Black Bullet Episode 10 Review

Black Bullet Episode 10 (7)

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Ah, why do all little cursed children girls fall in love with Rentarou? Ah, why is the sky blue? This week’s episode of Black Bullet begins with Rentarou and Kisara giving more school lessons to the little girls that live in the outer district of the Tokyo area.  The fun and happy scenes here will serve to contrast much darker plot content later in the episode.

Black Bullet Episode 10 (12)Let’s fast forward to that night when Kisara and Rentarou are taking a walk. She takes him to the monoliths that are slowly corroding. The monoliths are made of blacks transported and stacked up by air lift. The target height for the new monolith is 100 meters – if that height can be achieved, normal gastrea will be repelled. Rentarou points out that this will all be in vain if more varenium-corroding fluid is injected into the monolith. The Aldebaran used all its strength to attack that one particular monolith… why?

Black Bullet Episode 10 (13)Rentarou thinks there’s a problem with monolith 32. Kisara agrees and decides to do some research. A really sweet moment happens between Rentarou and Kisara when she confides in him about her fears for them. Only two days until monolith 32 is completely destroyed.

Black Bullet Episode 10 (14)Rentarou spots the little blind cursed child girl (from the last episode). Rentarou saves her from an angry mob of people and sends her home. Research papers arrive for Kisara. We find out that Tendo Kazumitsu was the one in charge of monolith 32…

When Rentarou arrives to the outer district where the little girls are supposed to be he finds that a bomb has detonated in the area and all the girls have been killed. GOOD LORD. Rentarou brings himself to look under all the sheets to see the corpses (or what’s left of them) of his former student… Now I see why Rentarou keeps Enju from a lot of the violence. It’s because she can’t fully emotionally handle it. Rentarou is pretty shocked and Kisara has been trying to calm down Tina. Rentarou becomes very conflicted with who he’s trying to protect. Rentarou is doubtful that there is justice. Kisara reminds him that if they can save the Tokyo area, they might be able to fight for some hope that society itself will change. It’s a pretty idealistic mindset but I guess that’s all you can really cling onto when people have been pushed to the brink.

Just before Kisara gets off the phone with Rentarou, he hears a rumble on her side of the phone as well as an explosion on the far side of town. Monolith 32 has collapsed a day early!! And between the blind cursed child’s prayers and the scenes I’m willing to bet she has something to do with it all. Black Bullet 10 pulls the series back on par and right on track before the last two episodes. Black Bullet so far has been an average series. I felt like there wasn’t enough material in the sections of the manga they chose to adapt into an anime so some moments and scenes seemed to drag on into filler and it fell short a bit in the middle of the anime but I guess they’re aiming for a big battle explosive end in the next two episodes.

– Cloudy

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