Nobunaga the Fool Episode 22 Review

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 22 (2)

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 22 (3)Nobunaga the Fool is getting intense my friend. Episode 22 begins with many of MItsuhide’s flashbacks and his growing animosity towards Nobunaga. The episode is titled as “The Devil” which should and does provide some interesting results. Mitsuhide continues to reflect on the destruction that Nobunaga has wrought.

Mitsuhide speaks to Joan aside and questions her about her vision regarding Nobunaga as the Destroyer-King. Is Arthur the true Saviour-King then? Joan is still unsure but Mitsuhide blames Nobunaga for Ichihime’s death. At least Hideyoshi still continues to be a great character. He and Ichihime’s ladies in waiting are handing out provisions to the surviving villagers. When Nobunaga speaks to Hideyoshi, this is the first time we see Nobunaga ever stop and REFLECT on his decisions and the consequences of his actions. It basically took… almost every notable character’s death to bring about this self-reflection.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 22 (10)On the other side of things, King Arthur calls twelve members of the round table to his side. All the supposedly dead characters wander in looking like ghosts, pretty lifeless. They sit silently at King Arthur’s table. And LOL Alexander the Great says “Et Tu Brute?” RANDOMLY just to get that famous historical line out there and he’s not even the one meant to say the line. They are really butchering up the historical facts here and I am really not happy with it. If the story had unfolded logically and the dynamics of the world explained more thoroughly I might be okay with a female Hannibal, blue-haired Da Vinci and love-obsessed Caesar.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 22 (17)Mitsuhide continues his inner-struggle and wonders what peace can be worth the sacrifice of Ichihime’s life? He’s pretty much lost all faith in Nobunaga now. He imagines attempting to assassinate Nobunaga but is stopped by Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi runs into Mitsuhide for real and Hideyoshi reveals that he was the one who assassinated Nobukatsu. I’m surprised how understanding Hideyoshi is in this scene because as much as he kids around, he’s also pretty politically aware that if Nobukatsu survived, Nobunaga would not be granted so much power and responsibility. Hideyoshi still has unwavering faith in his Nobu-sama to unite heaven and earth (whatever that means) Seriously they mention “uniting heaven and earth” like fifty times in the series but no one actually says what that phrase CONCRETELY MEANS… but again that’s part of the vague and mystical-ness of the show thus far.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 22 (19)Joan catches Nobunaga in his moments of grief and hugs him to console him. Himiko comes to a realization that Nobunaga will never fall for her but still continues to give her strength and support despite being at death’s door. Nobunaga gets over his grief pretty easily to strengthen his resolve in conquest.

I would really like to see a full wide shot of Da Vinci’s painting cause we only ever get snippets of it. It seems like he’s done some sketches of the dead as well. Himiko continues to repair ley lines on the star to help Nobunaga. She is shortening her life span as a result. Hideyoshi interrupts and OHMIGOD this scene is so touching. I SHIP HIMIKO AND HIDEYOSHI SO HARD. Himiko is turning out to be such a selfless character. Mitsuhide approaches Cesare at the front line to speak with King Arthur…

Oh finally, between Mitsuhide and King Arthur’s conversation, we learn that “uniting heavin and earth means bringing about a utopian paradise.” NOW I see where this show is aiming at (in the third last episode too). King Arthur shows a different face to Mitsuhide… his father’s face and is moved to obey his will. So I’m guessing that when people gaze upon King Arthur’s face they will see the person that influences them the most? The person they love the most? Who the heck was the woman that Caesar saw!?!??

Okay so we’re all just waiting for Mitsuhide to betray Nobunaga and then some big battle showdown type of chaotic finale ending to take place now…

– Cloudy

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