Kamigami no Asobi Episode 11 Review

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 11 (20)

Rating: 4.25/5 clouds w major feels

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 11 (17)So we left off with Balder falling unconscious after that ridiculous school pay. The atmosphere of the story takes a turn for the worst. Man Loki and Balder are the ultimate otp bromance. Apollon accompanies Yui to check up on Balder with some apples. They overheard Loki and Thor talking about Balder’s “something” (definitely Balder’s weapon of mass destruction and dark back story stuff). They hear Loki say that he’ll kill Balder himself and even though Apollon tries to make light of it… it’s not a joke. When Balder’s emotions get unstable, he goes into a rampage…

“The stronger and brighter the light the deeper and blacker the darkness…” – Loki

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 11 (7)

Balder is both the god of light and the god of destruction. Man this is getting intense for aon otome anime. Thoth ponders out loud that perhaps Zeus captured Balder into the school in order to change him. Will Balder’s powers destroy the garden? Not only the garden but the god world, Yui’s world, everything. Yui is disbelieving at first but…

Balder has, in every sense, a yandere switch.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 11 (18)Apollon reminds Loki that no one and nothing can kill Balder but mistletoe somehow escaped the vow and Loki’s mistletoe blade can kill Balder once and for all. Man no otome heroine’s love for Balder can triumph over Loki’s undying loyalty and friendship for Balder.

Melissa wonders if Zeus can do anything to change Balder. For the god who’s supposed to be the god of all gods, Zeus doesn’t do much… Even Thoth has taken to angrily slamming the wall on his own.

Kamigami no Asobi Episode 11 (13)The next morning, Balder is antsy to get out of the infirmary. Loki stays with him and takes care of him. HOW SWEET! Balder suggests Yui and Apollon coordinate and plan an event before graduation so they go out with one big celebratory bang. The mood is definitely getting darker. Apollon tries to console Yui as she worries over Balder and Loki. Oh poor Yui, she blames herself but it’s really not her fault. Apollon assures Yui that they won’t let Balder destroy the world or Loki destroy Balder… he says that someone they’ll save him. WOW way to amp up the Apollon X Yui ship. Apollon’s told everyone the truth about Balder and Loki, hopefully all the gods can figure it out. Lol how many gods does it take to stop the destruction of the world?

Thor, out of breath, finds Yui and tells her that Loki and Balder have disappeared. OH NO.

Loki has take Balder dep into the forest for a… surprise. Loki shows Balder a beautiful sunset. Balder says he understands that Loki’s been protecting him all along. OHMIGOD THEY PULED THE SADDEST MOST TRAGIC THING IN THE GAME ROUTES INTO THE ANIME. WHYYYYYYYYY

Balder says he understand what everyone’s been hiding from him, Loki’s sounds, everything about himself… OMG BALDER T________T Kamigami no Asobi Episode 11 (40)He cares as much about Loki as Loki cares about him. MY FEELS. WHYYYY. Loki is still holding out hope that there might be another way to save Balder. He can’t bring himself to kill Balder after all. As a result, Thor and Loki’s shackles break off because they’ve finally understood friendship and sacrifice of humans. YEAH IT ISN’T ONLY MISTLETOE THAT CAN HURT BALDER. BALDER CAN COMMIT SUICIDE AND HURT HIMSELF. Balder says he has no more regrets seeing Thor and Loki freed from the shackles and LETS HIMSELF FALL OFF THE LEDGE INTO THE OCEAN.

WHY KILL BALDER OHMIGOD?!?!?!? There’s only one last episode. Yui wasn’t even in that last scene. I really hope Takeru was in the sea waiting to catch him omg. No idea how they’re going to reconcile this with only ONE LAST EPISODE.

Excuse me while I go cry over some chocolate fudge ice cream.

– Cloudy

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