No Game No Life Episode 11 Review

No Game No Life Episode 11 (7)

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

No Game No Life Episode 11 (8)LET THE GAME BEGIN! Sora and Shiro are totally freaking out whent hey realize the game takes place in Tokyo but luckily the warbeasts explains that this is just a science-fictional land very popular with the teenage warbeats. Wow, I guess most of the warbeasts are otaku LOL

No Game No Life Episode 11 (19)The game is introduced as such – LOVE OR BE LOVED. Everyone gets a gun and you keep firing love bullets at NPCs to keep them from glomping and draining you of your love energy. The key to winning the game for Blank’s team is to shoot Izuna-tan while Izune-tan must get all of them and win with the harem ending. You can restore love power to your allies and also turn the into your own love slaves LOL Watching Shiro shoot Sora was VASTLY AMUSING. Bringing Steph into the game was definitely a mistake but Sora does find out that the hearts bounce off things.

Izuna is shocked that her opponents can have so much fun in the game when there is so much riding on the match. My favourite moment of the episode must be seeing Izuna and Shiro FACE OFF. It’s Izuna’ warbeasts senses against Shiro’s brilliant shooter calculations. Firing intervals, movement patterns and angles are all under Shiro’s radar.

We even get to see Jibril’s scariest flugel sides when we get to the extremely tentative moments of the game. After the big strategy battle in the middle, Shiro realizes that Izuna can use her clothing as a shield… a tidbit that will come in handy after. Both Fil and Kurami are impressed and amazed by Shiro’s firing skills but the pair have already deduced that Izuna is cheating somehow.

No Game No Life Episode 11 (32)The game drags on till that night where Blank has gone on defensive and Shiro is making meticulous calculations to figure out their final strategy. Even Izuna is surprised how much fun she’s having in the game. When Izuna appears Shiro takes a shot for Sora and she’s suddenly brought to Izuna’s team. Now it’s up to Sora to figure out his sister’s strategy to bring Blank to victory…

No Game No Life Episode 11 (45)Halfway between Shiro’s pursuits of Sora, he notices that Shiro isn’t running (because she’s remembered her brother’s advice). However, being turned into a love slave means you have no control over your bodily actions and functions. This is when Sora realizes Shiro’s strategy and makes a big gamble. When they reach the rooftop, Shiro fires a bunch of shots at Sora who RUNS INTO THEM. As the dive and fall off the roof together, Izuna appears to attack them both but Shiro is still capable of firing at Izuna. Everyone believes that Sora just shot her but it turns out that she let her clothes be shot to pretend to be Izuna’s ally. After Izuna is hit by a shot… she goes into CRAZY WARBEAST MODE so I guess the final last battle is how Blank will defeat Izuna in monster mode.

I found this episode really rather clever. The choice of a shooter game showcased more of Shiro’s genius abilities when it comes to game calculations and pitting Shiro against Sora even for the briefest span of time was brilliant because not only are we watching the game masters at their best, we are also seeing more of that intense 1000% trust between the siblings. Really awesome fast-paced episode this week and I can’t wait to see what No Game No Life has in store for us in the epic finale.

– Cloudy

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