empty desk. (Seriously does that girl even work?) but he quickly turns his mind to the company stuff when he finally kicks out Manager Wong.

The amazing grace music in the background is really annoying me after thirty episode of it. Seriously, can’t they find something more creative? There is nothing graceful about this series.

Siyu goes to find Papa Zhang to inquire about Zhang Xiao’s whereabouts.

Yinuo returns to Si Han’s side, certain she can sway him from his revenge.

The Kang family has a funeral for Kang Si Han… Si Han’s old right-hand man arrives. He’s furious that this has happened to his friend. He accuses the company executives of leaving SI Han to die. He accuses the company of being corrupted. After Yin Zheng arrives, he actually goads on Si Han’s right hand man to speak his mind. He accuses Yin Zheng of letting Si Han die to climb the corporate ladder. Just as Yin Zheng finishes his fake words, KANG SI HAN STROLLS IN LIKE. A. BOSS. INTO HIS OWN FUNERAL!!!!!!

The two brothers hug. What a great publicity move for the both of them. Si Han finally returns home to see his father. This scene is so heart-breaking for Si Han. After being consumed with grief, seeing his son back is a crazy shock for Kang Zhen Tian.

After Si Han plays the sympathy card with Mrs. Kang, he leaves and ends up talking to Yin Zheng who’s been refused at the door. Again. They go back to where the Z & X office is. Si Han reintroduced Yinuo to Yin Zheng. Shocking reunion for Yinuo’s inner Lan Lan…

Yinuo reminds herself that she is not Lan Lan, that Lan Lan is dead.

As Yin Zheng and Si Han converse, Si Han has shady flashbacks of his kidnappings. The psychological repercussions are huge. Although Si Han says that he’s let everything pass, Yin Zheng tells Si Han he knows that Si Han hates him. Yin Zheng assures Si Han that he will definitely find good doctors to take care of their father. Si Han disbelieves Yin Zheng and refuses to trust a word he says.

Si Han even refuses to believe in Yinuo’s feelings for him because he’s already been betrayed by a woman once. He goes so far as to chain the doors shut and lock Yinuo in the Z & X company building. Yinuo actually grabs a step ladder to climb over the short walls of Z & X to escape.

Ling Dang visits Huang Li with a snack. More comedic relief? It’s not very relieving.

Yinuo calls Yin Zheng regarding Si Han…

Yinuo arrives at the company and watches Yin Zheng speak his sentiments behind one of the new company PR projects. It ends up becoming a soliloquy about life – being burdened by shadows, letting go of the past, new beginnings…

Yinuo and Yin Zheng step outside to speak. Yin Zheng decides to use Yinuo to convey his true feelings to Si Han. It seems like Yin Zheng is finally finished with his revenge and is set on changing his ways. Yin Zheng says that after making mistakes and undergoing life’s obstacles, people should look for the beautiful things that fill life with warmth.

Episode 31 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

So I was right at the beginning when I said that Lan Lan and Yin Zheng got together in the first place because they were both really wounded and similar people. Even in redemption, they have very identical views. Yinuo hopes that Si Han can really come to understand the changes Yin Zheng has undergone and that the brothers can reconcile their relationship.

The scene closes and reopens at Yinuo is returning to Z & X. Si Han questions Yinuo on where she’s been. She tells him honestly where she’s been and tells Si Han that Yin Zheng has changed. Even though Yinuo constantly tells Si Han how much she loves him. Si Han refuses to believe him. Si Han’s temper gets the better of him and he ends up shattering a glass that cuts Yinuo across the cheek. She finally agrees to leave but stops outside the entrance because she ends up remembering all her happy memories with him. Resolved, she gets up and returns to him.

When Yinuo tries to make up with SI Han. He apologizes to her and finally kisses her, fully accepting her into his life.

Siyu goes travelling to find Zhang Xiao. Zhang Xiao’s become a teacher in a quiet place. Wow, Siyu is so sweet. He drives a tractor over to where Zhang Xiao and her students are to drive them back. Later that night, Zhang Xiao thanks him for helping her out. Siyu is totally patient about not pushing her to do things or go places she doesn’t want. Everything that Zhang Xiao is doing right now is to fulfill Princess’s wishes. Siyu continues to help Zhang Xiao take care of the other students.

Yin Zheng allows Si Han back at the office and gives him a high and powerful position.

Zhang Xiao finally has to say good bye to her happy days with the students and return to the city.

There isn’t much the doctors can do for Kang Zhen Tian now… Even as he lays dying in bed, Mrs. Kang initially refuses to let Yin Zheng in but when Kang Zhen Tian asks for him, Si Han goes outside to tell Yin Zheng that Mrs. Kang wants Yin Zheng to buy her a drink. OHMIGOD. Instead of letting Yin Zheng in, he sends him away. THAT IS SO EVIL.

Siyu and Zhang Xiao arrive to his bedside as well. Kang Zhen Tian tells her “Hua Jie” meaning to resolve her difficulties and diffuse conflicts. This goes back to their initial meeting when he advises her to confront her obstacles instead of running away. Kang Zhen Tian finally passes away. Man, I really wish they didn’t kill him off like that cause right after he dies, Yin Zheng returns to the room.

Later, Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng are talking together outside in the park. Zhang Xiao assures Yin Zheng that Kang Zhen Tian forgives him. Yin Zheng says it’s the fact that he won’t be able to forgive himself. We flash forward a little bit to Kang Zhen Tian’s funeral. After the funeral ends, Zhang Xiao approaches Si Han right after to speak to him privately. Wow, even though Si Han hates Zhang Xiao, he’s still enough of a gentleman to open the door for her into his car and keep a hand over the roof of the car to prevent her from bumping her head. Small detail but really speaks monumentally for Si Han’s personality.

Zhang Xiao can see right through Si Han’s act. Si Han asks Zhang Xiao how he can’t NOT hate Yin Zheng after Yin Zheng steals the company from his father and steals Zhang Xiao from Si Han. Zhang Xiao admits that she knows Si Hani s uncomfortable with how quickly Zhang Xiao got together with Si Han. She apologizes to him but again, sorry is not enough for Si Han. He says it’s too easy and too late to say a mere three words. Si Han even blames his father’s death on Yin Zheng. He is definitely mentally unsteady… Si Han literally screams at Zhang Xiao when he tells her that Yin Zheng giving him the company back is STEP ONE.

Siyu picks up Yin Zheng in the rain. Siyu tells his brother that before their father’s death, Kang Zen Tian was continuously calling for Yin Zheng’s name. The conversation shifts to Zhang Xiao and Siyu asks Yin Zheng if his brother can give Zhang Xiao happiness and Yin Zheng says yes.

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