☆ 30 Days Seiyuu Challenge ☆ (Just 4 fun)

So I picked up this 30 Days Seiyuu Challenge from twitter and a lot of people have answered and reblogged. Even though the questions are pretty old from a post way back when, I think they’re still super fun to do so I’m going to go full throttle into fandom and answer all thirty questions at once.

Mamoru Miyano ❤

Day 01: Your favorite male seiyuu?

WAY TO KICK OFF THE CHALLENGE WITH THE HARDEST QUESTION EVER. UHHH Mamoru Miyano above all other because he’s Mamoru Miyano and if you’ve ever seen him at any live events, he’s hilarious and adorable and amazing. (But you know that making me pick JUST ONE has ripped my heart out right?)

Day 02: Your least favorite male seiyuu?

I don’t really think I have one. There are some vocal ranges that I prefer over others in a seiyuu that I like nonetheless. For example I like Kousuke Toriumi’s low voice over his high one and Takuma Terashima’s low voice over his high one though his high voice is pretty darn cute.

Kana Hanazawa

Day 03: Your favorite female seiyuu?

Kana Hanazawa cause every time she voices a role, even if I don’t like the character, the character ends up my second favourite because of how much emotion she puts into her.

Day 04: Your least favorite female seiyuu?

Eri Kitamura maybe… she always ends up voicing character roles that annoy me.

Day 05: A seiyuu you’d watch in anything?

Mamoru Miyano. I sat through the entire Nobunaga the Fool because of him and that series was just really random and inconsistent.

Day 06: A seiyuu that always makes you laugh?

This one goes to Mamoru Miyano again.

Day 07: The seiyuu you recognize the easiest?

Daisuke Ono, Kamiya Hiroshi, Nakamura Yuuichi or Mamoru Miyano because all three of their voices are all so unique and usually I find their voice audibly pleasing no matter what range they use and also because I’m fans of them.

Day 08: The seiyuu you recognize the hardest?

Tatsuhisa Suzuki.jpg

Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Tatsuhisa Suzuki because he really has VERY different high and low voices. For example, in Free! He voiced Makoto with a super soft and happy voice but when he sings as a member of OLDCODEX I can’t make the connection between the two epically different voices… If his voice gets really low in a character and he growls then I’ll recognize his voice LOL

I’m pretty bad at recognizing Showtaro Morikubo’s voice too…

Day 09: A seiyuu you’d rather not watch in anything?

I don’t think there’s a seiyuu like that. There’s almost always a role for any seiyuu’s unique voice.

Day 10: A seiyuu that creeps you out?

Kousuke Toriumi cause he’s always wearing a hat…

Day 11: The seiyuu with the best singing voice?


Mamoru Miyano

Day 12: A seiyuu you have a crush on?

So I was talking to another fangirl about this the other day on how one seiyuu is rumoured to have married a fan and I mentioned that fangirling over a seiyuu vs. having a crush on someone are two different types of “love.” Right now I have a really huge crush on Shouta Aoi. He is the cutest seiyuu I’ve ever been attracted to and literally has the voice of an angel.


Shouta Aoi

Naturally I’m a total Mamoru Miyano fangirl.

Mamoru Miyano


Nao Toyama

Day 13: The seiyuu you’d pick to play you?

Nao Toyama. She did a fantastic job with her recent roles in Nisekoi, Mahou Sensou and Nobunaga the Fool and I really like her tsundere voice.

Day 14: Your favorite role from your favorite male seiyuu?

Mamoru Miyano as Tokiya Ichinose from Uta no Prince-Sama

Day 15: Your favorite role from your famorite female seiyuu?

Roka or Sharon Rainsworth- Both voiced by Kana Hanazawa

Day 16: The seiyuu with the worst singing voice?

Hiro Shimono cause even though I love him as Syo, I can’t sit through his songs.

Day 17: The series with the best cast overall?

Black Butler, Uta no Prince-sama or K-On! I also really love the Love Live voices together.

Day 18: A series you would not have watched had a seiyuu you liked played a role in it?

Nobunaga the Fool. That series needs to stop with it’s weird history-mecha thing.

Day 19: The first seiyuu you remember liking?



Daisuke Ono

Day 20: A seiyuu you don’t like as much as others do?

Jun Fukuyama. He was really fantastic as Lelouch but I haven’t watched a lot of his other series cause they’re outside my usual taste.


Yuichi Nakamura

Day 21: The seiyuu with the most acting range?

Yuichi Nakamura. Have you seen him go from deep-voiced seme mode in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi to OHAIYOPYUU in his girly voice in Uta no Prince-Sama? He’s AWESOME!

Day 22: The seiyuu with the least acting range?

Akira Ishida… just not really a fan of the voices he ends up doing and I don’t like his mid-range voice.


Kishou Taniyama

Day 23: Cool dude seiyuu

Kishou Taniyama cause not only is he an easy-going seiyuu he’s also a total hard rocker in his band GRANRODEO.

Day 24: A seiyuu you make fun of?

In a good way? Shimono Hiro. He’s so bright and bubbly at live events.

Day 25: A seiyuu that makes you like any character they portray?

Kana Hanazawa or Mamoru Miyano.

Day 26: A seiyuu you’d hang out with?

Nobunaga Shimazaki or Kenn or Aoi Shouta cause they both seem super sweet and fun. I would also love to hang out with Minori Chihara or Yukari Tamura.

Day 27: Best seiyuu match-ups

Nobunaga Shimazaki and Suzuhisa Tatsuki when they’re together as Haru and Makoto or Yuki Aoi and Chiwa Saito when they’re Madoka and Homura. Sugita Tomokazu and Yuichi Nakamura sound like really cute besties too.

Day 28: Best seiyuu match-ups, romance edition?


Character Role romance: Mai Nakahara as Nagisa Furukawa and Yuichi Nakamura as Tomoya Okazaki

Day 29: Seiyuu, who surprised you with their non-voice acting skills?

Probably any young voice actress that was originally from an idol group and ended up doing an anime series.

Day 30: A newly known seiyuu who impressed you?



Shouta Aoi

…AND WE ARE DONE!! Okay those questions were longer and harder than I expected them to be… but overall I had a ton of fun with this. Hope you guys learned some fun facts about me and my favourites. If you guys are into seiyuus or you feel like going into the anime and game casts to find the seiyuu names and answer these questions, go on ahead. Tweet me or tag me and I will definitely come check out your post or video!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

3 thoughts on “☆ 30 Days Seiyuu Challenge ☆ (Just 4 fun)

  1. Oh wow… had a lot of fun reading this. It’s a pretty cool challenge! 😀

    I’m also in love with Mamoru Miyano’s voice and personality. heheh When I first saw him in TeniMyu, I was already curious about him… and then I learned he also voiced Raito/Light from Death Note and Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Host Club… and that made me go O__O and then ‘NO WAY!’
    I think seiyuus are really awesome, especially with how they can bring life to make-belief characters and make them so… alive and relatable, I guess.
    Hmm… personally, I like Akira Ishida’s voice because of Hakkai (Saiyuki) but I have to agree that it’s so easy to know when he’s the one voicing a character. But then Takehito Koyasu is also like that… as well as my current favorite, Takahiro Sakurai. XD
    Oh and I think Jun Fukuyama is another one of those seiyuus that has a wide acting range, especially with how he can go all deep-voiced as Lelouch and then spastic and dorky as heck as Watanuki (xxxHolic).

    LOL Sorry for my long comment… I just had a lot of fun reading your post. ❤

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