Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 Review

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 (32)

Himiko continues to do what she can to help her betrothed by repairing and keeping the ley lines in the area steady. Episode 23 is titled – the World as we near the end of the series.

Rating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 (6)Nobunaga confronts Da Vinci about goading Mitsuhide and Da Vinci claims he is trying to figure out the truth of the world and the destinies of those who are key plamaker of the process. He believes King Arthur’s goal is recreate the world (utopia) through the powers of the Holy Grail. The remaining allies plan what to do. Although Himiko wants to take the Azuchi right into the Palais to attack Arthur, Hideyoshi volunteers to go alone. He finally reveals that Himiko is at her limit and claims if she uses the Ladder of Heaven to teleport the ship, she’ll die. OMG Hideyoshi actually hugs her in front of everyone, unable to stand the fact that she’s been pushing herself so far.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 (10)Later Nobunaga asks Hideyoshi to punch him for having pushed Himiko to such extreme lengths.  Hideyoshi punches… the wall. Hideyoshi says he sees her sister in Himiko which I guess is why he’s so concerned for her (okay so not romantic love but sibling love – it’s still sweet). Joan now wields Ichihime and Caesar’s Regalia with Orleans, praying for them to give her strength and protect them. Da Vinci predicts that things will come to a deadlock, a standstill… and love will be unrequited.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 (11)Lots of cool Regalia battle choreography here. The three once again face Alexander the Great as King Arthur watches from his high horse. OH KENSHIN APPEARS – RANDOMLY! I totally forgot about him earlier because he er disappeared (literally) but he’s back now and he’s probably the most skilled of all the Regalia holders. He has finesse. We actually don’t see a lot of really well choreographed battles throughout the series, it’s usually a lot of screaming and charging or one guy pummeling the other LOL

AND THEN FOR SOME REASON Hannibal and Charlemagne reappear… as zombie mecha people between life and death. What exactly IS Perfecta?!??? Seriously, why can King Arthur make zombie mecha people? Himiko sees them in trouble and decides to take action of her own. She gives her final order as the Queen of Yamatai… she enters the battlefield with Azuchi in order to summon the Ladder of Heaven and bring Nobunaga and Joan into Arthur’s Palace.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 (31)MAN HIMIKO WAS ONE OF THE BEST CHARACTERS. EVEN NOBUNAGA TEARED UP AT HER DEATH. She tells Joan that she’ll be wed with Nobunaga in the afterlife as a dragon and she wishes them both the best in this life. She was really one of the most selfless characters of the cast and I’m really sad to see her go.

Nobunaga the Joan meet Mitsuhide inside the Palais. Mitsuhide is fully convinced Nobunaga is the Destroyer-King and that Mitsuhide himself is the one who made him the Destroyer-King by killing Nobukatsu. WELL NOW IT’S ALL ON THE TABLE. Mitsuhide claims King Arthur is needed to bring the world to salvation… Mitsuhide then tells Joan to proclaim that King Arthur is the Saviour King. He points a tiny little gun at them LOL and Mitsuhide fires two warning shots to wound Nobunaga.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 (37)Joan actually PROCLAIMS IT and King Arthur says that all the conditions have been met. WHAT NOW??? Honestly saying it doesn’t mean much… does it? Cesare fires a shot at Joan aside WHOA UNCALLED FOR. King Arthur decides to begin the ritual to summon the Holy Grail.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 (38)At this point I’m just waiting for it to all go to hell. Is Nobunaga going to emerge victorious? Even though Joan, Hideyoshi and Himiko believe in him, everyone else seems to be convinced he’s the Destroyer-King. On top of that, Joan just GOT SHOT by a NOBODY. Literally Cesare appears just to F-up things intermittently in the series (Well, he is Borgia after all). They are just killing ALL THE CHARACTERS towards the end of the show. I’m pretty sure Alexander needs to die at some point in the final battle and I REALLY HOPE Joan doesn’t bleed out too but Cesare got a pretty clear shot of her. Honestly I don’t even know why the writers put a Caesar and a Cesare in the series – way to confuse Japanese viewers.

Will Nobunaga actually fight King Arthur in a physical battle? Will he be forced to kill Mitsuhide first or will Mitsuhide ambush Nobunaga and kill him according to history? Well, nothing’s going according to history right now in the series but you never know what random tidbit they might throw in.

– Cloudy

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