No Game No Life Episode 10 Review

Naturally with all the epic build-up to the game against the warbeasts no one expected Blank to choke up just when the real battle would begin…

No Game No Life Episode 10 (42)

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

No Game No Life Episode 10 (6)Episode 10 serves to build up the newly-forged alliance and pave the final preparations against the warbeasts. It has a lot of fun with comedy as it pokes fun at Kurami instead of Steph for a change. The group smoothes out their initial differences, they bond by taking a bath together and we even find out Kurami and Fil’s relationship.

Since Elven Garde operates based on a hierarchy, Kurami is from a family who attended to the Nilvalen noble elvan family for many generations. Fil was the first one to treat Kurami as a friend their very close friendship doesn’t sit well with the other elven elites in high society…

It’s pretty funny to watch Kurami interact with the others now that she and Sora have swapped memories. No Game No Life Episode 10 (28)Sora has quite a fun time poking at Kurami for her body image insecurities but in the end Kurami pulls up a memory of Sora’s and teases him about having such a talented younger sister. Sora gets pretty flustered here and chases Kurami out but it’s nice to see the characters taking it easy. After all, the series is going to end at episode 12 so we’re basically waiting for the last epic battle… unless they twist it with something strange but judging by the pacing and plot events so far, they’ll probably leave it hanging for a season 2.

Just before Sora, Shiro, Steph and Jirbil enter the tournament area, a spell is placed on Steph… hopefully this serves to help them out later on. Everyone is pretty nervous about the game because Blank has literally bet everything and all of Elkia. Sora has taken al the necessary preparations to make sure the warbeasts do not cheat or use obvious magic. Izuna is getting nervous too (what’s her story?)

No Game No Life Episode 10 (37) No Game No Life Episode 10 (35)

Everyone is taken into a virtual video game world and of ALL the places to have the game, it ends up taking place in TOKYO, JAPAN. Sora and Shiro’s hiki-neet weaknesses are totally exploited here and they FREAK OUT all of sudden, panicking to Steph and saying that humanity’s done for. Wow I had no idea how much Sora and Shiro feared their world back home. It makes sense because they were total shut-ins and their world had no life rules and no game rules. How will Blank get out of this mess? TWO MORE EPISODE OMG and I really can’t give any hints as to what will happen because the online light novel translations haven’t gotten to that part of the series yet so I’m totally in the dark as well.

– Cloudy

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