Bu Bu Jing Qing Episodes 32 and 33 Review

Episode 32 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Zhang Xiao is completely shocked that Si Han is so consumed by his revenge. Yin Zheng arrives at Zhang Xiao’s apartment to check up on her. Zhang Xiao asks him why he came to find her and he said he fears she’ll run. They have a very sweet and intimate moment where Yin Zheng outlines the contours of Zhang Xiao’s face, telling her that if one day he can’t see her, he’ll know her by the shape of her face. He finally gives his ring to her, the jade ring he always wore, now strung on some twine as a necklace.

Zhang Xiao asks Yin Zheng, if she wants to leave and go to an entire newly place to start over, would he give up everything to be with her? Yin Zheng knows Zhang Xiao is asking if he would give the company to Si Han.

Yin Zheng actually personally partakes in the commercial for the new public relations video for the new perfume line. Both Yin Zheng and Si Han go up to make an announcement. Si Han is clearly not amused with the party. For some reason, Jack is being super nice to her LOL turns out that Jack and Zhang Xiao’s neighbouring co-worker are a… couple? Hahahaha this is cute. And we haven’t heard the cute romance song in a LONG time. GOSH THEY KISS TOO!!!

Back on stage, Yin Zheng calls Si Han up on stage and shifts all the rights to him. Yin Zheng actually gives the entire company back to Si Han. Zhang Xiao is really moved that Yin Zheng would sacrifice so much for her. Zhang Xiao, in this life will get a happy ending with her prince. Yin Zheng ends up piggybacking Zhang Xiao back home.

Si Han still has nightmares about being kidnapped. His headaches get even worse and I guess he has violent tendencies when these headaches arise.

Zhang Xiao wakes up in bed next to Yin Zheng. She feels a content sort of happiness and as soon as she enters the diving hall, she sees breakfast already laid out for her. Wow, how sweet of Yin Zheng. Zhang Xiao asks why he pretended to go back to sleep and he responds with Zhang Xiao’s wishes to fall asleep and wake up with him nearby. I guess Zhang Xiao’s still a little wary that she’ll fall asleep and wake up in a different world. Yin Zheng makes plans to move away from Beijing and start a restaurant with her. They spend some happy days together in couple life.

Yin Zheng tries to log into his account online and nothing works. He gets a knock at the door. The company is freezing Yin Zheng’s assets because he overestimated some accounts in the office. Now, Yin Zheng owes the company.

Zhang Xiao asks Si Han what he wants with her and Yin Zheng because they have nothing to give him anymore. Si Han says this is a thing with a court of law and has nothing to do with him. Zhang Xiao calls him a devil for his deeds.

That night, Yin Zheng sleeps at Zhang Xiao’s house. Zhang Xiao feels so guilty about all this because even though she convinced Yin Zheng to give up the company, Si Han still hasn’t finished his revenge on them.

Yin Zheng contacts his mother. He and Mrs. Kang, Siyu and Si Han meet up at the house. Si Han asks Yin Zheng so willingly gives up the company after always competing with him for EVERYTHING as they grew up. Si Han says that the company’s assets are basically in tatters and accuses this of being Yin Zheng’s plan. Yin Zheng apologizes to Si Han and asks Yin Zheng what he wants Yin Zheng to do to make amends. SI Han shows Yin Zheng the scars on his chest and tells Yin Zheng about his splitting headaches. Yin Zheng says he understand Si Han’s suffered a lot of hardships but Si Han claims Yin Zheng really doesn’t understand. SI Han says Yin Zheng will never understand the betrayal of a family member AND a loved one at the same time (referring to Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao as a couple).

Si Han gives Yin Zheng a disc of his kidnapping ordeal and tells Yin Zheng himself to think of a condition for Si Han to let Yin Zheng off the hook for his past. Wow. Si Han is becoming a serious jerk now.

Zhang Xiao is passing the Z & X Company, she never thought her Black Kitty Chief would become so evil… she wonders what she can do to revert him to his old self. Zhang Xiao meets Yinuo at the Z & X building… I should really stop calling it the Z & X building and call it Si Han’s home now I guess. Zhang Xiao tears up in mid-conversation with Yinuo. Zhang Xiao says that Yinuo is a very kind and seems very familiar… very like her own sister. Yinuo tells Zhang Xiao to treat her as her sister and asks her to speak her mind.

Episode 33 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Zhang Xiao tells Yinuo about her plans with Yin Zheng to run away and start a little café together. And then Zhang Xiao tells Zhang Xiao about the stuff with Si Han and asks her to help them regarding Si Han.

Zhang Xiao thanks her and she notices a bruise on Yinuo’s wrist… she guesses that Si Han’s been beating her. Yinuo tells Zhang Xiao that the kidnapping really changed Si Han. He has nightmares now and he’s a totally different person. Yinuo says that Si Han is the most hurt out of all of them. Yinuo asks Zhang Xiao to be sympathetic towards him and she Yinuo will do her best to help them.

Yinuo tells Zhang Xiao not to think too much on things. She hugs Yinuo and asks her to be well. Zhang Xiao says that it’s Si Han’s good fortune to have Yinuo by her side. Just after Zhang Xiao leaves, Yinuo gags and runs to throw up…?

Si Han continues with his stuff at the company. Later, Yin Zheng is arrested by the authorities for questioning. Si Han wishes Yin Zheng good luck in prison but Yin Zheng says that the law is just.

Zhang Xiao arrives too and their parting is pretty sweet here. Si Han wonders if Zhang Xiao can wait twenty years for Si Han. Without any hesitation, Zhang Xiao says she’ll wait a life time for him if it comes to that. I LOVED Zhang Xiao in this moment because this echoes from BBJX and she emerges as such a strong character.

Yinuo finds out she’s pregnant with Si Han’s kid. Si Han is still set on making him suffer. Even though Si Han’s sent Yin Zheng to prison, Yin Zheng is still in peace. Damn. How is Yinuo going to tell Si Han that she’s pregnant? Si Han expects Zhang Xiao to beg for mercy from him. Zhang xiao asks if he’s still the same Black Kitty Chief she use to know. He says that the cat is dead. Zhang Xiao demands Si Han to look her in the eye and tell her all Si Han’s meddling makes him happy. Si Han tells him that he wants them to know as much pain and suffering that he’s known.

Si Han blames Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng for the person he’s become. Zhang Xiao beseeches him to let go of his hate. Si Han asks if Zhang Xiao knows why he’s doing this – it’s because in his hardest moments, she left him. OHMIGOD. Si Han’s condition for him letting go of Yin Zheng is for Zhang Xiao to leave Yin Zheng and get back together with Si Han. Yinuo is watching this and tears up. Si Han is such a loser here now. He even forces Zhang Xiao to take a picture with Si Han so they look like a happy couple. Si Han is like a kid who just wants a toy because another kid has it. He doesn’t actually want the toy, he just doesn’t want the other kid to have it.

Zhang Xiao sends a man into the police station to give the picture to Zhang Xiao. Si Han awaits Yin Zheng’s angry and pained reaction. Instead, Yin Zheng has no reaction. In a quick flash back, the man agrees to write down any angry words that Yin Zheng has for the “happy couple.” Instead, Yin Zheng becomes even more sure of Zhang Xiao’s personality and intentions. Zhang Xiao arrives with Mrs. Kang, close associates of Si Han’s and Siyu to confront Zhang Xiao. Turns out she recorded their last conversation and has everything SI Han said on tape. Even then, Si Han drives off without a care that everyone knows he’s evil.

Manager Liu gives his resignation letter to Si Han the next day. Liu use to be the most supportive of Si Han. Liu says that in his eyes, Si Han is a clever and kind child, the most capable man to run the company. Liu says he’s grown old. That his judgment on people has gotten old and asks Si Han to let him go. Before Liu leaves, he advises SI Han not to take things too far. Si Han’s closest friend and right hand man also hands in his resignation later. Si Han’s friend tells him that the man he use to know is dead and terminates both their business relationship and friendship. Yeah, being at the top can get lonely… especially when you become an evil son of a b***h. Si Han goes to Siyu’s bar and asks to have a drink with his brother. Si Han still claims to be a victim and that Yin Zheng is in the wrong. Si Han says he’s not afraid of what others will do to him. When Si Han returns home, Yinuo’s packed her bags. She says she has nothing to say to him. He tells her to speak (lol).

Yinuo says that she has her principles too. She gave up everything for him because she loves him and she believed he could give up his revenge. She is furious with Si Han for pressing Zhang Xiao and using her for revenge. Yinuo gives him two choices. 1) She will leave 2) Let Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao off the hook. Si Han says everyone is on Yin Zheng’s side. Yinuo tells Si Han that even after Yin Zheng “suffers”, he’ll still be together with Zhang Xiao for the rest of his life and all Si Han will have for the rest of his life is revenge.

This makes Si Han snap and he finally runs after Yinuo and convinces her to return with him. He says he’s willing to give up revenge on Yin Zheng. He can lie to Yinuo but for how long…?

The next day, Yinuo is browsing in the supermarket. She sees Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng shopping together. I guess Yin Zheng really is a changed man cause he still worries over his brother despite everything that’s happened…

We near the finale soon!

– Cloudy

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