Black Bullet Episode 11 Review (…oh just end it already =.=)

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Black Bullet Episode 11 (5)The action begins with Rentarou leading his new team right into the heart of the gastrea battles and we finally get to see Kisara fight. It’s nice to see all the different members of the team back up each other’s weaknesses. The gastrea monster designs are just generic and ugly. Just ugly. Some civil agents freak out (even though they’re trained and expected not to). Basically an all-out war breaks out with the Spear of Light causing the most destruction.

Black Bullet Episode 11 (3)The Aldebaren seems to be the head gastrea leading the other small monsters and even though the enemy forces retreat at the end of the day, the civil officers and JASDF members have either been infected or killed. The mood gets from battle excited to grim and deathly pretty quickly.

Mad scientist-sense appears in the camps to help out what she can. The Spear of Light is doing damage to its own allies by mercury poisoning which is… bad.

Black Bullet Episode 11 (16)Apparently the Aldebaren uses pheromones to control its horde. Okay. More jumping around scenes as Rentarou meets random insignificant other civil security agents. Rentarou even gets reprimanded for running out of line with the gastrea. His adjuvant is disbanded and he’s sentenced to capital punishment. WAIT WHAT THE HELL. THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS. There’s an army of monsters, the odds are like 3:1 and you decide to kill off one of your allies? They just friggin send the guy out to be devoured by gastrea. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

OH KAGETANE AND KOHINA RETURN. HELLO. They save Rentarou and even offer him medical care for his injuries. They talk. Rentarou wonders why he always wears a mask. Kagetane predicts that Rentarou will definitely swap to their side and there’s a pretty strong possibility because the government he works for is so corrupt. They all head upstream to where the Pleiades gastrea is and the episode ends. Woop-di-doo.

I have questions… How did Kagetane survive? Where has he been all this time? Why aren’t the others looking for Rentarou? Where is Seitenshi-sama amidst all this chaos and why are all the characters so poorly underdeveloped? One more episode and then we’re done with this series and I can move on to the upcoming summer anime.

Not gonna lie, I spaced out of this episode probably four to five times so I apologize if the recap isn’t very detailed. Nothing really kept me that stimulated but as a whole I whole the episode is building the general plot up to final big gastrea battle. Honestly the agents only have to defend the area until the monolith is rebuilt and if it all goes smoothly this should be over without much of a hitch. I’m almost waiting for the part where Rentarou will give up fighting for the “good guys” who are corrupt and start fighting for the “bad side” which might actually be doing better and more productive things.

– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Black Bullet Episode 11 Review (…oh just end it already =.=)

    • Also just to add that I don’t really feel that the whole Gado – Rentaro “I’m sending you off to die for stepping out of line” thing will amount to anything. This show really has been consequence free so far. And no I’m not counting the massacre from last episode. That was just a plot device.

      And yah – why AREN’T his friends helping him out?

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